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Chapter 1

The classroom was abuzz with its usual Wednesday morning chatter, the students breaking off in their respective pairs, all vying to fit the status quo. The girls giggled about the latest bands and new shoes in the mall, all the while shooting glances at the boys and blushing. The boys in question conversed quite loudly with each other, discussing football games and entertaining each other with tales of their latest sexual conquest, tales that were mostly false in an effort to impress their friends and some of the girls they knew were listening.

However, one person did not fit into this routine as the person belongs to no notable quo.

Uchiha Sasuke sat in his usual seat at the back of the class, elbows on the table and chin resting on his linked finger as he stared sightlessly at ahead.

Some people shot him condensing looks while one or two cast him a gaze before laughing to themselves and turning to their friends to probably make a snide comment but otherwise he was ignored.

One would think that the Uchiha name alone would be enough to earn him stellar popularity as his family was known for being one of the founding clans of Konoha as well as owning one of the most popular Entrepreneurial firms in the country. But no one saw that when they looked at Sasuke.

They saw a nerd, an outcast, but more than that, they saw a defective human being. As Uchiha Sasuke…was mute.

He had been born with a damaged larynx and the doctors had told his family that a case like that wasn't uncommon and usually the voice box would repair itself in due time.

They had all waited expectantly but by the time his tenth birthday had hit and still nothing, they had all given up hope. That had been six years ago and Sasuke had yet to utter a single word, he had also given up hope in ever speaking.

It had come as a big shame to his family, at least to his father as he was so often to point out that Uchiha's were perfect. He had started acting distant towards Sasuke five years into his birth and had all but stopped speaking to him after his tenth year, now his father barely even looked at him. He was defective, his mistake, and his only proof of imperfection.

His mother had been a lot more understanding; perhaps because she was a mother but Sasuke knew that that's where her love for him ended. It hadn't been like that in the beginning; his mother had been the most optimistic, sure of his recovery and had defended him in every turn to his father which had resulted in a lot of fights between them and straining their marriage. And over the years, she too had grown to develop a certain degree of resentment for Sasuke. Though it wasn't as obvious as his father's own as she still spoke to him, asked after him and took care of him on the rare occasions he was sick, her movements were detached. She treated him in the polite way one would a stranger and her words towards him were usually very few and forced.

But in public they were the perfect parents, glowing with love and pride and that sickened Sasuke as much as it hurt him but over the years he'd grown to be indifferent about their treatment towards him.

He couldn't bring himself to hate his family; not because of his parents but because of the only shinning beacon in it; his elder brother Itachi.

Though he was five years older than Sasuke, Itachi had always found time to spend with his precious otouto and the raven enjoyed his brother's company the most. In some ways he idolized him; Itachi was a prodigy, having entered University at the tender age of fifteen and graduated with top honors at nineteen and was currently working as Vice President in Uchiha Corp next to their father. His brother was everything; smart, talented, extremely good looking, respectable, an Uchiha personified. He was the golden child, their father's pride and joy.

Sasuke supposed he felt a small degree of envy and resentment towards his brother but they were overshadowed by the pride and adoration he held for him. He tended to prefer when people referred to him as 'Itachi's Little Brother' as opposed to being called 'The Mute Boy'.

Itachi was overly protective and had always looked out for him, having sent a couple of people to the hospital for picking on Sasuke. He knew that Itachi resented their parents, even more so than Sasuke himself, for basically discarding their own son and had no qualms about pointing this out every chance he got.

Looking back now, Sasuke found it hard to believe there was ever a time when he'd tried to outdo Itachi in hopes of getting his father's acknowledgement. He had killed himself with studying, getting the best grades in the whole school district for his level and even an honor for it, but his father had simply grunted and turned away. After a couple more tries with such reactions, Sasuke had given up, deeming trying to please his parents as a lost cause. He doubted even at this point if his gaining the ability to talk would make them treat him differently and even if it did he didn't care anymore.

Not to say, Sasuke wouldn't love to get his voice. It was the wish he'd made when he'd been younger, every time he blew out his birthday candle and in a way he was still making that wish. He'd gotten used to being mute but for once he'd like to say things with his mouth instead of his hands or writing it down as people tended to stare, a lot.

