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"Under Your Spell" variation:

(A redemptionista fan is watching the episode of _Tabula Rasa_, and her joy is growing as she sees the inner self of Spike shown to be good, with no urge to bite and with an urge to help.)

We lived our lives in shadow
Never to see Spike's true face
It didn't seem too bad, though
Because we believed he could change
Now, changed Spike's on my screen
Oh God, what could this mean?

We're under the light
How else could it be
A growing Spike we could see?
He's fighting the good fight
Spike has been set free
To discover what he must be

We saw a path - Redemption
Showing that people could grow
We always thought that ME
Never a change they would show
But love caused a change
Why is this seen as strange?

We're under the light
Nothing we can say
The story swept our hearts away
Seeing growth towards right
God, could it be true
That ME could grow, too?
You make us believe

(Other Spike fans give a exhalation of tension, flowing out of them as they think they see signs of growth)

Fans: Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh

Original Fan: Now there's a changing tide
A good Spike is not denied

We're under the light
Cleansing like the sea
Our spirits rise so gracefully
The change is a delight
Faith in goodness shown
No longer are we alone
People can change!
People can change!
People can change!


(The fan sees the AR scene, and her jaw hangs in disbelief. This is not the Spike of the previous season-and-a-half, and she cannot believe the evidence of her eyes. She looks up from the screen with tears in her eyes.)

We believed you so well
God, how can this be?
Playing with our hearts, you see
You've put us all through Hell
Joss, why can't you see
You played with our reality
You made us believe...