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He was being followed. At least that's what Sasuke thought. The prickly feeling at the back of his neck that he got when someone was watching him hadn't abated since he left his house. It had been on and off but still present. Perhaps it hadn't been a good idea to decide to walk to school today. But Sasuke had been feeling particularly energetic plus he wanted to pick up Hinata.

He discreetly gave a sideways glance but saw nothing in his periphery. However, that feeling hadn't left and it was honestly beginning to irritate him.

Hinata was waiting at the entrance of the Hyuuga mansion when he arrived. The raven girl gave him a smile and an inquisitive look that asked 'how did it go?' and Sasuke waved a dismissive hand.

They began their trek to school, the feeling of being watched having left. It wasn't until they were rounding the last corner to Konoha High did it return.

Incensed and fed up, Sasuke whipped his head backwards.

He caught the briefest glance of white hair, glasses and a beatific smile before the person was out of view.

The raven frowned.

"Sasuke-kun?" Hinata's voice drew him out, making him realize he had stopped walking. She stared at him questioningly.

The Uchiha shook his head in a 'forget it' gesture and linked hands with her. He didn't know why but he was suddenly having an ominous feeling. Hinata didn't say anything as he hurried their pace towards the school entrance.

"You're alive!" were the first words out of Kiba's mouth the moment Sasuke walked into homeroom. He and Hinata took their respective seats.

He swiveled in his chair to face the raven. "I thought I'd be attending your funeral with the way that guy came storming in".

The raven snorted silently at the very idea that Itachi would lay a hand on him.

"Hinata said he was your brother", the Inuzuka looked half way between incredulous and horrified. "You don't have any more siblings do you?"

There was a hint of fear in his voice and Sasuke didn't blame him; Itachi could put the fear of God in anyone. He shook his head in the negative.

"Thank God", he leaned back on his chair, a wide grin spreading over his face. "Still though that was one sick night", his voice rose to carry over the classroom. "Yeah, Shinobi's party was awesome. I can't wait for the next one. It'd be so cool to be chilling in the VIP lounge". He sent smug smirks to the curious and envious heads that turned to his direction. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"The next party's going to be bigger", Kiba continued on "this one was okay but not big enough-".

"As fascinating as we find your girlfriend's statements to you Mr. Inuzuka, were in class right now. Talk about your penis on your own time". The teacher drawled as he walked in.

The class exploded in laughter and Kiba's face went three shades of red. The brunette spluttered incoherently. Sasuke smirked in amusement.

"Sorry I'm late", the teacher said pleasantly, not sounding the least bit apologetic. "I ran into the cutest dolphin at the coffee shop and just had to stop and molest him".

The class gave a collective groan, far used to the man's ridiculous tales.

"You lie Kakashi-sensei!" A girl yelled accusingly from the corner.

The man shrugged indifferently. "Moving on…"

Apart from the occasional feeling of being watched, the rest of the day passed by uneventfully. Sasuke wondered if he should tell about being followed but he had no real proof. Save for the first time, he hadn't seen any glimpse of white hair. Hell, he wasn't even sure if it was that boy that had been following him. He only had a feeling and there was no use in bringing up anything that was only going to cause more hassle in his life.

Saturday morning found the Uchiha household in a slew of activity. The enticing aroma of food wafted through the house and all around, servants hurried to set the outside for the day's brunch.

Sasuke walked downstairs in a pair of smart jeans and shirt. Normally he wouldn't wear anything so formal at home but the occasion called for it. He wasn't looking forward to the day at all. Usually when his family threw one of their luncheons he would have Hinata to pass the time with. It was just his luck that Hinata had to leave town for the weekend with her family. Kiba would have come but at the last minute he got roped into some event with his sister. In short it meant a long and boring day for Sasuke.

The raven yawned as he made his way into the kitchen to grab a snack. It would still be an hour before he got any actual food.

He got a tomato from the fridge and bit into it as he headed out, fully intending on retreating to his room and staying there till he was forced out.

