Time chapter 1: prologue

"Oh no! The evil witch kidnapped Buzz! Woody and Jessie will save him!" bonnie said happily as she held the cowboy and cowgirl dolls. "We are here to stop you witch!" bonnie said through Jessie. She made woody reach for a piece of yarn and pretended to lasso buzz. "Woody! The evil witch will—"Bonnie-Jessie was cut off by a tearing sound. She looked at her woody and Jessie dolls worriedly.

Mrs. Anderson, Bonnie's mother, walked in at that moment and, seeing bonnie sitting worriedly by her toys. "Bonnie? What's wrong?"

"Woody or Jessie ripped." Bonnie answered sadly.

Mrs. Anderson picked up the two toys from Bonnie's hands, looked them over and said "woody's okay but Jessie's arm ripped."

"Can we fix it?" bonnie said, a frown now on her young face.

Mrs. Anderson, seeing her daughter's expression said reassuringly, "yes we can. But you need to be more careful."

She placed Jessie on Bonnie's bed a looked at woody. She put him down on the bed by Jessie. "Woody is okay and Jessie can still be played with." Bonnie excitedly picked up the two dolls from the bed. Jessie's torn arm was waving loose in the air as bonnie continued her story.

"Woody! Jessie! Help me! I'm in here!" Jessie-Bonnie said

Bonnie grabbed woody to pull on his pull string, and a small thread snagged on her index finger. As she pulled on the string, woody's voice box exclaimed "there's a snake in my—"Bonnie waited for the last part of the phrase, but it didn't come. "MOM!"

Mrs. Anderson turned and went back into the room. When she came back in, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Woody's side ripped." Bonnie mumbled her smile now a frown. Cotton was laying everywhere and yellow string was hanging from the dolls unraveled side.

Mrs. Anderson picked the toy up "Bonnie I told you to be careful, now this toy is broken."

"I tried, I don't know how it happened—"

"-you won't get this toy back, it's too broken. I'll see if Mrs. Davis wants to keep it for any reason."

Bonnie was on the verge of tears as she gave woody to her mother. Mrs. Anderson, with the broken toy at hand, left the room. Bonnie followed close behind. Jessie, buzz, and dolly got up and looked around, their insides bent with fear and horror. All of Bonnie's toys got out of the toy box, only to find the floor covered with dust and cotton. Rex walked up to buzz "What happened?"

Buzz mumbled, "woody's broken…"

Jessie was anxiously looking at her torn arm, which hung lifelessly behind her. Buzz walked up to her, hoping to comfort her, not knowing her presence was comforting himself "woody will be fine, this isn't the first time." His words did little to comfort her as he heard her say "but it hasn't been this bad before." Buzz just nodded silently and squeezed her shaking hand.

Jessie was nudged by Bullseye, who like everyone, was waiting for the result of the mishappenings. She noticed, even Mr. Potatohead, who was usually skeptical about woody's character, had a fearful look on his face. Dolly came up to Jessie and offered a sewing needle. "Do you want to fix your arm cowgirl?" Jessie was about to get it when Bonnie's mom came into the room. All the toys fell to the floor or hid under the bed.

Mrs. Anderson held woody tight in her fists, "please mom! I'll take better care of him, I promise." Bonnie's voice sounded painfully desperate.

"No, bonnie I'm sorry, this this toy is done." Mrs. Anderson dropped woody into the trash can. Fear engulfed the wounded sheriff instantly, as he began to silently have a panic attack. All he had feared in his life, abandonment, discernment, and the incinerator, all were now inevitable in his future. He heard Mrs. Anderson say "you have other toys."

These words pierced woody's cotton heart like a sword. A scar reopened in his mind, as the feeling of loneliness, abandonment, and grief tore deep in his heart.

I am going to die

I wish Bo was here

This never would have happened with Billy-

Billy. Andy's father. The kid who he had loved for 30 years, until the car accident took him away forever, leaving his wife, Andy's mother, alone with their two children. The tragedy shattered the illusion that humans live forever, and even though he had learned many times before that death can happen anywhere to anyone, he deeply wanted to cling on to it. Not because he wanted to trick himself into believing it never happens, for he had learned from multiple occurrences that it cannot be avoided, but to take his mind from the memories of a dark past.

