A/N So this is a roleplay between me and Tobizbiggestfan. I hope you enjoy.

Tobi walked into his school with his head hung low like he did every school day. His jacket hood helped hide his face and for that, Tobi was grateful; his bruises were much more prominent on his pale skin today in the cold weather.

He searched for his best, and only friend, Zetsu, hoping that today no one would take notice of him and leave him be. He wanted to go into the bathroom stalls and cry like he usually did, but he didn't know what crying would accomplish anymore; his mom was still sick and his father was still an abusive asshole.

"Zetsu-kun..." Tobi whined, tearing up when he couldn't see his friend anywhere.

Zetsu ran down the street as fast as he could. He had slept in. If he didn't hurry Tobi would get bullied. If that happened Zetsu would never forgive himself. It was bad enough that he couldn't help Tobi at home. Zetsu reach the school grounds and searched around for his friend.

"TOBI," Zetsu called out hoping that Tobi would hear him.

Tobi whimpered again, wandering around the school aimlessly, searching for Zetsu desperately; he knew everyone was staring at him again and he hated it. He started when he heard Zetsu's voice call out his name, and he ran towards the older boy's voice.

"Zetsu-kun!" Tobi sobbed, not caring that people were sneering at him. "Zetsu-kun!"

Zetsu caught Tobi in a warm hug. After a few moments Zetsu broke the hug and began inspecting Tobi's body. He was beaten up and bruised pretty badly. Zetsu then hugged the small crying boy again.

"I'm so sorry that he did this to you," Zetsu said with a tear in his eye. "I'm here now."

Tobi shivered violently and hugged his friend back tightly. "...Tobi was scared..." he mumbled softly. "...Tobi... missed Zetsu-kun..."

"I missed you too," Zetsu said as he patted his friends head. Weekends were hard on Tobi. "I'll take you to class... We can hang out there."

Zetsu walked Tobi back to class just in time for the bell, and as usual, they sat together. Tobi sat against the wall, staring out the window, and Zetsu could only watch with a frown.

"..." Tobi was silent, but tears were making their way down his cheeks.

Zetsu sighed. He hated seeing Tobi so sad. It wasn't fair. Why was it that he had such a bed life? He was so innocent and sweet. Sometimes Zetsu wished that Tobi could just live with him. Zetsu smiled and pulled out a peice of paper. He wrote on it and passed it over to Tobi asking him if he wanted to have a sleep over.

Tobi took the note and smiled when he read it. He grabbed the pen and wrote on it with a shakey hand.

If daddy will let me go, the boy wrote slowly.

He passed it back to Zetsu.

Zetsu read the note and smiled sadly. Zetsu hoped that His dad would have a heart and let him go.

Class went by slowly. When it was over Zetsu escorted Tobi to their next class. It wasn't luck that they had the same classes. At the beginning of the year Zetsu switched all of his classes to the same ones as Tobi's. Anything for Tobi's wellbeing.

Tobi held Zetsu's hand tightly as he waited for their teacher to arrive. He was aware that most of the students in this class either bullied him or ignored him completely, so he kept his head down.
He looked up at Zetsu when he felt the older boy squeeze his hand gently.

"Zetsu-kun?" he asked slowly. "...?"

"Yes, Tobi?" Zetsu spoke softly and kindly. The other student could go to hell. Zetsu shot every one glares making them stop staring at Tobi.

Tobi looked back down at the ground. "...Don't worry..."

"What is it, Tobi," Zetsu asked with concern in his voice. "I want to know."

Tobi shook his head slightly, hesitating to speak, but he knew Zetsu wouldn't drop it.

"...Tobi... just doesn't want to go back home..." Tobi mumbled softly.

Zetsu frowned. He wouldn't either if his father were like Tobi's. Zetsu gave Tobi's hand a slight squeeze and gave him a very fake warm smile. Tobi could always tell when Zetsu was faking.

"Well your here with me for now, okay," Zetsu said playfully.

Tobi just looked back at the ground, hiccupping slightly.

"...Tobi doesn't like it when Zetsu-kun fake smiles at him..." Tobi whispered sadly. "...It upsets Tobi..."

Zetsu sighed. He dropped the smile and pulled his hand away from Tobi. Instead he put his arm around the younger boy's shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Tobi," Zetsu sighed.

Tobi shook his head and clung to Zetsu tightly.

"T-tobi... forgives Zetsu-kun... Does Zetsu-kun know where the teacher is? ...Tobi wants to go inside..."

"He's probably going to be gone... Maybe we'll have a sub," Zetsu sighed.

"Tobi hopes not..." Tobi mumbled, looking around for their teacher.

