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Antonio froze, suddenly tense and stiff. Lovino thought he was his doctor? He could understand that he was wearing scrubs, but then...Lovino really didn't remember him. Had the crash really caused Lovino to lose all of his memories? Antonio would not have believed it if he had not heard it from Lovino's mouth. He put, rather, shoved, his shaking hands into the pockets of the scrubs, breathing uneven and rapid.

"N...No, I'm not your doctor..." He said shakily, attempting to give a chuckle, though it came out as a choked cough.

Lovino stared blankly at the Spanish man in the scrubs. He looked like he wanted to throw up...maybe he needed a doctor, if he wasn't one himself. Lovino wasn't sure why he was in the hospital. He glanced around, not meeting either the Spanish man's or the nurse's eyes. The room was a stark white, pristine and clean. He wrung his hands under the cool sheets, biting his lip nervously. The gaze of the Spaniard was making him grow more and more uncomfortable by each passing second even when he didn't meet his eyes, and though he wasn't sure why, he did know that he didn't like the sadness and longing in his deep green eyes. It caused him to feel a dull ache in his chest, like his heart was pounding much harder than it should be.

"Um...s-sorry, then I don't know who you are..." He said, swallowing thickly when he finally responded to the man. He could see the man's shoulders tense and his jaw set when he spoke. The man gave a stiff nod, averting his eyes to look at the floor, which suddenly became very interesting to the Spaniard. Unable to bear the tension in the room, Antonio turned and carefully walked out of the silent room. Lovino watched him go, a deep emotion in his eyes. He couldn't explain it, but he was shaking violently, his heart pounding. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he missed the man at the end of the bed.

When Antonio got away from the man he loved, he finally let the tears fall. He attempted to keep them in, but they just continued to stream down his face. He pulled his phone out and dialed a number he'd memorized a long time ago. There were three rings, and then Feliciano picked up the phone.

"V-Ve...ciao..." He said, voice dead and dull.

"F-Feli...Lovi, h-he's awake!" He cried, voice finally returning to him, wiping at his eyes. He heard the phone drop on the other side and he took a few seconds to calm down and recollected his thoughts when the Italian came back on the hpone.

"Really? Is he okay? V-Ve! I bet he was really scared! Are we allowed to see hi-" Antonio cut him off quickly before he lost his breath.

"He...He's fine. Except...Feli, he doesn't remember anything." He said, the hand that weas holding his phone shaking. When the only answer he recieved was silence, he cleared his throat. "Nothing. He didn't remember his name, Feli. Or me...you, or anyone. He's gone..." As he spoke, tears fell from his eyes and he slipped down the wall, sitting on the floor of the hospital hallway. "He's gone, he lookes at me like I'm a stranger! He still has his engagement ring on, Feli!" He said shakily.

Feliciano was standing stock still in Ludwig's living room, being stared at by Ludwig and Gilbert (Ludwig's older brother, but you all probably know that). His fratello was alone, scared and confused in a hospital with nurses and doctors hardened against deep emotion and comfort. He needed someone there, anyone, regardless of whether he remembered knowing that person before the accident or not. He hung up, ignoring Antonio's murmurs of "Are you there? Are you okay? Hello?" and ran out of the house, quickly being followed by the two German brothers, each clamoring with questions of "What happened? Is he alright?".

Ludwig could tell by the scared and frightened expresison dancing across Feliciano's features that it was serious. He and Lovino didn't have a healthy relationship, but he didn't have anything against the older Italian brother. He admired him, actually, for his protection over Feliciano. He didn't wish for anything to happen to him.

"Feliciano, please, tell me what happened. He's awake?" Ludwig asked, getting a dumb nod in response from the now driving Feliciano. They had all climbed into the car, Feliciano and Ludwig in front, Gilbert in the back (and due to the severity of the situation, not compaining about it this time). Feliciano finally spoke, voice shaking with fear as he sped down the highway towards the hospital.

"He...L-Luddy, do you know what amnesia is?" With that, Ludwig let out the breath he'd been holding.

"Ja. Is it bad?" Feliciano didn't speak again and just dumbly nodded.

When they pulled into the parking lot, Feliciano got out, once again followed by the brothers. They walked in silence to the elevator, stood in silence in the elevator, walked down the hallway in silence, and opened the door to his room in silence. What they saw was amazing.

Antonio was sitting in the chair pulled up to the bed, showing Lovino some papers.

"...and this is us when we were in seventh grade! Look, you were blushing! Fusososo...there's Francis and Gilbert in the background! ... What are they doing? ... Next picture!" Despite the circumstances, he had a large smile on his face with love in his eyes as he gazed down at the man in the bed with confusion in his eyes. "And this is you and your fratello!" He said, showing him a picture of Feliciano and Lovino in fifth grade. "Sorry it isn;t more recent, you never really stand still for pictures anymore..." He said, laughing a little and rubbing the back of his neck as Lovino looked up and saw the people in the room.

"U-Um...Feliciano, right?" Lovino asked, going off of what the Spanish man had told him. Feliciano swallowed with shaking hands and nodded, slowly walking towards Lovino's bed and pulling a chair up on the opposite side of him.

"It's your fratello." Feliciano said, slowly trying to hold Lovino's hand. Lovino quickly pulled his hand away. Even if it were his brother, which he was really sure it was, he couldn't remember anything about him or their past together. Feliciano flinched when the hand retracted and pulled his hand back into his pocket, swallowing thickly, attempting to get the lump out of his throat.

"You probably don't remember this, but the last time we were here was because big brother Toni," he motioned to Antonio, "fell off a ladder. He was pretending to catch a star for you, and you were laughing. It was really pretty and whne he fell, you cried. You were crying all the way to the hospital, but you didn't leave his side when he woke up and couldn't speak. You stayed here and talked to him for weeks until they finally fixed his throat...ve..." He trailed off, holding back tears, then let a few fall as he continued. "But you didn't abandon him, even though he couldn't respond. We aren't going to leave you. Not until you remember." He said, smiling a bit as Lovino looked around at the group, thinking about his next move. Then he did the best thing he could think of.

Lovino nodded.

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