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Precious Moments

Fang groaned softly and rolled over in bed, reaching over for the warm body that was usually draped across her in sleep. When Fang's hand encountered nothing but thin air, the Pulsian blearily opened her eyes and peeked over to Lightning's side of their shared bed.

Her pink-haired goddess was no where to be found.

Fang groaned out loud again, wondering why her warm, snuggly pillow had up and walked away, which of course now meant Fang had to drag her overly-tired body out of bed and go find her missing partner.

Fang stretched long and hard for a few seconds, as her mouth cracked open to let a loud yawn pass through. She then slowly pulled herself out of bed, the silky boxers she was wearing with the images of dancing baby Chocobos, riding up her legs a bit. Lightning had gotten her the boxers for her last birthday, and had just giggled as Fang looked at the happy, bright, yellow chicks in abject horror. But she'd worn them every night since, usually with a light tank top. And though she would never tell Lightning...even under the threat of death from a thousand Cactus needle attack...she actually liked the happy, dancing Choco chicks boxers. They were silky, soft, and Lightning enjoyed running her fingers right up under them to lightly feel up Fang's behind.

Fang most definitely enjoyed that aspect of wearing these silly boxers.

The dark-haired Pulsian stretched once again when she was finally on her feet, and felt all the small bones in her back pop back into place, before she shuffled off in search of her mate. She made her way slowly through the house, heading towards the kitchen as she knew that sometimes her pink-haired kitten liked to get a warm glass of milk to drink at night, when she woke up from less-than-pleasant dreams of the time when they were all still l'Cie. One of Lightning's worst nightmares, that usually had her waking up in a cold sweat, was of Fang turning to crystal in her final sacrifice to save Cocoon, and never awakening from her crystallize sleep.

In reality, Fang and Vanille had been freed from their crystal prison, and had returned to all their loved ones, just 6 short months after they had been crystallized. And during the next year and a half, Fang and Lightning had formed the romantic relationship that they had flirted with and hinted at during their time as l'Cie.

When Lightning had thought she'd lost Fang forever, and knew that she'd never gotten up the courage to express how she truly felt about the emerald-eyed beauty, Lightning had felt as if her entire world had ended with Fang's noble sacrifice. Now that she had the dark-haired warrior back, Lightning didn't let a day go by when she didn't let Fang know how much she cared for her, and treasured each and every moment they had together.

So, when Lightning awoke from her night terrors of never being able to see or be with Fang ever again, Fang was usually there to pull her lover tightly against her own body, so that they molded perfectly against each other. Then she'd gently stroke her fingers through Lightning's baby-soft curls, and whisper into her ear how much she loved and adored her, and told her she never had to worry about Fang not being there for her. Not even a herd of wild Ugallu could possible tear her apart from her Lightning.

That's why Fang was relieved when she finally found the older Farron, fast asleep on the living room couch with a cup of half-finished, lukewarm milk sitting on the coffee table before her sleeping form.

Fang let an indulgent smile cross her lips as she stepped forward, reached down to gently place her arms under Lightning's back and legs, and then pulled Lightning tenderly to her chest.

Lightning murmured softly in her sleep, but didn't awaken and Fang smiled gratefully for that, as she knew that there was no way Lightning would have let her get away with holding her like this if she had been awake. Fang carefully made her way back to their bedroom, and gently set Lightning down onto their bed, while being careful not to jostle her awake. Lightning murmured something else softly in her sleep, and Fang slipped back into bed behind her, and gently slipped her arm protectively over Lightning's waist, lightly pulling her girlfriend against her chest.

A soft sigh of pleasure slipped passed Lightning's lips and Fang let a sleepy smirk form, as she imagined just what Lightning was dreaming to make her sigh like that. Fang then allowed her eyes to slowly close as sleep once again gripped her, and she nuzzled her face into the soft, pink hairs at the base of Lightning's neck.

The softly-spoken words, "I love you" passed through Fang's lips before she slipped back into blissful sleep.

A few seconds later an equally-soft reply of "I love you too" floated through the air before perfect, peaceful silence returned.

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