"Kakashi sensei is always late," Zetsu sighed.

Tobi nodded in agreement. "But at least he is nice, right...?"

Tobi glanced around at all the other students and he winced when one of them gave him the finger. He pulled his hood over his head subconsciously, shrinking into Zetsu to try and hide himself.

Zetsu held Tobi tighter and shot the boy a deadly glare. If looks could kill the boy would be six feet under.

"I don't know, Tobi," Zetsu said as he glared at EVERY ONE. "They are just little asses.. I would beat them up for you if I didn't already have two strikes."

Tobi shook his head. "Don't..." he mumbled. "...Tobi is not worth it..."

Zetsu let go of Tobi and turned him to face him. Zetsu looked at him with protective eyes.

"Don't EVER say that, Tobi," Zetsu warned. "You are worth it. You are the kindest, sweetest, cutest person at this school."

"Zetsu-kun thinks Tobi is cute...?" Tobi frowned and looked away. "...Daddy always tells Tobi that Tobi is dumb and ugly..."

"You're not," Zetsu protested ignoring all the side comments and glares. "Your dad is just an ass. He should see what he has before-before.."

Zetsu began to tear up. He knew what Tobi was going through. Both his mother and he had been abused by his father and he even lost his brother to abuse.

Tobi only shook his head. "Tobi is worthless... Tobi should leave and then maybe everyone will be happier..."

"I wouldn't be," Zetsu said as a tear broke free. "I would be so unhappy... Tobi you're like my-my brother..."

Tobi had always known that Zetsu had had a brother, but he really didn't know that much about him. Hearing that he was like the brother made Tobi a little curious.

"How is Tobi like Zetsu-kun's brother...?" Tobi whispered, reaching up to wipe away Zetsu's tears.

"Tobi your-you're like him because you're so nice to me," Zetsu sobbed softly.

"But Tobi only makes everyone unhappy..." Tobi said softly. "...Zetsu-kun is the only one who loves Tobi..."

"Your mom loves you," Zetsu said but instantly hated himself for it. He knew that Tobi's mother was a VERY fragile subject.

When Zetsu mentioned Tobi's mother, everything went wrong. Tobi burst into tears, pushing away from Zetsu and running towards the one place he knew he could be alone; the broom closet that he so often locked himself in when it became too much.

Zetsu chased after Tobi but was too late. Tobi had slammed the broom closet door in his face and was now crying loudly. Zetsu tried to open the door. He knew that it was futile but he still tried anyway.

"Tobi, I'm sorry," Zetsu sobbed.

Tobi could only cry loudly at this, pulling his knees up to his chest and rocking back and forth.

After a few moments Zetsu ran off to find an adult who could open the door. About two minutes later Kakashi sensei showed up. Zetsu then told him what had happened and they both found the janitor.

Tobi whimpered when he heard the door's lock being clicked open, and he curled up into a tight little ball.

The door was opened and Tobi cried out when he felt someone's hands on his shoulders.

"Hush, Tobi-kun," Tobi heard Kakashi-sensei say softly.

He looked up into the teacher's face, sobbing softly, and he allowed Kakashi to pull him out of the closet gently. The teacher handed the young child off to Zetsu, and Tobi could only sob some more.

"Shhh, Tobi," Zetsu said as he hugged the smaller boy. "I'm sorry."

Tobi shook his head and clung to Zetsu desperately. "Don't talk about Tobi's mommy..." he whimpered. "...Please don't..."

"He can sit out of class for today if he would like," Kakashi said, kneeling next to them and reaching out to pet Tobi's hair gently. "You can sit with him if you'd like, too, and keep him company."

"Yeah," Zetsu said softly. Kakashi then led the rest of the class into the class room leaving Zetsu and Tobi outside.

Tobi still clung to Zetsu desperately, and his body began to shake worse than before. Bad thoughts were overcoming his mind, but he couldn't tell Zetsu about them or he would cry. He couldn't tell Zetsu about how he wanted to die, or cut himself if dying wasn't possible just yet.

Zetsu held Tobi tightly and sat next to the door outside of the room. Zetsu felt bad for bringing up Tobi's mother.

Tobi's eyes drooped in exhaustion; so much crying had worn him out. He had his mind set on his mother, and he was heartbroken to know that the one person besides Zetsu who loved him was his mother and she was sick with cancer.

"Zetsu-kun..." Tobi whimpered, sobbing. He lay down and rested his head in Zetsu's lap, closing his eyes.

"It's okay now, Tobi," Zetsu said as he gave Tobi's head a soft pet. "It's okay... Go ahead and rest."

Tobi nodded and snuggled in closer, and before he knew it, he was fast asleep.