AN: I never use the names of the main characters here, but if you can't figure it out, the woman sleeping is Terra, and the narrator is Beast Boy. This is in the future, at an indeterminate point in time.

There are times even now when he awakes at two, three in the morning with her smell on his skin and her eyes burning into him like cold fire.

He will start from the bed, careful not to awaken the woman sleeping next to him, her blonde hair splayed on the pillow like pieces of broken glass, blue eyes shut serenely. He will sit by the window and watch the sunrise.

She used to do that. Sit and meditate, pale skin perfect and smooth in the yellow glow. She liked morning, liked the gentleness of darkness to light, of dawn.

He never did. He slept as much as he could, clung to the bed with claws, talons, his own green fingers to avoid getting up.

Sometimes he will look through the old photos from Dick, the ones given to him at the wedding. She stands there, a small, rare smile, like a tiny perfect diamond, on her face. Her uniform, the old one with the long cape she so often hid under, makes his heart clench. He stands, arm around her, the goofy grin of his adolescence on his face.

Kori wears a plastic tiara, her smile bright and enormous, her arms wrapped around Dick in a bone-crushing hug. Victor gives a big "thumbs-up" and even his red eye seems to be smiling. On the back of the photo in neat, efficient handwriting is written "Starfire's Sweet 16." They had walked out on the roof in the dark, the intoxicating summer air filling their lungs. She held in her joy; he did not even make an attempt. They sat on the edge, looked over the lighted city, their city.

He can recall to this day the smoothness of her lavender hair, the cold feeling of her hand in his. She leaned on him tentatively, and he held her. She told him not to speak, ruin it, just let it be perfect. He didn't, and it was.

Perhaps she was angry when the blonde sculpture came back, suddenly remembered her love for him. He could never tell how she felt; that was the way she wanted it. No feelings.

She said nothing. Did nothing but burn her dark eyes into his, an ice that still freezes him solid.

Time passed. Some things are not meant to be. She faded. It never would have worked, and Terra was there for him. He couldn't leave what he had wanted for so long.

There are idol imaginings, thoughts, feelings. The long eyelashes on her cheeks, the wish that he had kissed her, just once.

Certain songs on the radio that make him believe there is only one great love. He will never be sure if he is sleeping next to that one, or dreaming of her at two or three in the morning.