The chime of the door bell sounded as he crossed the foyer. He would have ignored it since one of the servants would open it but they all seemed too busy to even notice. It rang again.

With a sigh the raven redirected his steps. The door bell rang about two more times before he reached it. It would be so annoying if the guests were coming early.

Sasuke opened the door and promptly froze.

Naruto grinned widely at him. "I'm here to pay my bride price".

The raven's jaw dropped.

Moments passed with the Uchiha standing stock still with the door wide open, staring in stunned shock at the grinning blond. Naruto idly wondered if he had broken the other boy.

Just to make sure, Naruto waved a hand in front of his face. "Hello, earth to Sasuke". That seemed to snap him out of his reverie. "Lost you there for a minute babe".

Sasuke reeled back, hastily stepping out and closing the door behind him. He looked up at blond with wide eyes that asked 'what are you doing here?'

"I haven't seen you since your bro sucker punched me", Naruto said, staring at the raven's face in fascination. His baby was always so stoic, like a cold beauty, seeing him making any kind of expression was like…like…

Hell he couldn't find the right words but he just knew it was something rare and priceless. The blond wanted to covert those moments; lock Sasuke up so he can only show Naruto those kinds of faces. He wondered how his beauty would look at the brink of orgasm. Will his face get that rosy flush? Will his eyes darken? Will it be like sweet pain?

Naruto bit his lip, feeling his cock harden at the thought alone. Shit, this kid drove him crazy. It was a freaking internal battle between jumping him or not whenever he was in proximity.

"And seeing as how you hadn't come to see me either I'd figured something was keeping you", he shrugged "that something being Itachi", he growled at the name. "I thought the asshole would have had you locked up in some tower". Here, Sasuke glared hard at him. Perhaps brother-complex ran in the family, Naruto thought dryly before he finished. "So I figured I'd come and stake my claim".

The raven gave him a gaping look that blatantly screamed 'are you insane!'

"Only for you babe" Naruto agreed "only for you".

Sasuke face palmed even as his chest fluttered a bit from the declaration.

Just then the door opened. "Otouto, why are you standing-".

Sasuke stiffened as Itachi's sentence was cut off when he noticed the blond.

He stared calmly at Naruto who stared back with an equally cool expression. The temperature around suddenly seemed to drop.

"You must have a death wish", the elder Uchiha said, voice holding a lethal silence.

Naruto crossed his arms across his blue button up covered chest and spoke just as menacingly, voice coated with growly undertones. "That's my line".

Itachi stepped away from the door to stand in front of Sasuke and without missing a beat Naruto stepped up until they were in each other's faces.

"Because you're fucking suicidal if you think you're going to keep me and Sasuke apart".

Itachi regarded him unblinkingly, corners of his mouth pulling low into a deep frown. "I am well aware of you and your conquests Uzumaki", the elder spoke "my little brother isn't going to be one of them. Go find a warm body somewhere else".

The blond gritted his teeth. "This has nothing to do with that", at least not completely "I don't give a shit if there are plenty of fish in the freaking ocean. I want Sasuke".

Aforementioned raven felt his face color. Once again, Naruto had no sense of subtlety.

Itachi went to reply but was cut off, this time by a feminine voice.

"Itachi ? Sasuke? What is all the commotion? You boys should be getting ready for this afternoon".

A petit raven haired woman who looked remarkably like Sasuke came into view.

"Oh? Hello", she said to Naruto, looking at him in puzzlement.

The blond instantly put on a charming smile. It wouldn't help to show the face of death to his beauty's mother. "Mornin' ma'am".

Mikoto nodded at the greeting, analyzing the blond from head to toe. "I don't believe I've met you before, are you a friend of Itachi's?"

The Uchiha in question looked like he had just eaten a raisin only to discover it was actually rabbit droppings. Naruto couldn't blame him as his internal expression was much the same but his smile didn't falter. He did however notice how she immediately assumed he was here for the older raven. He was and looked closer to Sasuke's age than Itachi's yet he had been instantly grouped to the latter. What? Didn't Sasuke bring friends home or something?

