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Warning: Fluff chapter. Lots and lots of fluff. Don't like it, skip it.

This is set the Monday after the little Sally/Franklin/Linus fiasco.

Charlie Brown

I set my tray down loudly on the cafeteria table, making Linus, Schroeder, and Pig-pen jump in unison. I cringed a bit as my milk spilled out of its carton onto my spaghetti.

"Tough day?" Linus sighed, grabbing a few napkins and helping me clean up the mess.

"More like 'weekend'," I muttered.

"What happened?" Pig-pen asked, not bothering to wipe some ketchup that had smeared onto his face.

"Sally went missing for about twelve hours," I said. Linus stiffened for a second, but continued to clean up the mess. I gave him a quizzical look. "What's wrong?"

"Um...Nothing. Please continue," he said, avoiding my eye.

"...So I had to get Snoopy to go and find her, while I had to make up a few lies for my parents as to where Sally was," I said, turning back to Schroeder and Pig-pen.

"Brutal," Pig-pen said, devouring whatever was on his plate (which strangely looked like a mix between carrots, potatoes, and honey mustard).

"When she finally came back, she totally ignored me and refused to tell me where she was and why she had been gone so long. Snoopy was no help, he just left with the milkbones I gave him. He really hasn't been the same since Woodstock left."

"Well, I saw Linus and-" Schroeder started, but faltered when he saw Linus glaring at him.

"-Franklin the other day. I quite literally ran into them," he continued.

Linus murmured something to him which sounded strangely like 'nice save'.

"Hey Chuck," Patty said, sliding gracefully in-between Linus and I, placing her tray next to mine, distracting me from Schroeder and Linus. She gave me a light peck on the cheek that made my skin tingle.

My mind was completely void of all thoughts of annoying siblings, frustratingly depressed pets, and mysterious friends as I greeted her.

"Have you heard?" she asked conversationally as she dug into her lunch.

"Heard what?"

"About the theme for the prom!" Patty said, as if this were the most obvious thing in the world.

"I didn't even know this school hosted a prom," I said blankly.

Patty gave me an exasperated look and muttered, "Boys. Of course this school hosts a prom! What school in America doesn't? Anyway, the theme for this year is opposites, so I was thinking we could do something like salt and pepper, or maybe-"

"You two would be perfect doing a baseball bat and ball," Linus said. I had nearly forgotten he was still there.

Patty considered this for a moment, then turned around and gave Linus a huge hug, making us both jump. "Linus, you are absolutely amazing! That is a great suggestion."

She hopped out her seat and left the cafeteria in a hurry, leaving behind her barely touched lunch.

"Is it just me," Linus said, looking after her, "or is Patty really different now?"

"Different how?" I asked.

"Well, y'know... last year she wouldn't have given the prom a thought until the last minute, and wouldn't have even cared about the theme at all. She also most definitely wouldn't be leaving her lunch without licking it clean first. Something about her has changed." He glanced over to me to see my reaction at his statement. I must have looked as sick as I felt, for he quickly added, "But it's probably just my imagination."

But it wasn't just his imagination. He was completely right. Patty was not Peppermint Patty anymore. Peppermint Patty would have loved getting her new jeans grass stains and walking in the rain. Patty liked to read Vogue and wear make-up daily to school.

I liked Patty, but I don't think I would ever be able to fall in love with her. No, my heart wouldn't be able to love anyone but Peppermint Patty. And although they were the same person, they really weren't.

"I have to go," I said, suddenly feeling sick to my stomach.

I dumped my tray, feeling very, very despondent. Who knew a girlfriend could make you feel so happy-yet unhappy-at the same time?

Once I exited the cafeteria, I bumped into (quite literally bumped into- her books fell all over the place and I nearly got a concussion from my head hitting the tiled floor) the one person I really didn't want to see; Patty.

"Chuck," she sighed, gathering up her books and helping me back up. "What's up with you today?"

I knew it would not be a pretty sight if I lied to her, for I had a deep feeling in my gut that she would somehow figure it out, so I did what I do best... I prattled on without making any sense whatsoever.

"I, uh... well, you see, I just realized... you know, and I had to go... and I wasn't watching where I was going, you understand-"

"Chuck," Patty interrupted. "Could you complete your sentences, please?"

I looked at her. Really looked. I looked at her painted red mouth, I studied her blush-covered cheeks, I observed her disgustingly artificial eyelashes, and I knew deep within that I didn't like it. I knew I had to tell her, no matter what the consequence, because I knew I could live no longer with this lie shielding the beautiful girl who I loved and adored named Peppermint Patty. So I told her, straight out.

"You don't need to be like this anymore."

She stared at me, completely taken aback and confused. "What?"

"You don't need to cover yourself up anymore, Patty- No, let me finish. You aren't you, you are this fake girl who pretends she likes to get updates about the prom and paint her nails when really you love to get down and dirty and pretend you're one of the guys. I don't want the fake you, Patty, I want the real you. So please stop it, stop this. I love you for you and no one else, and you don't have to change yourself to make me love you anymore. Because you're perfect, Patty, and no one could ever love anyone else more than I love you."

And then I did the unthinkable.

Well, not entirely unthinkable. It happens in the movies all the time, but I would never had imagined it would happen in real life.

I kissed her.

More like made-out.

She really didn't see it coming. She was still getting over the shock of me proclaiming my unrequited love for her, which even I didn't plan. It just sort of came out. For once my foot-in-the-mouth disease was a blessing.

But anyway, back to the kiss.

It was totally against school rules (you couldn't even hold hands here at Schultz High), but who really cares about rules anyway, with the exception of Marci. It was my first make-out session ever, so I was a bit clueless on what to do, so I took a leaf out of Hollywood's book for the second time that day and pushed Patty up against the wall, kissing her neck furiously. She just went along with it, placing a few kisses on my face every time she could.

Exactly 34 seconds later, a teacher caught us and we had to break apart and not 'man-handle' each other at school ever again, as the teacher so elegantly put it. But once she had disappeared around the corner, Patty pulled me back into a sweet lingering kiss that tasted exactly like peppermints.

She had stars in her eyes, I saw, as we pulled away from each other when the bell rudely interrupted us. "Charlie Brown," she said, which was the first time I can ever remember her using my real name. "You are wonderful."

"What's up with the lipstick? Going drag to math class?" Linus asked once I caught up to him.

I ignored him and didn't even bother wiping the remnants of Patty and I's kiss away as I stepped into my next class.

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