Ch.1- Easy mission, too much time

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The ornate double doors leading to the library opened with an ominous creak and a man in his mid-twenties stood at the threshold, an austere expression on his face.

"Where has that deplorable Shinigami gotten to now?" the man muttered to himself as he strode into the silent library, his posture straight and regal.

The man was known as William T. Spears, also recognized as Will for short, the supervisor from the Dispatch Management Division.

He was a tall man, standing at around six feet, with short night black hair that was neatly combed back and had grass green eyes hidden behind rectangular glasses that had fancy decorative edges on each side of the frames.

Will donned a black suit with equally dark dress shoes, gloves, and a tie while a white button-up shirt rested beneath the black jacket which had the collar smoothly folded down.

As Will passed by the many candle-lit study tables, his critical eyes roved from side to side as he searched for the person he had come for.

So far all he was were in-training Shinigami studying for their exams to become full-fledged grim reapers.

He soon spotted an open book propped upright on a table at the far end of the room and made a low 'hm' noise as he sauntered toward the table, picking up the red book that had intricate foreign letters in gold on the front.

Will closed the book with one hand before lowering it to his side as he stared down at the twenty-six-year-old man slumped at the table, head resting on his folded arms as he napped.

"I knew I would find you here dozing, Grell."

Grell was practically five inches shorter than Will with long, flaming red hair that cascaded to his lower back. He wore red-framed glasses that were accessorized with a neck chain adorned with two skulls.

Grell had on black slacks, a black and white striped crop top vest with a long-sleeved white shirt beneath it while a red and white lined ribbon was tied around his neck and a beautiful crimson coat was slung loosely around his elbows.

Will gazed blankly at the sleeping Shinigami as if debating on whether to wake him or not before he slammed the spine of the book he held against Grell's head.

A few seconds later, the flame-haired Shinigami leaped up from his seat with a yelp, clutching his head and prancing around as he rubbed his wounded spot before he glared at Will, light emerald eyes annoyed.

"How dare you hit a lady while she's asleep, Will!"

"And that is exactly why I struck you; you were asleep." Will gave a dismal sigh as he replaced the book on a nearby shelf. "How you became a Shinigami is still a mystery to me."

Grell pouted as he puffed out his cheeks like a child.

"I was just taking a break," he defended, revealing long shark-like teeth as he spoke. "I guess I accidentally fell asleep."

Will merely pushed up his glasses with a finger as they flashed dangerously.

"Whatever the case, you have a mission to do."

Grell visibly perked up at that and he grinned eagerly as he clapped his black gloved hands together hopefully.

"A mission~? Like, a reaping mission~?"

Will gave an almost disgusted look as he turned halfway around like he was going to leave.

"You're still on thin ice, Sutcliff. Make one wrong move and your chainsaw will be taken away again."

"I'll be very careful this time, William, my darling~!" Grell purred, waving excitedly to Will as the black-haired Shinigami began to walk away. "You have my word on it."

Once the doors to the library shut, Grell lowered his arm as his grin turned devious and he chuckled darkly to himself.

"Maybe I'll even get to see my lovely Sebas-darling again~!"

Grell's mood instantly shifted again as he smiled cheerfully and pirouetted before prancing out of the library as he sang to himself.

He balanced easily on the top of the pointed rod, appearing as if he were actually a part of the pole. The harsh wind that circled around him and made his coat wildly flap around his legs didn't even unbalance him from his precarious position.

"Hello, London!" Grell greeted from his perch atop the thin spire of a church. "I've missed you so~much!"

Grell glanced from side to side quickly before he leaped down, landing on the slanted roof and sliding down halfway before hopping to another roof as he began to run.

"Maybe if I finish this fast enough, I can meet Sebas-chan before I head back," Grell muttered to himself, his breath misting in the chilly early January morning air. "Oh, that would be just lovely~!"

"Master, may I ask why we are out on a walk this early in the morning?" a man around twenty-four questioned as he calmly walked beside a boy of no older than thirteen who was holding a rope leash which was connected to the collar of a twenty-one-year-old male's neck.

The man that had spoken was tall, a good six foot one, with raven black hair, crimson eyes, and donned black trousers, a black swallowtail coat with a black vest beneath it as well as a black tie. There were two chains draped from the two front pockets of his vest which contained a nice silver pocket watch. Covering his hands were neatly pressed white gloves.

The teenager beside the black-haired man had bluish-black hair and blue eyes though a black eye patch covered his right eye, indicating that he must have lost it in some sort of accident. The boy wore black boots with knee-high garter socks, black shorts, and a white button-down shirt beneath a long black jacket and tie.