"No ma'am, I'm Sasuke's-", both raven's gave him a look that daredhim to say anything. The blond however, happily ignored them. "Friend", he snorted at the younger's relieved expression. "Name's Uzumaki Naruto".

Shock colored the woman's face, along with something else that was incredulity? Suspicion? Whatever it was Naruto didn't like it. Not. One. Bit.

"Sasuke's friend?" the skepticism was clear in her voice and the blond didn't miss the way said raven stiffened.

Naruto's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. He didn't like that she was making his baby uncomfortable, even if she was his mother.

"Yes ma'am, we're real good friends. Real good", he said pointedly. Once again, happily ignoring the evil eyes both Uchiha's were giving him at this point.

However, Mikoto didn't pick up on his meaning. She furrowed her brows at the youngest. "Sasuke you didn't tell me your…friend was coming over".

The raven shrugged. There was nothing to tell…he didn't know!

Naruto didn't miss the way she had hesitated on the word 'friend', still couldn't quite believe it huh? Not that it was true anyway, they weren't friends. Oh no, because Naruto would do to his friends the things he wants to do to Sasuke.

"Well come in", she ushered the blond. "Boys, stop loitering around and get ready, the guests will be here soon". With that the woman left to instruct the servants.

Left in the foyer alone, Itachi turned to the blond, hands fisted at his sides. "I will tell you now Uzumaki, get out of this house".

Naruto who was casually looking around the polish marble interior replied. "That's a no-no; your mom already knows I'm here ne? It'd be rude to just up and leave".

Seeing his brother's rising ire, Sasuke stepped in between them with an internal sigh. He was beginning to feel like a referee for these two.

Please be calm aniki. He signed. It's one afternoon.

"He's leaving", Itachi hissed at the blond. "I'll be dammed if I let you alone with my brother".

Naruto pocketed his hands and showed teeth in a smile that was all but pleasant. "Like I need your permission. Don't worry though; I'll take good care of Sasuke".

The elder Uchiha looked a heartbeat away from very gory homicide. Luckily or unluckily, his work cell rang.

Not taking his murderous gaze away from the blond. Itachi reached into his slacks and retrieved it. He frowned at the caller I.D because it was an important call. There was no way to get out of answering. He gritted his teeth and gave the interloping blond a steady gaze, voice nothing but cold seriousness. "Keep in mind Uzumaki, you're in my house. There's no telling when you might be met with some unforeseen accidents".

The threat was clear, glaring even. It said plainly: Touch Sasuke and die.

The blond stared back un-intimidated, instantly activating a stare-off, battle of wills. However, Itachi was forced to pull back by the shrill ringing of his cell once more.

With one last warning glare, Itachi flipped his phone open and walked away, murmuring into the receiver.

"Now then", Naruto said to Sasuke, voice pitching to something seductive "how's about you show me your room".

The raven rolled his eyes and proceeded up the spiraling staircase but not before tossing his half eaten tomato into the nearest trash bin. He had long lost his appetite.

Sasuke started as a pair of strong, muscled arms came around his waist, forcing him to lean back into the blonds' blazing warmth as they ascended the stairs.

When they reached the top of the stairs, the Uchiha made a left towards the hallway. Naruto's leather loafers made the barest of sounds on the brown Persian rug.

Sasuke came to a stop in front of a hardwood door and without missing a beat reached out and opened it. They walked in.

Electric blue eyes took in a moderately large room decorated in shades of navy blue, black, white and grey as Naruto closed the door behind him.

The raven stepped away from the blonds' embrace, moving over to the study desk at the side window to straighten some folders that were out of place. It was silent as Naruto looked around his room. Sasuke couldn't help but fidget a bit. He knew it was ludicrous to be nervous about something like this, his mind told him so, but every other part of him screamed that the blond be impressed.

Cerulean eyes landed on him. "I like it", Naruto smirked.

Though Sasuke maintained his stoic expression, his lips twitched ever so slightly. He walked to his side table as Naruto approached and grabbing the familiar pad and pen, wrote something down then handed it to the blond.