He hated that the most; the staring, Correction, he hated when people stared at him with pity. That pissed him off. His being mute was no one's fault, it had simply been how he'd been born and Sasuke had had a long time to come to terms with it that it no longer depressed him. He simply saw it as one of those things that happened in life inexplicably. So what if he'd never be able to make a phone call, there was still text messages-thank God for technology-he didn't allow his inability to deter him in anyway, if anything he felt it made him stronger than most.

The soft sound of something landing on his desk jolted him from his thoughts and he looked down to see a neatly folded white piece of paper.

He followed the angle it had come from and looked to see his best and only friend motioning for him to read.

He looked down at the paper and picked it up; fortunately the teacher had yet to arrive so the class was unattended. He opened it and scanned the contents written in small, fluid cursive in a purple pen.

I have an errant to run after school, please come with me?

He glanced up and raised a questioning brow at his friend who gave him the most pleading of looks.

It wasn't like Sasuke was going to refuse anyway. His friend hardly ever asked him for anything and when they did it was usually something of importance. Besides, he wasn't in a hurry to go home to his empty house, even more so when his brother was working late and he had no desire to be home alone with his parents'.

Sasuke sighed and nodded in response.

Hinata grinned at him before going back to reading her novel and trying to be as conspicuous as possible.

Like Sasuke, Hinata had come from a prestigious family, being a Hyuuga. And also like Sasuke, she was somewhat of a black sheep.

It was odd because with her long dark violet hair, strange yet alluring pale eyes and a body most girls would kill for, Hinata was arguably the prettiest girl in Konoha High School. Yet far from being a hit amongst their peers, her mousy attitude and crippling shyness put her on the same level as Sasuke as she tended to blush alarmingly or stutter or in occasional situations, pass out when given any form of attention which tended to freak people out.

She couldn't be put into any group because though very smart, she wasn't a genius like Sasuke and couldn't be labeled a nerd but was simply an outcast like the Uchiha.

Sasuke could still remember how they met; it had been four years ago in the Park. Some groups of boys thought it would be funny to pick on 'The retarded Hyuuga'. Sasuke didn't know what had propelled him to come to her defense as he wasn't known for being particularly a people person and often came out as cold or standoffish, but the sight of her in tears had angered him. He suspected that subconsciously he had recognized a kindred spirit, someone just like him who could understand what he had been going through. Needless to say, the bullies had run home crying. The next day, a trembling and stuttering Hinata had asked to eat lunch with him and a strong bond of friendship had been formed.

Sasuke still looked upon that memory with a smile. It had been one of his greatest decisions as Hinata truly did understand him more than anybody. Their similarities had built their friendship but it was their differences that had kept building it from then on.

Sasuke had no voice but his actions spoke loud and clear while Hinata had a voice but didn't know how to use it. However, over the years she had gradually started to come out of her shell as she had often found herself in a position to speak for Sasuke or translate something. She had forced herself to talk more so she could be the voice for both of them and currently could say more than a few lines without stuttering even if her self esteem still needed a lot of work.

The late bell rang the minute the teacher came in, spouting off some outrageous excuse the students were quick to point out was a lie and soon things quieted down as class began.

The end of school found Sasuke leaning on the Pine tree just a few feet from the school building where he usually waited for Hinata when they didn't have the same last period like today.

Students clamored out, voices high in excitement as they made plans to meet up with friends. Some girls passing cast him flirtatious glances, only for it to melt off into a disappointed frowns as the person next to them whispered something in their ear, no doubt informing them of his little 'inability'. Sasuke didn't care; he was no longer moved by the occasional person taking interest in him as he knew all they say was his looks. It was expected being an Uchiha.

The first thing they noticed about him was his soft, flawless pale skin that contrasted beautifully with his raven hair with blue-ish tints. Said hair bore an unusual style where the back was spiky while two bangs fell on either side of his face framing it. The skin and hair, coupled with his eyes were hereditary traits of the Uchiha family. Sasuke stood at an average five foot six inches; taller than some but shorter than most and his slim build was lithe with slightly defined muscles. But that was all people admired before their eyes were over shadowed by his defect.

Fast approaching footsteps drew his attention to Hinata as she hurried towards him, books clutched to her chest.

"S-Sorry I'm late Sasuke-kun", she panted as she bent over to secure one hand on a knee.

The raven made a dismissive gesture with his hand, eying his friend with amusement.

She gave one last wheezing breath then righted herself, smiling at him. Sasuke replied it with a questioning raise of brow and began walking out of the school with Hinata close behind.

