Sunlight shone brightly through the gym windows, the unusually warm weather forcing the athletes to open all the outside doors for fresh air.

Roy looked at his watch, and set down his weight

"Done already?" Richard, who was spotting him smirked.

Roy laughed, "Dude, I can lift way more than your scrawny soccer playing ass. Hell, I could bench press you if I wanted to. But I got a doctors appointment to get to."

"Classic excuse meat heat," he replied, leaning back and stretching, "Have fun, I'll catch you later."

"Yo Harper!" a voice stopped him as he was leaving the weight room.

Turning around, he spotted his team mate, Jack. "Yo dude, what's up?"

"Where ya headin?"

"Doctors dude. Do me a favor, tell coach my weight card is in the clipboard?"

"Sure thing. You ok? You've had a lot of doc visits lately."

"I'm fine bro, catch you later."

Opening the sun roof, Roy let the music blare all the way to the shooting range, hoping to shake off the uneasy feeling he had in the pit of his stomach. He hated lying to his friends, he hated lying period. He just couldn't let his friends know he was still into archery after he had told them he'd quit freshman year, they'd bugged him about it ruthlessly since middle school anyway.

Using that as his reasoning, he pulled into the almost empty parking lot of the range, flashed his membership card and pleasantly forgot about the rest of the world as he made his way to check in.

Flashing his card again, he waited for the girl to buzz him into the locker room. She looks familiar. He thought, glancing at the pale skin and the red and black dyed hair. Then suddenly it hit him, physics class!

He couldn't believe it, someone from their school actually worked at the range. He shifted nervously; he'd never seen her here before, but recognized her from class…and he realized, with a heavy drop of his stomach, from seeing her with Jinx, who was Wally's girlfriend.

"You can go," her voice cut through his thoughts

"Oh uh right…" he hesitated, "You're Toni right?"

She nodded slowly, "Yes, and you're Roy."

He laughed slightly at her sarcasm, "Look, can you uh not mention this to your friends?"

Toni nodded, confused, "uh yeah sure."

"Thanks," he said, and hurried towards the locker room.

Toni stared blankly at the spot where Roy Harper had stood. What the hell was he doing here?

She had just started working at the range, mostly because she knew kids from her school didn't shoot…or at least that's what she had thought before. Apparently she was wrong.

At 5:30, her manager came up, and told her she was free to go, "Good job flying solo today Toni, I expect to see you back next Saturday."

"Sure thing, thanks."

"No problem, but do me a favor before you go, deliver these up to Lenny and on your way back stop at the upper range and tell Roy to head home."

Baffled that her manager knew who Roy was, Toni took the stack of manila folders wordlessly without complaint.

"Thanks hun!"

"What else don't I know?" she muttered to herself, trucking her way up the hill to Dave's little hut. Dave was the main guy for the upper part of the range, but unfortunately as good as he was with fire arms and any other shooting implement, he was just as bad with paper work, routinely forgetting to pick it up from the main office quad. As a result, poor newbies like herself were left with delivering it to him.

"Lenny!" she called into the hut, "Paperwork!"

"Toni, baby!" the loud Italian came out from the back room and gave her a hug "You know you can just happen to loose those on the trail, and I won't complain."

"And have Martha on my ass? No thanks."

"Aye sweetie, do Lenny a favor and tell Roy, the red head on the upper range, to head out? His ma's called twice already."

"I know, Martha told me already. Tell Angela and the kids I say hi!" she said

"Sure thing, can you babysit for us in two weeks? We got some dinner thing for a booster club."

"Yeah, I got it. See you next week!"

Huffing up to the upper range, Toni stopped short. She felt like she was in some gag-me chick flick.

She stood across from Roy, so she had a profile of him, he was shooting in an arm baring tank top and shorts, with the sun setting behind him. If it weren't for the intense look of concentration that threatened death if interrupted and the fact that he was holding a weapon she would have burst out laughing at the irony of it. One of the most sought after play boys in the entire school, looking like robin hood with a bow and arrow.

Never the less, death impending look or not, Toni wanted to go home.

"Roy," she said, "Martha and Lenny are kicking you out. You're mom called twice already."

Roy jolted, his arrow shooting off at a tangent, and cursed. "Don't startle me like that. Knock on the frame next time." He said, motioning to the wooden beam that helped make up the tiny roofed shelter he stood under.

"Ok, Ok sorry!" Toni said, taken back by his defensive mood.

"Sorry, I tend to get kind of intense when I shoot," He apologized

"I can tell."

He rolled his eyes, then a tinge of red entered his face, "Did my mom really call?"

"According to Lenny, twice,"

Cursing under his breath, Roy began to pack up his stuff, "Thanks, and you can go if you want, Martha lets me clean up and lock up all the time. Lenny stays late on Saturdays too."

Nodding and saying a quick goodbye, Toni left, grabbing her things from the main office quad on her way out.

What a strange Saturday.

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