*Edit: I changed her name from Bonnie to Stacy because I realized how bad of a name choice Bonnie was for this story. So ignore any 'Bonnie's that I missed.*

It had all started when McGregor(Phil)'s cousin had stayed at the big mansion that Ian, Phil, Viktor, Powell, and Shaw had shared. She needed a place to stay for a while until she got back on her feet and Phil, being the gentleman that he was, offered her to stay with them until she did. And of course she had friends come over so they could go out and do girl stuff. And of course one of them was a totally hot, somewhat exotic babe who was totally single and horny 90% of the time. But that's getting too far ahead. It really gets rolling when that one friend came over to pick up Phil's cousin, Monique, so they could go shopping.

"Why are you going again?" Phil asked Monique. They were in her room.

"Because she just got back from some European country that was part of her tour of Europe and I want to hear all about it!" Monique said, getting ready.

"But you're supposed to be saving up for a new place." Phil reasoned with her.

"And so is she, but she's not. She's going on an expensive trip then going shopping!" Monique told him.

"She's not living with us too." Phil told her.

"Relax. She'll be fine. She always is." Monique said.

The doorbell rang.

"That's her!" Monique grabbed her shoes and hurriedly tried to put them on.

Phil rolled his eyes at her and left. Ian was actually the one to answer the door. That was where this whole complicated, heartbreaking story began. He opened the door, expecting an average girl(Monique was average and average girls hang out together, right?) to be standing there, but instead found something different. Standing there in a pose like she was on the runway, was a girl . . . no a woman with legs that went on forever and long dark silky hair that almost went down to the edge of her dress, almost. She had black hair and bright brown eyes and super tan skin. She was exotic. She was wearing a u-neck green dress with thick shoulder straps that went a little bit past her mid-thigh. She also had on green peep-toe heels. It was like she was trying to make him fall in love with her, and he did. Hard. He stood there for a couple of seconds staring at her beauty.

"Is Moni here?" She asked in a sweet voice. She was smiling at him.

He stared at her like a fish for a few more moments before finally his brain started working again.

"Yes. She is. Come inside and you can wait for her while she gets ready."

She smiled at him and he opened the door wider and beckoned her inside. He got a peek at the new car in his driveway. It was good, not too fancy and not too poor.(I'm sorry, I don't know cars) Then he closed the door and watched her walk farther into his house. He watched her hips sway as she walked and smirked to himself. Good job Phil, or Monique. Whoever brought this vixen into his house.

She stopped right in the middle of the big entrance area and looked around at her surroundings.

"Wow. This place is huge!" Her last word echoed throughout the house.

"Yes. I've inherited quite a bit of money in my lifetime." Ian said. Inherited, got illegally. Tomato, tomahto.

"So you buy a mansion and live in it with four other guys?" She chuckled at him. His mouth curled up in a small smile.

"They're my friends. I'm not going to leave them." He told her.

"Stacy!" A happy voice from upstairs yelled.

"Moni!" The vixen, now known as Stacy, shouted back.

Heels were heard clicking down the stairs and soon Monique appeared, dressed in fashionable clothes, trying to run down the stairs in the heels.

"Don't fall! I won't catch you if you do!" Stacy shouted at her and went to meet her at the stairs.

"You look amazing! Your hair is so long!" Monique said.

"You look amazing too and look at this house!" Stacy said.

They hugged and jumped up and down as they met at the bottom of the stairs. Ian enjoyed the view of Stacy bouncing that he got. The others came into the room to see what was going on.

"Keep it down! We're watching the game!" Viktor yelled at them. All of the newly entered men did a quick double-take at Monique's friend.

"Oh you men and your sports!" Stacy said. Her and Monique stopped jumping.

The two girls talked shortly before leaving the mansion altogether.

"Wow. I didn't know that Monique's friend was such a FOX!" Powell said.

That's how it had started. Stacy started coming over to the mansion to "gossip with Monique" when in reality she had also fallen for Ian when she first saw him. Even after Monique found a place all to herself and left the mansion, Stacy still came over, and soon her and Ian were a couple. It had happened out of nowhere. She was examining their super fancy house when out of nowhere Ian had walked up and kissed her. She had kissed back full force and soon they were stumbled up to his bedroom. She moved in soon after that and Shaw immediately smelled something fishy.

"Ian. I hate to break this to you, but I think Stacy's a gold digger." He said to Ian one day.

"Stacy? Please. I haven't bought her a thing." Ian said.

"But this whole moving in was very quick." Shaw explained.

"Well we were shagging every other day, it gets tiring going from one house to another to shag so often. Plus we had room." Ian told him.

"Okay. Just keep your eye out, mate." Shaw said and dropped the subject permanently.

Ian soon forgot about that conversation and jumped right back into being with Stacy. Soon, he told her about how he really got his money.

"Really? That's so cool. And you've never been caught?" She said.

"Nope. Never." He smirked at her.

"That's amazing. You must bring me along next time you guys go!" Stacy told him.

"Well we've stopped. We've had our last big score." Ian said.

"Oh there's no such thing!" She said.

To Ian, being with Stacy was pure bliss. He loved every second of it. One day, she had informed him of Benjamin Gates and his treasure.

"I heard it's some great big thing. No one believes him though." Stacy said. She was taking a bubble bath and Ian had just walked in when she told him about the treasure.

"Do you?" He asked her. He watched as she extended a leg to wash it.

"Yes. It seems so romantic. Going against the odds for the treasure of all treasures." She said. She watched him watch her.

"I should find a way to talk to him then." He bit his lip as she washed her chest.

"You can do that later." Stacy said. She motioned him over to her with one finger.

So Ian contacted Ben and started funding the treasure hunt. They met usually at Ben's house to try to solve the clue. Stacy came once to see them in action, but found it boring and didn't come after that. The hunt for unimaginable treasure had seemed exciting at first, but she found it more boring than exciting. It was too much history and thinking for her, but it was intriguing to Ian. He went over to talk with Ben about it all the time. So slowly, they drifted apart. The sounds of rough, passionate sex, moans and groans, and of the bed hitting the wall from the exertion of their lovemaking that used to be heard everyday multiple times instead was heard only a couple of times a day, then only at night, then once a day, then maybe every other day. Ian hadn't even noticed their drifting apart and one day he came home from finding a tech guy for locating The Charlotte with Ben and found not a trace of Stacy throughout the house. All of her things were gone and nothing more, like she had never been there. He had broken down when he found her gone completely from his life. His heart was broken and he lost all will to continue this treasure hunt. But Ben and his enthusiasm and the new tech guy, Riley,'s excitement to find it helped him push down the feelings of heartbreak and despair. He continued to look for this treasure, but never forgot about Stacy.

So that was just the part before the movie. I promise there's more, there's been no Riley/OC yet. The next chapter begins after the finding of the Templar treasure, skipping over the entire first movie. Forget the second movie entirely, that was just bullshit anyway.