"Chichue gave me a parcel to deliver to my cousin Neji", Hinata replied to the question in his eyes as she stuffed her books into her bag pack. Sasuke was able to glimpse a small square container wrapped in brown cardboard paper that was undoubtedly the aforementioned parcel.

He shot her a look.

"Chichue would have mailed it himself but he said it was too important to pass down to anyone that wasn't a Hyuuga", Hinata explained.

That was another thing Sasuke loved about their friendship. They were so close that neither really needed much anymore to be understood by the other.

He had to smile at the glow of pride she had at being trusted with something so important especially after years of falling out of her father's favor.

Hinata reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. "He gave me the address of where I can find Neji and since it's not that far from our school, it shouldn't take long. I would have gone alone but…", she trailed off, knowing the Uchiha caught her drift.

Hinata was extremely shy, Sasuke doubted anything will ever change that, she was absolutely terrified of going to new places and those she hadn't been to before and often had Sasuke tag along. The raven was her rock, his presence alone calmed and reassured her, preventing her from turning into a stuttering, blushing mess.

She cut him a sidelong glance. "Thanks for coming with me Sasuke-kun".

His reply was a nonchalant shrug that had her grinning. To most, Sasuke was a cold, unfeeling bastard but Hinata knew better. He was one of the kindest most caring people she'd ever met and fiercely protective to boot. They may have viewed his shrug as coming off as too cool or an ass of the first order. Next to none would have noticed the way his shoulders relaxed before he had done the action nor the small smile that broke across his face for the barest of seconds or the way his eyes warmed minutely. But Hinata had. She could easily read him as she had perfected what she called 'Sasuke-nese' over the years and was now a fluent interpreter.

Since one couldn't speak and the other wasn't much of a talker, their walk was made in comfortable silence. The day was winding down as the sun slowly began to set. A quick look at his watch told Sasuke it was a little after five PM. Sasuke wondered why Hinata's driver couldn't bring them but then remembered something the day before about her father going on a cross country business trip and wouldn't be back for a few days so she was hitching a ride with the raven.

They weaved through a few blocks and a couple of alley ways before turning into the third one on the left. Sasuke noticed that the streets got more seedy and decrepit the further they went and started to wonder exactly what kind of person Hinata's cousin was.

"W-We're here", Hinata said in shocked disbelief and a second later, Sasuke understood as he looked up at the building. Or should he say club…as there was a medium sized neon sign at the side with orange deactivated lights that spelled out 'Fox's Den'.

The building was a large two storey that took up a good portion of the alleyway. It was so well hidden that had they not had a direct address, they wouldn't have been able to find it.

That, however, was not what was causing the teens' shell shock. No, the reason for that were the people hanging around. Though, the club had obviously not opened for the night, various reproachable characters were mulling about. These weren't ordinary club goers; they were people that one would usually avoid on the streets.

One man was leaning casually by the pale brick wall, smoking a joint with a large bottle of vodka in his free hand. A woman stood by another side and if her extremely revealing clothes didn't point her out as a hooker then her hand down the pants of a random man did. From his periphery, Sasuke was sure he could see the glint of a knife in another man's pocket.

He subconsciously shifted closer to Hinata who had started shaking with nervousness when the people turned to stare at them and Sasuke was suddenly glad he had come or else she would have probably been having a panic attack by now.

He caught her gaze and gave her a pointed look.

Hinata scrambled for her pockets again for the paper. This time she read it with a degree of hopefulness and dread. Sasuke couldn't blame her; he was nervous himself but refused to show it. One of them had to be strong and it usually fell on him.

"Y-Y-Ye-s", he anxiety reverted her to old stuttering habits "I-I-I'm s-s-sure, th-this is-s th-the p-place".

Sasuke nodded, sighing soundlessly. With a deep breath, he took one of her small hand in his; a gesture to reassure her as well as himself, and led them towards the entrance.

A tall, burly, imposing man with bandages around the major portion of his face stood in front of the door, muscled arms crossed over his chest. He raised a brow as Sasuke and Hinata approached, probably taking in their outfit.

Sasuke could understand why, they stuck out like a sore thumb. He had on a crisp blue t-shirt and nicely fitting black jeans and a pair of black casual loafers while Hinata wore white sandals, brown khaki shorts and a long sleeve purple top. They looked exactly like what they were; a pair of high school kids and well behaved one's at that.

