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Boomer POV

I sat and stared out the window of our chambers in Corneius. The people of Corneius were going about their usual business oblivious to the troubles going on throughout the rest of the islands. I started to get a little mad at it. They were able to walk around with their three eyes and act as if nothing was wrong while my kingdom was falling. I gave a small growl and left the room, leaving Boz sleeping in another uncomfortable position. I began to walk along the roads of town. I walked with my hands in my pockets and my head down, occasionally kicking at a stone when one showed up.

"if you don't look where you're going you may run into someone" A voice said. I looked up and saw Jorah standing there. I gave a small shrug.

"Please tell me you have something" I asked. He nodded and gestured for me to follow him. We made our way back to the castle. We walked the entire way to the Royal Bunker in silence, not a sound made between the two of us. I followed Jorah into the room and saw Iris and Boz already sitting at the table. The bird we have been using to message Mikayla sat in the middle of the round table looking scared, if a bird can even look scared. Boz held up a note.

"It was Sununu" he said. "Mikayla is being held captive in her room. She said they weren't in her room so she could still get the message out."

"Can we get a message in?" I asked sitting down and grabbing the note from him.

"It's worth a try" He said. I nodded as I finished reading her note.

"Then let's get one written. Jorah what have you got for us?" I asked. I was completely ready to go take our island back but I knew preparations had to be made first.

"The king has provided you with his entire guard to help win your island back. Once we have word on the status of your island we can come up with a battle plan and set it into action." He answered.

"Good" I said pulling out a map of Kinkow, "Now this is Kinkow, right here is Lanada. It rests in the Kinkow River and is under my cousin's control. If we can take it, it gives us a foothold. We let no one off the island and make sure word does not get out that it is ours again." I pulled out another sheet of paper and handed it to Jorah. "This is how we get there. Have your tinkers make enough for all your troops including yourself and Boz and I" Jorah looked at the paper and nodded before heading off to find the tinkers. Boz placed his hand on my shoulder.

"You sure about this bro?" he asked skeptically. I nodded.

"We are getting our island back Boz. We are getting it back and keeping it." I answered.

"Your attitude has drastically changed…I like it" Boz said grinning.

"I owe it to Brady to be the king he expected me to be" I told him. Iris smiled and stood up.

"Then let us celebrate like royalty tonight yes?" She suggested. I smiled at her.

"Iris we are royalty." I joked. Boz and Iris laughed and we all exited the room.

Mikayla POV

I felt the sting as the hand connected with my cheek. I grinned and looked up at Hesta.

"You're not very cooperative Miss Makoola" She said. I just gave a shrug in response.

"I'd say sorry, but I'm not" I replied without a care. She lifted her hand again, but lowered it knowing it would accomplish nothing.

"You should really learn to behave Mikayla, we are your Queens now so you better get used to it." She told me. "Take her back to her room." I was grabbed again and taken back to my room in the same fashion as I was brought. They threw me in through the door and slammed it shut behind me.

"Thanks!" I said sarcastically knowing they were still outside the door. I turned back to my room and saw the bird on my bed. He gave his silent greeting and held his leg up. I pulled the note off and gave him a treat I kept hidden in my desk. He ate the treat as I opened the letter quietly.


We're glad you and your dad are okay. We are going to need you help so if you can get another letter out after this it would help a lot. We need to know the status of Lanada. Have the Queens taken it over or is Lanny still in charge? Either way we are sending Corneius troops in to gain a foothold in there. We are currently in route to Kinkow for a counter attack so if you have any tips or plans that would ensure our victory let us know. We will have Kinkow back as soon as we can. Stay safe and don't do anything stupid. (You usually say that to us)

Boomer and Boz.

I finished reading the letter and quickly hid it with the rest before beginning my reply. I attached to letter to the bird and took him to the window. He flew out quickly and I watched him fly away before looking around. I saw a guard looking up at me and retreated back to my room. I grabbed the small knife from under my mattress knowing he would run and tell The Queens what he saw. I hid the knife up my sleeve and waited with Boomers words running through my mind.

Don't do anything stupid