Ch.7-Not so pleasant day at the lake

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The next morning, Sebastian surprised Ciel by posing a strange question as he helped dress his master.

"The lake?"

"Yes," Sebastian responded, not looking up as he aided Ciel into his coat. "Do you not own one nearby?"

"Of course I do," Ciel snapped, bristling defensively. "I'm asking why you want to know."

"I thought perhaps today we could all head to the lake for a…vacation."

"Out of the question," Ciel responded as he stood up from his position on the edge of the bed, straightening his jacket. "I am far too busy and you know that I prefer to keep the mark hidden."

"Master…" Sebastian grabbed Ciel's shoulders and turned the earl around so they were staring at each other. "This is not only for your sake, but the other's as well. They rarely get out and the only time that they did was when we acquired Pluto. This would be an excellent opportunity to show them that you care."

Sebastian leaned closer to Ciel, using his intimidation over the human to get what he wanted.

"I am not backing down from my suggestion. It would do everyone good, especially you, my lord, to get out in the fresh air. Now you can either go willingly or I can carry you there."

Ciel glanced to the side, obviously annoyed at the demon's precise persuasion.

"All right," he sighed in defeat. "But I have to sign something and we can leave after lunchtime."

Sebastian gave a pleased grin and patted Ciel's head.

"That wasn't so hard now what it, master?"

Ciel gave a frustrated growl as he slapped the demon's hands away.

"Stop treating me like a dog!"

The demon ignored Ciel as he made his way to the bedroom door.

"I shall go inform the others."

Ciel scowled at Sebastian's back as he muttered, "The lake…"

The earl grabbed his cane and exited the room, heading toward his study.

"What a childish idea."

"We're going where?" Finny asked in surprise as Sebastian stood in front of him, Bard, Mey-rin, Tanaka, and Grell.

"The lake that is nearby," Sebastian repeated with a small smile. "Think of it as a reward for working so hard these past few days."

"So it's like…a vacation," Bardroy said before he grinned. "Oi, guys, it's a vacation!"

"Oh, wow, a vacation!"

"That sounds nice, yes it does."

The three continued to celebrate, even bringing Tanaka into it while Sebastian sighed.

The demon then noticed how Grell was easily sneaking past the group, leaving the kitchen.

"Aren't you excited?"

Grell yelped when he heard the voice, jumping slightly before turning around to see Sebastian standing a few feet behind him.

"Y-yes…I'm happy…." Grell took a step back, holding onto his left wrist. "It's just that…"

Sebastian understood.

The few marks that he had seen couldn't be hidden if Grell was in a swimsuit and neither could the mark.

"If you want to," Sebastian started, "I'll allow you to borrow my jacket to keep yourself covered."

"No, thank you," Grell shook his head as he took a step back. "I'll be fine here."

"It would be rude to leave you here by yourself."

"It's no problem," Grell once again shook his head as he smiled weakly. "I'll be fine here."

"Grell," Sebastian took a step closer to the Shinigami, "I will not allow you to stay here alone. Finnian has taken a liking to you; I'm certain he would be disappointed if you didn't join us."

Grell sighed, gazing at the ground for a few seconds before he finally nodded.


The lake wasn't that large and had a ring of sand surrounding the outer edge.

Sebastian brought towels for everyone—ones that Ciel didn't care for anymore—except Soma and Agni who had brought their own; the towels appeared too fancy to be brought to a lake in Sebastian's opinion.

Everyone was already in their swimming clothes even a reluctant Ciel and Sebastian; the demon however had put a bandage over Ciel's mark on his back and one over his own left hand to cover the seal.

After the towels were laid out, everyone ran to the water.

Well, Ciel walked. And Sebastian stayed behind briefly to hand Grell his coat.

He watched as the reaper slipped off the long sleeve shirt he was wearing and before the demon's quick eyes could see the marks all over him covered himself with the jacket, pulling his legs to his chest and covering them as well.

"Are you sure you don't want to join us in the water?"

Grell nodded quietly, his eyes staring off to the right.

When Sebastian turned and began walking toward the water, Grell watched him.

He watched Finny and Bardroy splash each other while Tanaka happily floated on a lily pad.

Soma began to roughly splash Ciel who quickly became annoyed and ordered Sebastian to retaliate, successfully drowning both Soma and Agni.

Mey-rin kept diving under the water, resurfacing a few seconds later with a clam only to dispose of it and look for a better one.

Grell sighed.

He wanted to go into the water, but with the many marks and scars carved into his body, he wouldn't get away without a few of them asking how he got them.

With the sun from the unnaturally warm February day beating down on his back, Grell began to slowly nod off, the warmth very comforting.

He hadn't even fully fallen asleep when he sensed someone standing over him and looked up to see Soma.

"You're the only one not in the water," the prince said childishly as he put his hands on his hips.

Grell blinked, not quite sure what Soma was getting at.

Taking the silence as a response, Soma frowned slightly.

"You're coming in the water with us whether you like it or not."

The prince then grabbed Grell's wrist and the reaper's blood went cold.

As the jacket slid off his shoulders, Grell kept his body low to the ground when Soma began to drag him toward the lake, struggling to stay in a sitting position as he tried to get out of the prince's grasp.

"You can't be that scared of water," Soma said, taking the reaper's struggling the wrong way.

"No, no…." Grell whimpered, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes as his ankles became cold when he was pulled into the water, being dragged toward Ciel, Sebastian, and Agni who were nearby.

In the reaper's mind however he only saw his three captors, ready to torture him once again.

The fear became too much for him to bear and Grell gave a loud scream, managing to tear his wrist out of Soma's grasp and stumble back a few feet before falling down.

Everyone glanced at the reaper, surprised by his outburst, and the ones closet to the shore—which happened to be Ciel, Agni, Sebastian, Soma, and Finny—could clearly see the multiple marks covering Grell's arms, chest, stomach, and legs.

Grell stared at them, his whole body trembling as he panted, before he turned and ran back toward the shore.

He stumbled close to the water's edge, however, and fell on his hands and knees.

His hair parted slightly, but it was just enough to reveal the brand on his back.

Sebastian was the first one to move when the reaper collapsed on his towel, shivering and curling in on himself.

Ciel and Finny were the next fastest with the others falling close behind.

"Are you all right?" Sebastian asked, kneeling beside Grell but not touching him.

With a broken whimper, the reaper shook his head as Ciel hovered a few feet away, unsure of what to do.

What were those scars from? Finny wondered, watching as Sebastian draped his coat over Grell to cover his marks as the others slowly approached. And that mark on his back…

"What's the matter?" Soma asked, pushing past the others while Agni politely went around them. "What happened to him?"

"He is fine," Sebastian glanced at the prince. "I should have warned you that he was terrified of water."

That's not it. Agni thought. I am certain that someone abused him. That is the only possible explanation for those marks.

Apparently, Agni's thoughts must have shown on his face because Sebastian picked up on them.

No. the demon mused.It is much worse than that.

"But what about—" Soma started before Sebastian interrupted him.

"I'll be taking Grell back to the mansion if that is all right," the demon said, looking at Ciel as he carefully picked Grell up and held him bridal style.

Ciel nodded wearily with a sigh.

"Go on."

Sebastian bowed slightly before he began to head back to the mansion.

The demon's plan to have a peaceful day at the lake hadn't worked out as well as he had hoped.

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