"Club doesn't open for a few hours, if you're interested come back then", his tone said louder than his words that they didn't belong here and Sasuke agreed wholeheartedly but-

"W-w-were h-h-here to see Neji, I have something for him", Hinata said quietly but audibly, her head bowed, refusing to meet the giant man's gaze. Normally, she wouldn't have said anything and would have been perfectly content to take the man's not so subtle advice and leave but her father had entrusted her with an important task and she wasn't going to let him down.

"I'm sure whatever you have he can get anywhere", the man said dryly, the implications clear.

Sasuke glared sharply at him just as Hinata's face exploded in an alarming blush of mortification and she looked like she was about to have the long awaited panic attack. He squeezed her hand, eyes not leaving the bouncers bored gaze.

"N-N-N-No", Hinata said when she finally found her voice "h-h-he's my cousin. I have a-a mess-ssage for h-him".

It was the bouncers turn to narrow his eyes, casting a suspicious look at both of them. "In that case, give me whatever it is and I'll make sure he gets it".

She shook her head frantically. "I-I-I c-c-can't, it-it's p-personal".

His eyes narrowed further, going from the quiet raven to the shaking girl. He studied her for a second before letting out an inaudible sigh.

"Upstairs to the left", he said as he shifted to allow them access.

Sasuke and Hinata exchanged glances before the raven was leading them in, hand securely fastened on his friend's as they walked into the dimly lit building.

Starkly contrary to the outside, the interior was empty and quite beautifully decorated. Designer leather sofas' on each four corners, strobe lights overhead, a large polished mahogany square flat surface that was most likely the dance floor was located smack dab in the middle of the room. The color theme was mostly red, orange and black that somehow blended in perfectly. At the end corner was what looked like state of the art music system; complete with enormous speakers and a sleek black DJ's stand. The soft clinking of glass alerted them to a beautiful long haired girl who didn't look that much older than they were, wiping glasses and sorting out drinks on a black marble countertop. The brunette bartender caught their eyes and waved cheerfully. Hinata smiled shyly and Sasuke just nodded politely.

An opening not far off hinted at a solid gold spiraling staircase and Sasuke went for it with Hinata in tow.

The stairs led to a hall with only one door at the immediate left. Sasuke and Hinata paused in front of it, glancing at each other in unison, anticipation shooting through every nerve in their body.

Her gaze was full nervousness, apprehension and fear but underneath it all was a glimmer of determination while Sasuke did his best to mask equal emotions and reached for the handle.

Before he could touch the knob, the door swung open by a pretty girl with her blond hair in a long ponytail and a short, tight purple dress.

"It's about time, we thought you were going to stand out here forever", she sighed, one hand on her hip.

Both startled teens cast her questioning glances; Sasuke's coming out in the form of a glare.

"H-H-H-How…?" Hinata was able to brave.

"Hm?" the girl raised a shaped blonde brow and pointed a nicely manicured finger behind them. "Surveillance cameras no duh".

It was then that they noticed the small, blinking red light high up almost to the ceiling. It was so small that even if they had seen it they would have written it off as insignificant.

Sasuke instantly felt his hackles raise more. Exactly what kind of place was this? Really, hidden cameras? What was Hinata's cousin doing in a place like this?

Hinata must have been thinking the same things as she paled more.

"Well?" the blond prompted after a moment, tapping a six inch heeled foot in impatience "are you coming in or not? Come on, come on".

Hands tightening on Hinata's further, Sasuke stepped into the room and his eyes abruptly widened in shock, face coloring hotly.

The room, or should he say lounge, was as big as two suites combined and just as lovely. The floor was a shining polished black marble and even in the dimness of the room, they still shined. Black curtains were drawn over the windows on all four corners, the miniscule amount of sunlight glowing through indicated the sun had all but completely set. Black and white leather sofas were scattered about. A twenty inch plasma screen T.V was built in to the orange painted walls, complete with a video game system and in the furthest corner to the right was a black door with an orange nine tailed fox painted on it.

None of these were what was causing his shock and embarrassment, Sasuke was an Uchiha after all so he was used to such luxuries.

The reason why he was standing at the entrance of the room, eyes wide, face blazing red, clutching the hand of his best friend who had a very similar expression…was because of the people inside.