Woody became so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't realized that bonnie was arguing with her mom to keep him. "But that toy is special, Andy gave it to me." Bonnie said.

"But sweetheart, this toy has unraveled; I don't know if we can fix it." Mrs. Anderson replied.

"Can I try though?" bonnie said, more pleadingly.

Mrs. Anderson nodded, admiring how bonnie was that determined to keep the toy, even when it would be an uphill battle to fix it then. "Bonnie I'll help you fix it then."

Bonnie said happily "really? Yeah! As she took woody out of the trash. As she pulled woody out, he snapped back into reality. Realizing bonnie was saving him, he completely relaxed, and forgot about being still around humans. He sighed, it wasn't loud enough for Bonnie's mom to hear him, but was loud enough for bonnie.

She stopped, turned around and asked "who did that?" woody realizing his mistake, became even more still then he was before, almost too still.

Mrs. Anderson, from the hall sighed. Bonnie began to think the sigh was from her mom, much to Woody's relief. She put woody down onto the floor and left to eat.

Slowly woody got up, and feeling shy about his predicament, quietly said "H-hey Buzz? Jessie? Can yall help me?"

Buzz and Jessie came out of the toy box and helped woody gather his lost cotton and strings into a pile. Buzz was happy to do it for him, in order to help him, but felt uneasy about helping him with his insides. Dolly, Slinky, Buttercup, Trixie, Rex, Bullseye, Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead, Totoro, Hamm, and the peas all came out to talk to Woody. Dolly came up to Woody and asked worriedly "Are you okay?" woody, noticing the unusually soft tone of her voice, said as happily as he could "I'm fine, don't worry." Dolly notice for the first time how thin Woody's fabric was, "how old are you, Woody?"

Woody was caught off guard, he hadn't expected such a question, but he was more surprised by Dolly calling him Woody. She never said his name, and as she turned to ask Jessie the same thing, he thought on a way to change the subject. Looking at Jessie, he saw that the question was hard to answer for her too. She shrank back a little and said "I am sixty-six." Buzz smiled reassuringly at her, calming her to her normal self. Now all eyes were on woody, which was extremely shy when it came to personal information. "I-I-I "he stuttered, now unable to find the words he was about to say. Dolly was waiting patiently for him to answer, but was very surprised at how shy he was. After a while he said "I don't know." And left the room. Slinky Dog followed him to ask in private.

2 hours later…

Slink came back into the eagerly awaiting room, and was greeted by a bunch of questions and worried toys.

"Did he tell you?"

"Is he okay?"

"How old is he?"

"Quiet everyone!" Buzz's booming voice shut everyone up. He then turned to slinky, silently asking him what woody had said. Slink, seeing that the room was calm, said "he said he wanted to keep it to himself." Buzz saw from his expression that the conversation was more than that, but didn't ask. "He must have passed the bar." Buzz turned to Jessie couriously, not knowing what "the bar" is. Everyone gave Jessie a weird stare, like she was speaking Spanish to them. "what is 'the bar'?" buzz asked.

Dolly answered for Jessie " I have heard of it, it's a term for the toys who lived before the second world war. After the war so many things changed so toys made before then labeled 1939 as the bar separating the old ways from the new era created from the events of the war."

"So woody is at least 72." Buzz concluded.

Buzz sighed and said," but if he doesn't want to tell us, we shouldn't pester him about it."


Woody was sitting alone on the roof of bonnie's house, alone and worried. Even as the wind whisted loudly by him, covering his damaged cotton body with snow, he paid no attention to it. His mind was only on the looming possibility that he would die soon.

"It's been so long since I have looked at the moon from the roof… I suppose I hadn't done it since Bo—" he couldn't finish his statement. Finishing it would be saying she was never coming back.

"hello again sheriff…"

Woody turned his head to see who had said that and sudden fear came over him. "you-your alive?"

"I never died sheriff. But you might." The speaker came from behind the shadows.


…..End of ch.1….