AU. 9 friends, one school, one year. New kids, new friends, break ups, make ups, fights, secrets, lies and truths. Watch the lives of nine normal teenagers as they fight through the confusing world of high school and discover themselves, facing the challenges of relationships, friendships, love, family, and tragedy

Chapter One/Prologue

Oceana walked down the nearly barren halls of Jump City High looking back and forth between the crisp new schedule in her hand, and the numbers on the classroom doors.

"I hate new schools…" she muttered to herself, pushing a wayward curl behind her ear, stopping when she noticed the numbers on her schedule no longer matched the ones on the many doors.

"Need help?"

Startled she turned to see a tall guy, stepping back and shutting his locker door.

"Uh um yeah…sorry I didn't expect to see many students early to school on a Monday morning…"

"Yeah, most kids don't come in early, but I sometimes come early to swim laps," he said, and Oceana took notice of his long damp hair, which was currently tied back in a low ponytail at the nape of his neck, "I'm Garth by the way."

"I'm Oceana. I'm new here…"

Garth laughed and smiled at her, "Yeah I figured. Here," he stepped closer to her, slinging his bag over his shoulder looking down at her schedule, "the academic quad is basically a giant figure 8…" he went on to explain the contours of each building on the high school campus, from the main building they were in now, to the recreation and athletic quads, where all rec and athletic facilities were located.

"Thanks, that really was a big help." She said, giving him a grateful smile

"It was really no problem," he said with a grin

She smiled back in return, "Well I have to go talk to some of the teachers…but hopefully I'll see you around?"

"I'll keep my eye out for you,"

She smiled again and made her way down the now more populated hallway.

Garth turned and walked down the hall until he saw a familiar head of spiked black hair, and a group of equally familiar guys.

"Hey Dick!" he stepped easily up to the shorter male, and messed his hair before making a disgusted face, "Got enough hair gel? Geeze!"

Dick rolled his eyes, "ha-ha Garth, funny. You're later than usual, what kept you?"

"Helping out a new girl—" Garth began, but was cut off by his other friend, Victor

"Well all right! Looks like Garth is finally growin a pair and talkin to a girl!"

"Shut it Vic. She was lost,"

"Was she cute?" Roy Harper cut in, leaning against a locker

"Yeah I guess," he muttered, not really wanting to give details to his infamous playboy of a friend

"Ohh look at that face! Looks like Garths got a crush!" Wally interjected, grinning his trademark smile from ear to ear, blue eyes glinting with mischief

Now desperate to change the subject, Garth turned to the green haired friend to his right, "Speaking of crushes, any luck with Raven Gar?"

Gar sighed, but gave a weary smile, "Yeah, she agreed to hang out at the mall. But it's not a date."

"Bull shit!" Vic said, hearing the news for the first time like the rest of the astounded looking teens, "If ya'll are hangin out together outside of school alone, then it's a date!"

"Well to her it's a 'not a date' and I'm just happy she said yes, so I'm not gonna push it."

"Smart decision," Dick said, remembering their solemn friends quick temper.

The green hair teen nodded in agreement, and raised his head to look for the girls

"They're gonna be late," Vic said, catching Gar's attempt to locate the group of girls, "Bee was runnin late and it was her turn to drive them."

"Karyn is always running late," Roy said

"You're point?" Vic said, giving Roy a hard stare, daring him to say something about his girlfriend again

"She has the idea of fashionably late down pat?" Roy questioned, trying to backtrack in a failed attempt to cover his ass.

Wally laughed at his friends antics, quietly scanning the crowd for a familiar head of pink hair. Once spotted, he wordlessly extracted himself from the group and weaved through the ever increasing throng of students towards her locker.

"Hey Jinx," he said, smiling at her

"Wally," she replied curtly, not yet completely awake

Wally quirked an eyebrow, and stayed silent, watching the grumpy looking girl unload her books and pick out the ones she would need for her first few classes.

"What?" she asked, looking up at him, pink eyes questioning

"Nothing," he said

"No sarcastic remark? Do you have a fever Wally?" she stood up, and smirking placed a cool hand against his forehead

"Funny. But if you wanted to touch me, you don't have to ask," he said, flashing her one of his best grins

"And there it is," she said dryly, dropping her hand from his forehead with a smirk of her own.

"So…about the after school plans we made for today…" he grinned a sheepishly

Jinx sighed, her face dropping slightly, "I understand,"

"I'm really sorry Jenna," he said, using her real name

She looked up sharply. No one used her real name unless they were dead serious about something.

"Seeing as you just used my real name, I would hope so," she said but her hard stare told him he wasn't off the hook, "what's going on? You've been cancelling plans left and right. Is there something you want to tell me?"

I've been working extra shifts to cover for college prep courses that no one is supposed to know about?

"I just picked up an extra shift at work, I'm covering for a friend." The lie slipped out effortlessly

"Well…I guess it's okay…would it be okay if I came and visited you for a few minutes?"