A half naked man was grinding vigorously into his female counterpart to the beat of an imaginary music, neither trying to stifle their pleased moans and groans. On one of the white couches lay a red head…on top of another boy…dry humping him! And what was worse, no one paid them any mind; all going about like this was a normal occurrence!

The blond girl closed the door behind them then bounded to another sofa and immediately straddled the lazy looking man with a pineapple shaped ponytail there.

They were the only people in the room.

The two teens shifted awkwardly at the silence. No one paid them any attention; Sasuke doubted the two embracing couples even knew they existed; they seemed more concerned with getting each other naked.

"So" the blond girl started, turning on the man's lap to face them "what brings you two high schooler's here?" she directed the question at Sasuke but of course it was Hinata who answered. The raven was caught up for a second in wondering how old the blond was, she didn't look like it had been long since she was in High school either.

"W-W-We're s-s-s-s-supposed t-t-to gi-give something to my c-c-cousin N-Neji".

Sasuke could feel her fingers twitch with the urge to twiddle; a nervous habit she'd cultivated practically from birth.

The brunette man raised a brow in interest and the girl nodded as if she completely understood. The red head however, picked his head up and slid off his companion who whined in protest, hands reaching out in effort to bring him back but he was having none of it and brushed him off.

He stomped up to them, teal eyes narrowed in a scrutinizing glare, blood red hair swaying on his pale handsome face to reveal a kanji for 'love' tattoo on his forehead.

Hinata cowered a bit behind Sasuke who met the red head's gaze unflinchingly even as nervousness swirled in the pit of his stomach. There was something about this guy that screamed 'danger', his aura was very violent and the raven could practically feel the killing intent he was bathed in.

What had they gotten themselves into?

He stood in front of them, emotionless eyes going from Hinata to the affectedly stoic Uchiha.

"How is it that you found here in the first place?" his voice was smooth and undeniably cold, making Hinata flinch a bit.

"M-M-My f-f-father ga-gave m-me t-the ad-address where I c-could find Neji", she forcibly stuttered out. The man's close scrutiny was killing her nerves.

He sent a look to Sasuke; obviously wondering why he was keeping silent and was probably going to ask such when he was interrupted by the blond girl.

"Gaara! Leave them be! Poor girl looks like she's about to have a breakdown". True enough, Hinata did look worse for wear and Sasuke instantly felt concern for his friend.

"Mind your own damn business Ino", Gaara called back, voice not rising but clear and cutting.

Ino huffed, crossing her arms over her chest as she addressed the boy whose laps she sat on. "Shikamaru! You lazy ass, are you going to let him talk to me like that?"

Shikamaru sighed, not looking at all bothered. "Troublesome".

The blond glared at him, turning to them. "Anyway, if you're looking for Neji, he's in there", she pointed to the black door. "But I wouldn't go in yet if I were you", her tone held an edge of warning that Sasuke instantly picked up on.

Just then the door banged open loudly and a starkly naked male came tumbling out, splaying face down on the floor.

The only people who jumped and looked dumbstruck were Sasuke and Hinata; the other's simply stared down boredly yet there was anticipation in their eyes while the embracing couple looked over then went back to sticking their tongues down each other's throat.

"Son of a bitch!"

The roar was followed by several mumbled curses and Sasuke's eyes widened, a huge blush stealing over his cheeks as a spiky blond haired man stormed out.

He didn't look past eighteen yet he had the height and build of a fully grown man. He stood well over six foot, his torso was bare, revealing tan, muscled upper body and a labyrinth tattoo in black ink spanning the majority of his abdomen, brushing over the heavily defined abs. Three whiskers like marks adorned each cheek on his stunningly handsome face. The tightly fitted black jeans that hugged his muscled thighs looked like they were haphazardly thrown together as the buttons were still undone. However, it was the raw animal magnetism and power that came oozing off him that made him seem decades beyond his age.

The Uchiha shivered.

The door behind him was opened wide enough for Sasuke to catch the corner of a disarrayed bed but that was soon blocked off as a pink haired girl came to stand in the doorway, a thin white sheet covering her otherwise naked body. Besides her a fully clothed, tall, long haired man stood calmly, appearing not at all disturbed by the occurrence. Sasuke noticed all of this distantly as his attention as well as the attention of everyone in the room was riveted on the seething blond as he stormed up to the cowering man on the floor and grabbed him by the back of his neck with a large tan hand.