'Must you always rile Itachi?'

Naruto snorted, giving it back to him. "Course, It's a territorial thing babe".

The Uchiha gave him a cool look and wrote. 'When did I become territory?'

He raised a blond brow. "Since I decided I liked you. You became off limits to everyone else".

Sasuke's lips pulled into a frown that wasn't completely hearted. 'And if I refuse?' he wrote in inquiry.

The raven yelped soundlessly as he suddenly found himself toppling back, landing on the soft mattress of his queen sized bed. Before he could comprehend what was going on Naruto was looming over him, tan hands on either side of his head.

A shiver raced down his spine at the delicious heat emanating from the blond.

"If you refuse?" Naruto said, voice oozing dominance in a way only alpha's were capable of. "Then I'll convince you". Sasuke's mouth dropped open as the blond angled his hips, making the Uchiha very aware that the hard length in his pants was for him alone. "And even if you run a thousand times I'll go after you a thousand times. I'll hold you, fuck you, tease you, make your body so high off me that you'll be panting to stay by my side".

Wide onyx eyes stared up at him. Sasuke felt his heart rate pick up, beating at least two times faster. His breathing ragged as the blonds' words as well as the determined passion in the other's eyes caused a violent shudder to go down his back. He was without doubt that Naruto would do what he said.

"Damn", Naruto whispered as he stared into those deep pools. Without warning his dipped his head and crashed his lips to the ravens' soft petals.

The blond forced his tongue inside to entwine with the other moist muscle. Sasuke exhaled as hot, rough hands reached beneath the hem of his shirt.

Naruto trailed his palm up the expanse of the ravens' abdomen, not wanting to miss an inch of the smooth, milky skin. He stretched a coarse thumb to encircle around the navel, movements like a starving man at a feast. Sasuke groaned silently at the rough friction.

The tan hand that was free trailed higher. Sasuke's snapped his eyes open-not realizing that he had closed them-as the pad of Naruto's thumb pressed down on the perk rosebud of his left nipple.

The raven tore away from the kiss, head tilting back with a soundless moan as the rosy tip was pinched harshly between Naruto's thumb and forefinger.

The blond pulled back and lust clouded onyx orbs regarded him. Sasuke bit his lower lip at the abrupt loss.

Naruto growled in need. "I told you not to do that". Before Sasuke could recall what the blond was talking about, his shirt was unceremoniously yanked to neck level. All thoughts flew from his mind as Naruto's hand was replaced with his hot mouth.

Sasuke arched violently off the bed as his nipple was licked, bit and sucked on with the hungry eagerness of a baby; long, hard movements that seemed to want to draw milk out of him. He moved to the other one to give it the same treatment.

A hand snaked down to cup the bulge in his pants, squeezing firmly. A soundless whimper fell from the Uchiha's lips, his hips instinctively moving in the blonds' large hand.

This was getting out of the control. The very little, rapidly declining functioning portion of his brain screamed urgently. If he let this go any further, he would be powerless to stop it and end up doing something he wasn't quite ready for.

Still, it was hard to say no to something his entire, suddenly hormonal body was screaming yes to.

So summoning up a will power he didn't even realize he possessed, Sasuke placed both hands on the blonds' shoulder and gave him a weak but firm push.

It was the unspoken meaning behind it rather than the force itself that gave Naruto paused. He closed his eyes tightly, breathing deeply once and let out a single sigh. He pushed himself up from Sasuke and stood from bed but kept his gaze on the flushed, raggedly breathing teen that lay on the sheets.

God, Sasuke was going to be the death of him.

They both took a couple of minutes to collect themselves. Naruto used his to keep from jumping the raven again and Sasuke to get his thoughts in order. He had never been a horny teen but the things Naruto did to his body.

The raven sat up, righting his clothing while Naruto began looking around again; anything to get his mind off the enticing creature in the room.

The title of a book caught his attention and walking to the side bookcase, Naruto pulled it out. It's brown and blue cover was worn and frayed, indicating it was well used. He read the title again.

