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This will be multichapter. Lovino and Feliciano's ages are more different than they should be, but it's fanfiction, so...Lovino is twenty, and Feliciano is about fifteen. Just some background information...Antonio and Lovino are engaged, and Feliciano and Ludwig are also together. Feliciano is a juinor in high school, due to him skipping a couple of earlier grades. Their nonno died when Lovino was sixteen. Do the math for Feliciano's age, ahaha.

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Walking out of the house with a nonchalant frown, Lovino turned back towards the house to see if Feliciano was following. He was not. Sighing, Lovino poked his head into the doorway of their modest suburban home.

"Feli, we have to go, we're going to be late for your fucking boyfriend's dance or whatever." He said, looking around. Feliciano peeked out from the bathroom, his hair in ragged tangles. His curl looked a little less uncurly than it should.

"Ve, just a minute~ I just woke up from my siesta and my hair looks awful~!" He sang, disappearing. Lovino rolled his eyes and leaned casually against the doorframe, crossing his arms. Letting out a light scoff, he crossedc his legs, and waiting for a few seconds before callling out to the happy Italian.

"Si, si, just hurry the hell up or I may change my mind about driving you. I just bought that new motorcycle, and I'm not sure I want to use it to take you somewhere to be with that potato sucker." Lovino said, loud enough to make sure the vibrant younger sibling heard him. He put emphasis on potato sucker to enunciate the fact that he didn't like Ludwig, though it was a well known fact.

"Almost...perfect!" Feliciano said, stepping out. He was wearing a sleek, brand new tuxedo, with his hair brushed down to look neat. He giggled. "Ve~ Luddy's got to love this! I look so nice!" He said, and Lovino gave a low scoff.

"He can love it, as long as he doesn't try to infect you with German herpes."At this Feliciano tilted his head, a curious tinge in his eyes.

"What's herpes?" he asked, furrowing his brows. Lovino's eyes widened. Damn that innocent little mind of his fratello!

"...candy canes, now let's get the fuck out of here. And I only have one helmet, so you'll just have to deal with it." And without another glance backwards, he turned and walked out of the house. Feliciano followed this time, grabbing his and Lovino's coats on the way out of the door.

"Ve~ fratello forgot his jacket and its cold outside! I don't want Lovi to get a cold~!" He said, handing Lovino the old leather jacket. Lovino took it, sighing a bit.

"Si. Now, I want you to hold on tight or you'll fly off like that one kid from England when the American bastard took him for a plane ride." He said, climbing onto the sleek red motorcycle. Slipping the helmet on, he felt his younger climb on and wrap his arms around Lovino. Starting the motor, he his the gas and smiled a little as he felt the wind flow past him.

"Waa! We're going too fast!" Feliciano yelled into Lovino's ear. Lovino winced, scoffing but not slowing down. He loved his brother, but sometimes, Feliciano needed to learn when to not be scared.

"Damn it Feli, shut up! If you keep screaming into my fucking ear we're going to get into an accident! And for your information, the speed limit is sixty, and I'm going, you guessed it, Goddamn sixty!" He said, taking a deep breath as he continued to drive. As they neared the appropriate exit, Lovino pressed down on the brakes a little and waited for the familiar slowing down. It didn't happen. Pressing a little harder did nothing, and they continued to go sixty-odd miles an hour. His eyes widened in shock and slight fear, his breathing quickened as he pressed even harder.

"Ve~ fratello, Luddy's house was that way!" Feliciano said, glancing back at the quickly disappearing exit. Lovino's heart twisted as he realized that the brakes were useless to him. He murmured a quick prayer as he bit his lip.

"I know a shortcut! F-Feli, do me a favor. Take the helmet off of my head and put it on. Now." He said, tone coming out far more demanding and desperate than he intended. Feliciano's eyes widened as he shook his head, just barely.

"No, it's your helmet! Besides, you know I hate wearing helmets!"He protested, not noticing the beads of sweat forming on the older's face even though it must have been forty to fifty degrees, even colder with the wind whipping his face. Lovino growled.

"Do it! Now!" He said angrily, face red. Feliciano's eyes widened as he nodded a little.

"Si, fine. but why...?" He asked, confused. Lovino hardly ever let him borrow a pencil in school, let alone a sixty-dollar helmet he paid with from his own paycheck. Lovino quickly thought of a good enough lie to convince the ditzy younger brother.

"I don't want your...hair to get messed up. You worked kind of hard on it and I'd hate to see it looking shitty, like it did this morning when you first woke up." He said, throwing in a cussword to make the other think that nothing was out of the ordinary. Feliciano reached a hand up, pulling the helmet off of Lovino's head and pressing it on his. The helmet firmly secured, Lovino spoke again.

"Is it on? Good and tight, feel loose?" He asked, yelling against the cold winds. Feliciano nodded a litte, confused.

"V-Ve...fratello?" He asked quietly.

Lovino choked out, taking a deep breath, "Ti voglio bene, fratello." And with that, he turned the motorcycle to where it was right on the shoulder next to a grassy hill as he shoved Feliciano off the bike and down the hill. Feliciano tumbled about halfway down before looking up, eyes wide and quickly filling with tears as he whispered to himself.

"L-Lovi...?" And he saw the motorcycle jerk to the right about a mile down the freeway, and it swerved off of the shoulder and down a far rockier hill, trees blocking Feliciano's view. But he didn't need to be able to see to know what had just happened. His fratello just got into a bad accident, and he...he saved his life. He stumbled up then tripped down to his knees, shaking violently.