Sasuke watched in horror as he slammed the man face first into the nearest wall. "It was the East side that sent you wasn't it?" he snarled into the man's ear.

"F-Fuck you", came the feeble retort.

The blond's dark chuckle sent chills down the spine everyone in the room and he said in a deep, sensual voice. "In case you've forgotten asshole, that's what we were doing a few minutes ago, and I was the one doing the fucking", he licked the shell of them man's ear and he shivered pleasurably even through the pain. "And while we're at it".

He abruptly turned and flung the man to the other side of the room, Shikamaru having to casually lean one side to prevent being hit. Sasuke's eyes bulged at the blond's immense strength.

"WHO THE HELL TRIES TO OFF SOMEONE AFTER TWO ROUNDS OF COITUS?" He bellowed to the now unconscious man.

"Shit", the blond buried his hand in his hair as he took a shuddering breath, calming down. "Didn't even get my release".

He looked up, for the first time noticing Sasuke and Hinata who stood pale and bug eyed, mouths agape. He raised a brow.

"What's with the kids?" he asked the room in general.

The tall, long-haired brunette peeked out from under his shoulder and his eyes widened.


The girl in question snapped her head up at the familiar voice; looking like a doe caught in headlights. "N-N-N-Neji-nii".

Neji came to her side, looking down at her with a small frown.

Sasuke could now see the reason why the bouncer had let them in; even without Hinata saying anything, it would have been obvious they were related as they both had the same unusual pale eyes.

"What are you doing in this place?" he cut a look to the Uchiha in suspicion.

Said boy sighed inwardly, really he was getting tired of all this.

"C-C-C-Chi-Chichue ga-gave me a-a-a me-message for you". Shakily, Hinata reached into her bag pack and pulled out the parcel, handing it to him with shaky fingers.

Neji's eyes softened considerably. "Thank you, but uncle should have known not to send you".

"H-He l-left f-for a business t-t-trip last night, he said you asked for this as soon as possible". Her stuttering was getting better in the face of the familiar, comforting figure of her cousin.

"Thank you", he repeated with a smile. His smile slid off his handsome face to be replaced by a cautious glare when he noticed their still clasped hands, sneering down at it.

"And who is this?" he directed the question to Sasuke, but as usual, it would be Hinata to do the introductions.

"Th-This is m-my b-best friend, Uch-".

"I didn't ask you Hinata", Neji cut her off calmly, gaze not leaving the raven's face "I asked him. What's your name?"

Sasuke raised a brow but said nothing. Exactly what could he say anyway? He didn't want to start signing, he doubted anyone beside Hinata would understand and that would just make him look like a fool. He didn't know these people so he couldn't put them in his usual three categories; the one's that laugh and mock him every chance they get, the one's that look highly uncomfortable and avoid him, or his personal worst, the one's that look at him with pity and ask lots of polite questions.

Neji's brows furrowed when no reply came and a scowl pulled at his lips.

"W-W-Well, you s-see, the things is-", Hinata hastened to correct, but once again she was cut off, this time by Gaara.

"Maybe pretty boy thinks he's too good to talk to the likes of us. Or maybe his still in shock from us damaging his precious virgin eyes".

The blond man's lip twitched while laughter erupted throughout the room and Sasuke felt his face burn in embarrassment. He quickly bowed his head so no one would see, fist clenching at his side.

Hinata shot him a worried look when the hand clutching hers tightened to an almost painful degree but Sasuke didn't look at her.

He hated it; more than anything else, he hated it when people laughed at him. It made him feel stupid and inferior and Uchiha Sasuke was by no way those things.

Anger began building in the pit of his stomach, accumulating at a rapid pace, surging forth seeking release.

"What's the matter?" the red head mocked "cat got your tongue?"

Before anyone knew what was happening, Sasuke was in front of Gaara at lightning speed, fist lashing out to catch the red head by the cheek, sending him reeling back a few inches before falling to the floor.

Stunned silence fell over the room; even the couple had stopped doing tonsil hockey to stare wide eyed, mouths agape.

The red head sat up calmly, only the fractional widening of his eyes gaze away his surprise, he didn't even seem to notice the dark bruise forming on his cheek.

A husky chuckle filled the room and all eyes turned to the blond who was leaning across the door frame, arm crossed over his impressive chest, blue gaze raking the raven up from head to toe with a calculating gleam in his eyes.