Konoha Sign Language.

He opened it, flipping through the pages, some of which bore old stains.

"Hey Sasuke", he said, walking back towards the raven, eyes on the page depicting different hand signs. The Uchiha looked up at him, eyes furrowing in confusion at the book the blond held in his hands.

"When are you going to start teaching me sign?"

In reply Sasuke bent to pick the pad and pen that had fallen when Naruto tackled him. He wrote and held it up to him. 'You were serious?' to be honest he thought the blond had forgotten since he had never brought it up again in the three times they met afterwards.

"Of course I was serious", Naruto sat on the floor in front of him, crossing his legs Indian style, eyes not leaving the pages of the book. "To be honest I'm kind of jealous that other people can understand you this way and I can't".

The barest of a hint of a blush touched the raven's cheeks at the idea of Naruto being in any way, shape or form, jealous over him.

"Come on babe", the blond closed the book and gave Sasuke his full attention "give me something I can work with".

Sasuke thought for a second then reached out and took one of the blonds' hands, ignoring the way his heart leapt at the remainder of just what those hands were doing moments ago. He moved the fingers accordingly, cocking it or bending it when needed.

"What does that say?" The blond stared at his hands that had been made to form different shapes.

Sasuke wrote down. 'Naruto'.

"My name?" Sasuke nodded then moved his fingers another way.

"What was that one?"

The raven gestured to himself.


He nodded.

"How do I say 'baby'?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

Sasuke scoffed silently then moved his fingers once more.

"That means 'baby'?" the blond asked when he was done.

Sasuke gave him a deadpanned expression then wrote something down and handed it to him. 'Dobe'.

Naruto snorted in amusement.

They spent twenty minutes going over simple words and alphabets before Itachi came through the door.

His fierce expression was replaced with something akin to surprise and confusion when he saw Sasuke sitting on the floor-the raven having changed positions at some point-holding Naruto's fingers in signs familiar to Itachi.

The elder raven seemed to relax, obviously having expected the worst. Sasuke gave a silent prayer of thanks that he hadn't walked in half an hour ago.

"The guests have arrived", was all he said.

By the time they got to the outside garden, the chairs were occupied by stuffy looking corporate people. The long decorated table was packed with different kinds of food, the aroma from them making Naruto's stomach grumble. His only disappointment was there was no ramen. Damn.

He followed Sasuke who went towards the front where Mikoto sat conversing with another woman. Beside her was a man who looked like the older version of Itachi.

The man spared a glance as they approached; his eyes uninterestingly going from Sasuke to Naruto to Itachi. He paused then seemed to do a double take, gaze snapping back to the blond. His eyes fixed on Naruto's face and widened. Something flashed behind them. He was expressionless once more as they took their seats. Sasuke sat beside his father on the right with Naruto beside him while Itachi took the seat at their mother's left.

It didn't take long for the lunch to start. Sasuke busied himself with selecting food, ignoring the conversation around him. People rarely had anything to say to him anyway.

Naruto piled food on his plate and wasted no time in digging in.

"Who is this young man?" the woman conversing with Mikoto asked, gesturing to Naruto.

"Uzumaki Naruto", Mikoto introduced "Sasuke's friend". No one noticed how Fugaku stiffened momentarily.

"You don't say", the woman turned to the blond. "It's a pleasure to meet you". She gave him a polite smile but the way her eyes discreetly roamed over his face and body told Naruto in no uncertain terms that she would like to further their acquaintance.

The blond snorted; he wouldn't even fuck her for fun. It wasn't that she wasn't hot, on the contrary she was a knockout and a couple of months ago he wouldn't have hesitated to bend her over the nearest flat surface. But now he had Sasuke and that was the only person he wanted bent over. He found it amazing how the raven continued to interest him in both small and big ways. No one had ever held his attention like this. Sasuke was special no doubt and it made Naruto want to unlock each and everything that made him tick.