"LOVI!" He yelled, standing up and running towards the scene of the crash. He saw a few cars already parked on the side of the road, some people dangerously walking down the steep, rocky incline, towards the flaming motorcycle. As he stumbled off the last rock, he immediately glanced around wildly. Seeing a crowd of people surrounding the motorcycle, he ran over and pushed through the crowd. Reaching the front, he jumped back at the flames. He gasped as he saw Lovino, half pinned under his motorcycle.

"F-Fratello...no..." He choked out, wanting to go forward and try to help, but being afraid of the flames nonetheless. He heard a woman on the phone, speaking frantically with a 911 operator. Swallowing, he began to pray the ambulance reached them in time. As he thought this, it began to rain slightly heavily.

The flames began to die down on the bike, giving him a better view of Lovino. Lovino's neck was twisted in an awkward, painful way. There were deep gashes and cuts all over him, including a rather large one going through his left eye and down his face diagonally, ending just before Lovino's throat. Blood was pooled around his body, a deep crimson that frightened Feliciano to the bone.

When the flames finally disappeared due to the downpour, Feliciano kneeled down and shakily touched a few fingers to Lovino's neck, aiming to feel that pulse beating against the skin. He felt nothing but blood and cold. Then, he felt something faint and barely there, but still there. A pulse. He shakily pulled his fingers back, nodding slowly.

"V-Ve...the dance can wait..." He whispered, tears streaming down his face. Hearing sirens, he pulled back and clenched his eyes shut as he turned away. He couldn't watch.


Twenty minutes later, they had Lovino loaded into the back of the ambulance. Feliciano hesitated until receiving a nod from one of the people in the back to crawl in. He held onto Lovino's hand, then pulled out his phone. He'd gotten a text from both Ludwig and coincedentally, Antonio. Opening Ludwig's message, he read it carefully.

'Where are you? The party is half over now.'

Biting his lip hard enough to draw blood, he responded shakily, making all kinds of mistakes. Usually he used perfect grammar in his text messages, so this came out as garbled and strange.

'Cldnt come, sry, emrgncy, meet at northway hsptl'

Little did he know that the minute the German, now halfway across the city, read the strange message sent by his love, he was immediately on his way. Exiting out of that conversation, he looked at Antonio's message, which he could almost picture Antonio saying with a worried tilt to the head.

'Lovi was supposed to meet me at my house for tomatoes~ he said I wasn't supposed to tell you that, but where did he go? :(

-Tomatoes :D-'

Feliciano, upon reading this, started to cry silently. How did he tell the Spaniard that the man's love and fiance was on his way to the hospital? He decided to do it bluntly, because he couldn't go into detail at that moment.

'Come to hsptl, northway, lovi emrgncy'

The minute the other received this, he was on his way. However, his home was a long ways from the hospital, so unfortunately it would take longer. Hopefully...Lovino would live long enough. Moreover, he hoped Lovino would live...period.


Three hours later, Feliciano was sitting outside of the operating room. Tear stains were on his cheeks, and judging by the water in his eyes, he would soon start to cry again. When they'd gotten here, they started yelling a lot of medical terms that the Italian didn't understand, and they'd told him to sit here as they wheeled Lovino into this room.

They said there was a small window to watch the surgery from, to make sure his loved one was doing okay, but he couldn't do it. Because, if Lovino died, he didn't want to watch. Even now, he blamed himself for the events. Despite the circumstances, A small smile escaped him and played upon his lips.

Lovino loved him. Enough to sacrifice himself...he sniffled as he began to cry. He saw feet, familiar army boots, and a military green pair of pants, and looked up shakily, eyes wide, hazel eyes meeting blue ones.

"Feliciano, I heard...what happened. I'm very sorry..." He said a little awkwardly, sitting next to his boyfriend and taking Feliciano's hand in his own. Feliciano lightly squeezed his hand as he sniffled, eyes closed as he looked down at his lap.

"V...Ve...not your fault..." He murmured, letting go of the German's hand to clench his fists. "It's my fault." He said angrily, earning a wide-eyed and worried look from the other.

"N-Nein, Feliciano, it wasn't your fault. It was probably a glitch in the motorcycle, nothing you did. You didn't know what would happen..." He said, holding Feliciano as the Italian sobbed into his chest. Ludwig closed his eyes slowly and rocked back and forth slightly, humming in what he hoped was a comforting manner. He wasn't good at comforting, but this was the least he could do for the one he was in love with. It appeared to be working as Feliciano's racking sobs calmed down noticably.

"I-I...I just...if I hadn't...a-asked him to t-take...me..." He managed to choke out, wiping the remaining tears away with the back of his left hand. Ludwig shook his head, taking a deep breath.

"You didn't know, Feliciano. It can't be your fault." He responded, then looked over as a nurse walked out of the operating room with a silver clipboard. She smiled softly as she strode towards the couple. She looked at the paper and then nodded.

"Mr...Vargas? It appears your brother will live, but we won't know the long-term damage until he wakes up. All that's left to do is give him morphine and wait." He said, and Feliciano gasped, eyes widening.

"F-Fratello's alive?" He asked in a disbelieving tone. When the nurse nodded, Feliciano let out a shaky smile as he slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

""He's alive...he's alive...he's...ali..." He trailed off as he slumped to the floor, the world going pitch black, the last thing he saw being Ludwig reaching to catch him and the nurse calling for a stretcher.



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