"Interesting kid", he smirked

Sasuke had had enough. He stomped over to Hinata, grabber her hand and walked out the door without a backwards glance. A part of him was anxious though, hoping that they wouldn't come after him. As good a fighter as he was, he wasn't exactly sure he could take the red head and the blond was a definite no, especially after he'd seen the ease in which he'd thrown the man that was about twice Sasuke's size in height and build.

Only when they were out in the night sky and a few feet from the building did he relax. Now, all he had to do was walk Hinata to her house before going home himself where he would eat and sleep and forget this day ever happened.

They all stared at the close door where the two teens had left earlier. Gaara stood to his feet, face as blank as ever.

"Son of a bitch, I'll kill him". The ominous voice could have frozen ice and they all knew it was no idle threat. Gaara was extremely violent by nature and sadistic to boot and had a huge blood fetish.

A calm, flat voice that had all of them snapping to attention spoke up. "No you won't".

Gaara raised a hairless eyebrow at his best friend's tone of finality, eyeing him with a degree of curiosity, anticipation and amusement. "What are you up to Naruto?"

The blond gaze a one shouldered shrug, reaching to slightly part the window curtain at his side. From his point of view, he could see the teens walking down the left road, and stared until they had disappeared completely.

Finger ghosting over the tender bruise on his face, Gaara tsk'd in irritation. "Fucker punched me".

"Well you did make fun of him", Ino pointed out, examining her nails.

The red hair threw a glare her way that had her flinching back. "I wouldn't have if he didn't want to talk".

"I don't think he can", Shikamaru cut in, drawing everyone's attention to the genius.

The ponytailed brunette simply shrugged. "From what I've picked up through the cameras", he gestured to the series of small screens hidden at the very back of the room, away from prying eyes. Three screens had the view of the outside of the club in different angles; two had the interior and one just outside this very room. It was a completely infallible system he had set up himself. "The girl's been the one making every conversation since they had arrived. She's the one who had been speaking with Zabuza, even if she looked like she was going to pass out". That earned him a glare from Neji that he brushed off. "Besides, he didn't seem stuck up or snobbish when he was here. Cautious, shocked, flustered a bit when he saw Naruto", laughter once again filled the room, and the blond rolled his eyes. Who didn't get flustered when they saw Naruto?

"But apart from that…," Shikamaru concluded, trailing off with a shrug.

"Well, if that's true, then you majorly fucked up Gaara and are going to apologize".

His tone was even, yet there was the barest hinting of threat that told the red head that he shouldn't argue, or the punch would be pleasure compared to what the blond would do to him. Gaara had known Naruto since they were children and had learnt not to argue when he was dead serious or pick a fight with him, because he would lose every time.

"On a lighter note", Neji cut in after a few moments of tense silence, holding up the delivered parcel. "The inventory of the new warehouse has come in. I had to tell my uncle it was for the Hyuuga foundation to get him to pick it up for me", he looked bashful at his own lie.

"Sort it out and get me the finished product", Naruto waved dismissively. He paused and looked at the brunette thoughtfully. "Hey Neji", he got his attention "what school does your cousin go to?"

"Konoha High, why?"

"You're thinking of seeing that boy again", Neji and Ino spoke at the same time.

A dangerous smirk spread across the blonds' face and Shikamaru groaned. "Maybe you should just let Gaara kill him, that'd be more merciful than whatever you're going to do".

Said red head just turned back to his neglected partner on the couch. Now he wasn't allowed to take out his anger on the boy, he wanted to channel his aggression towards something else. Everyone took a moment to spare the clueless man on the couch a sympathetic look, knowing full well the brutality of Gaara's rough sex.

Slim, pale arms encircled Naruto; one going across his chest, the other inching into the open fly of his jeans to fondle their prize.

The blond looked at the pink haired woman over his shoulder.

"Come back to bed", she purred seductively, rubbing needily against his deliciously muscled body. "We can finish what we started".

He looked thoughtful for a moment before turning and ripping the sheet off her. She panted and jumped on him, shapely legs encircling his waist and hands going around his neck as she eagerly withered against him.

Naruto cupped her ass, rolling his eyes at the man and woman who had left each other's embrace and were now watching him hungrily, shooting jealous looks at the pink haired female.

"Oh, and someone clean that up", he jerked his head to the unconscious man on the floor before entering the room and closing the door behind him.

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