The teen's ears were pierced with plain blue ear studs while he wore two rings- -one on his left thumb that was set with a magnificent sapphire stone and one on his right middle finger that appeared to be gold and have some kind of seal imprinted on the top. The boy had on a fluffy brown winter coat and a long scarf wrapped around his neck.

The man on the leash had shoulder-length silver hair, bright red eyes, fingernails that were painted black and sharpened to a point, and wore a navy blue suit with a plain white shirt beneath it.

"Did you not tell me that we required some food since the three idiots somehow destroyed our week's stock?" the boy asked as he glanced at the black-haired man out of the corner of his eye with a smirk.

"Of course, Master Ciel," the man replied with a small bow. "But why did we have to bring that mutt with us?"

'That mutt' glanced at the black-haired man before sitting down and scratching his ear with his foot.

"Pluto has not been walked lately." Ciel explained as Pluto began to sniff around, apparently searching for something interesting. "And I understand you despise dogs, Sebastian."

"Cats are more my cup of tea, Master," Sebastian said with another slight bow as they continued on their way. "Cats ask for nothing in return for love. Dogs on the other hand…."

Sebastian peered at Pluto once more with a small sneer, but decided not to finish his sentence as Pluto gazed at him, the dog-human grinning as he panted and wagged his tail.

"Here's Grell~!"

The crimson-haired Shinigami abruptly landed in front of the trio in a crouch, holding a red handled chainsaw in both hands.

Ciel, Sebastian, and Pluto were startled from the sudden appearance and Pluto leaped into Ciel's arms with a howl.

"Get off me, you dumb mongrel," the boy growled as he pushed the terrified hound off him.

"Well, if it isn't Grell Sutcliff." Sebastian muttered as he regained his composure.

"I'm so glad you remember my name, Sebas-darling!" Grell exclaimed as he held his weapon close to his chest and swayed his hips from side to side like some kind of screaming fan girl.

"What are you doing here, Grell?" Ciel asked in a low voice as he stared fiercely at the Shinigami.

"Oh, lil' old me was just passin' through the neighborhood and I thought I'd come see my favorite butler!" Grell grinned innocently, though his sharp teeth made him look far less harmless than he wanted, as he draped his arms around Sebastian's shoulders and leaned against the black-haired male with a seductive smile. "Hello, my little demon love~"

"Sebastian…." Ciel glanced at Sebastian who gave a light nod in response.

"Yes, my lord. Pluto,"

Pluto pricked his ears up as Ciel let go of the leash.

"Sic him."

Immediately, Pluto began to growl deeply, stalking toward Grell as he bared his canine teeth.

"No, good dog!" Grell hopped away from Sebastian and began backing up as Pluto advanced on him. "Staayy….I'm warning you!"

Grell peeked at Ciel and Sebastian who were both apparently enjoying the reaper's distress before he froze as he remembered something.

"Look here, dog!" Grell pulled out a bone-shaped biscuit that he had put into his pocket before he left in case something like this happened. "A treat."

Pluto instantly stopped before he sat down, tail madly waving back and forth as he panted and his eyes turned into heart shapes.

"Fetch!" Grell tossed the treat as far as he could and Pluto took off after it, barking happily the entire time,

Grell gave a satisfied look before he turned his attention back on Ciel and Sebastian.

"Now wheeere were- -hey!"

Sebastian and Ciel were walking away from the Shinigami, apparently finished with his shenanigans.

"Hey, Sebas-chan- -"


Grell, who had taken a step after Ciel and Sebastian, paused and glanced behind him to see William standing on a nearby roof, watching him calmly. He glanced back in the direction the two had gone only to see that they had somehow vanished. With a disappointed groan, Grell's shoulders slumped a little as Will hopped down from the roof.

"What is taking you so long?" Will asked as he walked up to the red-haired reaper. "And were you around that vexatious devil?"

Grell continued to stare sadly at where Sebastian had disappeared to before he sighed as he straightened.

"I was just coming back, Will," he said as he glanced at the supervisor reaper over his shoulder. "You don't have to worry."

Will just narrowed his eyes slightly as he used the curve tip of the garden shears he held to push up his glasses.

"You telling me that cause worry. Now, come on,"

The black-haired Shinigami grabbed Grell's hair with his free hand and began to drag the reaper into a nearby alley.

"It's time to return to the office."

"Ow, ow! Let go of my hair, Will! I can walk by myself!"

"Do I have to remind you that you have a probation hearing tomorrow?"

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