"Maybe send someone, like a fairy godmother, someone like my mama, she could fix anything." Kurt glanced warily at the crack in his wall. It was an odd crack, unlike any other he'd seen before. It was very long, and very thin, and very scary. Sometimes at night, he thought he heard sounds coming from it, talking, not necessarily to him, but jumbles of words and different voices. He sighed and unclasped his hands, and just then, there was an odd sound, but it wasn't coming from the crack. Later in his life he'd relate it to the sound of a plane, but it wasn't, it was more foreign, sort of like a vwoosh vwoosh vwoosh. He stood up and looked out his window, and with a gasp, he tugged on his robe and boots and ran down the steps, his tiny legs nearly tripping over themselves as he went. He wrenched open the front door and ran out onto the lawn. He walked over to the strange box

"Hello?" he called boldly, still wondering what in the world a police box was doing, laying on it's side, in his back yard. Just as he was about to creep forward, a man popped his head out of the box and smiled at Kurt.

"Hello, there!" Kurt jumped a bit

"Why are you wet?" he asked

"Fell in the library." He said

"But why are you wet?"

"The pool is in the library?" Kurt asked, blue eyes widening "you've got a whole library in there?" The man nodded and ran a hand through his soaked hair, and proceeded to climb out of the box. Normally, Kurt wouldn't talk to strangers, and this man was strange but he had kind eyes, so Kurt let it slide this time.

"Who are you?" Kurt asked, inching forward slightly, his boot crunching a stick, the man leaned down and looked into Kurt's eyes, smiling

"I'm the Doctor."

I agree. This is the LAST thing I should be doing right now. I have school, and about a million other unfinished stories, but I'm an idiot, so i'm going to post this. Let me know if you'd like me to continue.

If I happen to continue: This will mostly recount the episodes of Doctor Who (mostly in order) but in the perspective of Kurt and Blaine (Blaine's the doctor, obviously) it will change according to my views on things, and how I want the story to go. With that being said, Reviews would be nice. ;)