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"So, how is my family doing?" Fang asked softly as she slipped into Lightning's hospital room, just as Lightning and Serah were about to start discussing baby names.

"Oh Fang, perfect timing! Lightning was just about to tell me the names you both decided on for these two darlings," Serah said excitedly yet quietly, as she watched Fang move over to the other side of Lightning's bed.

Fang leaned over and lightly brushed her full lips across the soft surface of her wife's forehead, before she gazed down at her with a tender smile.

Lightning returned the smile, before she tilted her head down to the babies in her arms, in a silent question to Fang asked if she would like to also hold them. Fang answered the silent question with a widening of her smile, as she nodded and reached down to take her rose-pink haired daughter into her arms.

"Aww, come here now to Mommy, Averia. Let's let your other Mommy and your sister Aurora bond a bit more together," Fang cooed softly to her daughter, who fussed a bit before finally opening sleepy eyes.

"Ahh, and there are those beautiful, sparkling green eyes that she gets from me," Fang said with obvious parental pride coming through clearly in her voice.

Serah giggled a bit as the baby in her sister's arms also slowly opened sleepy eyes, revealing a startlingly-clear set of sky-blue eyes that blinked out at the world.

"And this little one inherited my sister's baby blues," Serah said with a grin as she gently tweaked Aurora's nose, causing the baby to wrinkle it up in apparent displeasure, before she released a loud yawn and closed back her eyes to snuggle back down to sleep in her mother's arms.

Fang chuckled lightly in amusement as she walked around the room a bit, gently swaying Averia in her arms as the baby continued to keep her eyes open and watching Fang, while clutching tightly to a finger Fang had placed into her tiny fingers to grip.

"The doctor says that you can all come home in just a couple more days, and I've got the house all ready and waiting for you all to get there," Fang said with a light grin, as she moved back over to the bed and Lightning's side.

Lightning nodded lightly, as she gently stroked her finger's through Aurora's soft, dark hair.

"I look forward to finally being able to go home with you as well."


Two days later as promised by the doctor, Fang was finally able to bring her family home.

It was late at night by the time she was able to open the front door of their home, gently easing it forward so as not to wake up the sleeping baby in her arms.

Serah followed right behind her into the house, her arms wrapped lightly around her big sister's back, as she gently helped Lightning into the house, who was holding Aurora wrapped snuggly in her arms in a soft blanket.

Averia slept peacefully in Fang's arms, and the dark-haired woman couldn't help but to pause a moment when she was inside the house, and look down at the sleeping baby in her arms. A tender smile crossed her lips as she gently ran her fingers through Averia's soft pink hair. She then leaned down and placed a soft kiss against her sleeping child's forehead, and whispered softly into a small ear so as not to awaken her baby, "I love you, Averia."

Lightning felt a small smile play across her lips at the tender scene, as Serah softly closed the front door behind them.

"Thanks for the coming with us tonight to help bring the girls home, Serah," Lightning said softly, as she turned slightly to give her sister a light smile.

"No prob, Sis. You know you can always ask me to help out with anything you ever need," Serah replied with a quick grin, as she reached out to gently run her fingers through the baby-soft, dark curls on Aurora's head. She then looked over to Fang who gave her a quick grin and a nod of her head, to indicate that she would take care of things from here. Serah returned the grin and said her goodbyes, before she quietly slipped back out the front door to head home to Snow and her own children.

Once the front door had slowly clicked shut behind Serah, Lightning and Fang smiled at each other before Fang moved over and slipped her arm around her wife's waist, causing the pink-haired woman to lean her head lightly against Fang's shoulder.

"I know you must be tired, love. Time for bed for all of us, I think," Fang hummed softly, as she pressed her lips into Lightning's fuchsia-coloured hair. Lightning just nodded her head in weary agreement, as her body was still in recovery mode from her illness and the birthing of their children.

They both began heading towards their bedroom, Averia and Aurora held gently in their respective arms, and immediately headed over to the crib Sazh and Snow had built once they entered their bedroom. They had decided to keep the crib and their children in their main bedroom with them, until the girls were much older and could sleep unwatched in their own bedroom. Once both parents were standing beside the crib, and were about to place both of their sleeping children down inside, Averia began to fuss fitfully in Fang's arms. Fang gently began to rock Averia, softly singing an old Pulsian lullaby that she still remembered, even hundreds of years since it was last heard or sung to any child. Almost immediate Averia began to fuss less, until she relaxed back into a peaceful sleep in Fang's arms.

Fang lifted her face up from looking down at her sleeping baby, and gave Lightning a happy and proud grin. Lightning returned the smile, and leaned forward to press her lips against her dark-haired wife's lips, as reward for taking such good care of their baby.

Fang truly was going to be the most wonderful mother, Lightning thought fondly to herself, as she gently placed a still-peacefully sleeping Aurora down into the crib beside her sister, whom Fang had just placed down on the soft comfy blanket in the crib.

"They're pretty cute together, eh," Fang said softly as she looked down at their twin miracles, and gently wrapped her arms around her wife's shoulders.

Lightning nodded in agreement, as she tried hard to not allow her body to lean too heavily against Fang's. Fang of course immediately noticed her wife's slightly-slumped form against her, as she noticed everything and anything that had to do with the woman she had pledged her heart and soul to.

"Come on, Sunshine. Off to bed with ya, as well," Fang murmured with a quick grin for the slightly outraged, crystal-blue eyeball that rolled up towards her. Lightning didn't think it was particularly funny to have her wife start treating her like she was the baby that needed to go to sleep, as Fang bustled her into the bathroom, stripped her down, and helped her take a nice warm shower. Neither did she think it funny when Fang went as far as to dress her for bed, and begin trying to 'tuck her in'. All while trying to hide that infuriating, little amused grin that Lightning nonetheless always found cute and adorable.

Damn the woman for always knowing just how to make her do exactly what she wanted, even against her most ardent protests.

But eventually Lightning found herself curled up against Fang's side in their bed, her arm wrapped tightly around her dark-haired wife's waist, and a soft yawn fighting to make its way passed her lips, even as she fought to keep it locked in.

"Goodnight sweetheart. Tomorrow we start our first true full day as parents. We're gonna need all the rest we can get," Fang said in a sleepy whisper, as she rested her lips against Lightning's forehead in a soft, goodnight kiss.

Lightning nodded fuzzily with her face pressed against Fang's neck, as she inhaled the scent that was purely her lover, as her eyelids closed and her breathing evened out into deep sleep.

Tomorrow would bring new joys, and a new way of living for both of them. And as they both drifted off to sleep, both dreaming about life with their newborn children, they never saw the faint glow of soft golden light that surrounded both Averia and Aurora, as both children slept on peacefully in their crib.

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