His face lit up, "Yeah! That would be great! I gotta go," he cringed "Promised Ms. G I would go in early to discuss something. I'll see you later!"

With that the athletic red head dipped down, kissed her quickly and darted off down the hallway.

Dick sighed and sank lower in his seat. English was last period, and the class he loathed the most. He didn't like finding hidden meanings in anything. In his opinion of the author wanted you to know something or see something a certain way, then they would write it that way. They wouldn't stick it behind hidden meanings. Unfortunately, not many English teachers agreed with his point of view.

"Richard," Kori whispered, "Richard!"

Jarred from his thoughts, he turned to the side and tried to stop the blush rising to his cheeks. Of their entire group of friends, Kori was the only one who called him Richard all the time, the on he talked to least and subsequently, the one he had feelings for since the summer.

"What is it, Kori?"

"Can you tell me what the teacher wrote after 'flattery'? I can't read her hand writing."

"Sure thing," Dick said, "You can just copy off of my notes."

"Thank you!" she replied, moving her desk closer to his so she could read what he wrote.

"So, how's the season going?" Dick asked, in an attempt of small talk. He knew she was part of the schools selective, competitive cheerleading team.

"Very good! We are going to the national competition next weekend." She said, smiling

His eyes widened slightly, he knew they were good, but nationals?

"That's really good, Kori! Good luck."

"Thank you!" she said, then smiled sheepishly as their teacher gave them a hard stare.

The water rushed by all around him as he sped down the lain, only to be stopped by the sight of the coach waving a kickboard in front of the wall. Popping up out of the water, Garth looked up at the familiar face of his long time coach.

"What's up coach?" he asked, treading water patiently

"It's almost 7 Garth, I need to get home," his coach said with a laugh, placing a familiar set of keys on top of his towel, "I'm trusting you to lock up when you're done, but don't stay too late!"

"Yeah, I know. 10 more minutes, see you tomorrow coach!" he called after her, before disappearing back into the water.

He was thankful his coach gave him so much trust, but he concluded that it was partly due to the fact that she knew about his less than perfect home situation, and the fact that he was one of her best swimmers, state and nationally ranked. Regardless of the reason, he was always coming early and staying late in the pool, often times out lasting the custodians.

Finishing his laps, he pulled himself out of the pool and toweled off, cleaning up and locking up the pool behind him before heading to the locker room. Upon entering he could hear a shower running.

Probably Roy,he thought, knowing his football playing friend sometimes stayed late in the weight room.

Grabbing his own shower supplies, he headed towards the shower rooms but froze when he saw what should have been Roy's clothes set out on the bench.

Instead he saw a pile of women's workout clothes, complete with a sports bra on top.

He wouldn't,Garth thought, but his suspicions changed when he heard the water shut off, and a distinctly female voice cursing out whatever coach had locked up the girls locker room early and left.

Gripping his towel more firmly around his waist, he warily ventured further towards the showers, "Dude, is there anyone in here?"

A surprised yelp was his reply, and around the corner came somewhat familiar head of dark hair.

The new girl

"Oceana?" Garth was amazed, what was a new student doing at school this late, and in the wrong gender locker room?

"…I know how this must look…" she said, awkwardly shifting her weight without displacing the towel she currently had wrapped around her body, "I was here late…using the track and the weight room, and the girls locker room was locked…I had to shower."

"Why didn't you shower at home…?" he inquired, knowing full well she could fire the question back at him

"We don't have water yet, something weird with the company….what about you?" she looked at him suspiciously

Garth laughed, trying to lighten up the situation, "Coach was letting me lock up, I figured why not? Besides, it's just easier for me." Because I'm not going home tonight,he mentally finished

"Oh…um well…I'm just going to get my clothes now…and get dressed…and leave…"

"Yeah…I'll not mention this…our little secret."

She laughed, "Yeah sure. I'll see you around…hopefully under better circumstances."

Garth nodded and continued his way towards the shower while she headed towards the locker where she stashed her clothes.

Standing under the running water, Garth shook his head at the sheer irony of the situation. He finds a nice girl and they end up running into each other half naked save for towels in a locker room at 7:30 at night.

Way to make a memorable first impression. He thought

Authors Note...

Thanks to all for reading this! First I want to say that any and all con crit is welcome, honestly I embrace it with open arms I just ask that you present your con crit in a respectful way.

Second, I want to give a bit of an elaborated summary...this is basically just following the titans through high school, no powers, and how each person has their own private issues. I'm going to try to write for every single character, it's going to be hard so please let me know how I'm doing! :) I assume everyone knows who everyone is but just in case...

Cyborg-Victor Stone

Starfire- Kori Anderson

Raven-Raven Roth

BB-Garfield Logan

Bumblebee- Karyn Beecher

Speedy- Roy Harper

Aqualad- Garth*

Kid Flash- Wally West

Jinx- Jenna Mason*

Hope that helped. *Jinx's name I totally made up, if anyone has her actual name, please let me know! and I couldn't find a last name for aqualad, so any suggestions I'm open for!