"I'm glad you made a new friend Sasuke", the woman was saying "It would seem Hyuuga-chan didn't join you this time. It wasn't good to constantly be in each other's company, you need to be more outgoing".

The raven's grip tightened on his fork but he simply nodded politely. The self satisfied woman turned back to her conversation with Mikoto.

As the lunch wore on some things were beginning to become clear to Naruto. He was quick to notice how the people around would engage in conversations with Itachi and something even try to talk to him but never referred to Sasuke. If they did mention Sasuke they spoke as if the raven wasn't there. At first he thought it was because they were wrongly trying to be conscious of his impairment but then he noticed even the raven's parents didn't glance at him. A few times the Uchiha head appeared to want to turn in their direction but Naruto got the feeling it was to look at him and not Sasuke.

Naruto was no authority on parenting but he knew right from wrong. Though his own time with his parents were just a few brief years he remembered them as being nothing but fond and loving. They were part of only a handful of good memories he had so far.

It pissed him off how they disregarded the boy. Only the raven's hand on his thigh kept him from jumping someone. Sasuke had picked up on his growing irritation and sought to quell it without being obvious. It would only cause commotion and bloodshed if Naruto acted out.

However, it was clear he wasn't the only one. Itachi's eyes would flash in anger or his jaw would clench in restraint that only the blond noticed, whenever someone overlooked Sasuke or spoke about him.

It was in that moment that Naruto began to understand the older Uchiha. He wasn't just Sasuke's older brother; he also acted as his surrogate father and mother.

That meant that he would have to pay his bride price to Itachi. How annoying.

Lunch was over and Naruto let Sasuke lead him to the kitchen where he would take the side door out. The foyer was filling with chatting guests and the blond sure as hell didn't want to be pulled into that crowd.

"Their assholes", he said once they were standing by the kitchen entrance.

Sasuke didn't have to ask who he was talking about. He shrugged. It didn't bother him anymore. His parents weren't profound people in his life and seeing as how he wasn't taking over the Uchiha cooperation there was no reason for the visiting business partners to suck up to him.

His chin was gripped between the blonds' fingers and he was turned to face Naruto. "The only good I can say about them is that they brought you into this world".

The raven shivered pleasurably as hot breath ghosted over his skin, causing goose bumps to rise. The blond ran a thumb over his cheeks then the plump petals of his lips. His eyes fell half mast as Naruto leaned in.

Something zipped in between the still existing space between their mouths, stopping any further action.

Naruto sighed then gave a bored sidelong glance to Itachi who stood by the entrance. He held a small table knife in his hand, the fork he had thrown was imbedded in the wooden cupboard by the side.

"I'll see you around baby", the blond addressed Sasuke, eying Itachi warily.

In a fast motion he leaned down and kissed the raven, purposefully obviously adding tongue to make it extra dirty. With a wink to Sasuke he swiftly ducked out the door just as the knife embedded on the wood where he had stood.

The younger raven stared stunned at the kiss as well as protruding knife.

Itachi muttered something to himself about not missing next time then addressed his brother. "Come on otouto, it would be rude to leave the guests, no matter how irritating they are".

He followed in a daze, brain still trying to catch up. Naruto would be the death of him.

From his spot by the window, Fugaku Uchiha watched as the one called Uzumaki Naruto got into an orange car and drove away. He was in shock, stunned even, but he didn't let it show as he listened with half an ear the CEO he was discussing with.

It was him.

He knew. He was the spitting image of that man.

When he first saw him he thought it was Minato come back from the grave. Had he been a lesser man he might have collapsed on the spot. It was only sheer will power that had kept him from gawking.

But It didn't take long to realize that it wasn't Minato.

Minato hadn't been very secretive but he had hid his private life, intent on protecting something. Fugaku realized that this was what he had been protecting. That man always seemed to have something up his sleeve; he always had to have the last say.

The head of Uchiha turned around. It didn't matter. The boy was still a boy. As long as he didn't go digging in places he shouldn't then he wasn't a threat. However, if he insisted on being as dumb as his father then he would need to be gotten rid of.

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