Kurt sat in his room, gazing out his window when something in the garden caught his eye. A flash of blue. He instantly got up and ran outside, when he arrived, the Doctor was leaning up against his box, smiling.

"Sorry about running off." He said "brand new TARDIS, bit exciting, I just took a quick hop to the moon and back." Kurt stared at him for a moment before

"…Its' you. You came back." The Doctor's smile softened

"Course I did. I always come back." He took a step closer "…something wrong?" Kurt scrunched up his nose

"You changed the clothes?"

"Found my wardrobe in the library." Kurt smiled

"You got a bowtie."

"Bowties are cool." Kurt crossed his arms and swayed a bit

"Are you from another planet?" he asked

"yeah." The Doctor said simply


"So what do you think?" the Doctor asked, smirking at Kurt


"Other planets. Wanna check some out?"

"…what does that mean?" Kurt asked.

"it means…well, it means….come with me,"


"Wherever you like." Kurt shook his head and took a step back

"All that stuff…the dog, the hospital, the aliens."

"Oh, don't worry, that's only the beginning." He said, patting the side of the TARDIS

"but all that…amazing stuff…" Kurt began to glare at him "that was TWO years ago!"

"oh…oops?" the Doctor looked apologetic, and Kurt found that he really couldn't stay mad. "So that's…"

"Fourteen years." Kurt said irritably, The Doctor smirked

"Fourteen years since coffee! Kurt Hummel, the boy who waited, you've waited long enough." Suddenly, Kurt brightened

"When I was a kid…you said there was a swimming pool in the library…"

"Yeah," the Doctor frowned "not sure where that's gotten off to…so, coming?"

"no." Kurt shook his head, the Doctor raised a brow

"you wanted to come fourteen years ago."

"I grew up."

"You keep saying that." The Doctor smirked "but I really don't think you have." He snapped his fingers and the doors to the TARDIS opened, Kurt looked inside it. He looked back to the doctor, giggled a bit and stepped inside. He looked all around, taking in the massive room.

"Soo," the Doctor said, barely containing his smile as he moved around Kurt and ran up the steps, he threw out his arms "any passing remarks? I've heard them all." Kurt stayed silent as he looked around, it was truly unlike anything he'd seen before. There were wires and tubes everywhere, and a giant cylinder on a platform in the middle of it all. Circled around it was a control panel with more levers and buttons than Kurt had ever seen in his life. As he finally registered what the Doctor said, he looked down at him self and said

"…I'm in my pajamas." The Doctor looked a bit crestfallen, but smiled nonetheless

"I've got plenty of clothes in the wardrobe, don't worry," he chuckled "might even find the pool in there, so…all of time and space, everything that is or was or ever will be…where do you wanna start?" Kurt raised a brow and crossed his arms

"You're so sure that I'm coming." He said

"Yes. I am."


The Doctor looked at Kurt like it was the most obvious thing in the whole wide world

"Because. You're the little Scottish boy in the English village, and I know how that feels." Kurt looked away, because that was a little too accurate, even if it wasn't all about location.

"Somehow, I really don't think you do." He said softly "still doesn't explain why you think I'm coming." The Doctor gave him a look

"All these years of living here and you've still got that accent." He smiled "yeah, you're coming." Kurt bit his lip, because no matter how much he didn't want to admit it, he really, really wanted to go.

"Can you get me back by tomorrow morning?" he asked, the Doctor nodded

"It's a time machine, of course I can, I can get you back five minutes ago if you wanted. Why? What's tomorrow?" Kurt shrugged

"Oh, nothing, y'know just…stuff." He said quickly, the Doctor frowned at him

"okay then, back in time for…stuff." He said suspiciously, but before he could question more, something rose out of the console and the Doctor cheered, grabbing it quickly

"Lovely! A new Sonic!" he patted the console lovingly "thanks, dear." Kurt raised a brow but interrupted, saying

"Why me?" the Doctor looked over, like he'd forgotten Kurt was there

"Why not?" he asked, Kurt frowned

"No, seriously, this doesn't just happen, people aren't like this with me. You've got to have a reason."

"I dunno, fun?" The Doctor said "why do I have to have a reason, I don't see why you're so different."

"People always have reasons." Kurt said, "and believe me, people here think I am." and the Doctor stuck the thing in his front pocket and walked over to Kurt

"Do I look like people?" he asked, Kurt sighed

"Yes!" Kurt said "Yes, you left me, that makes you look more like 'people' than anyone!" the Doctor blinked

"I'm not going to leave you again." he said seriously "no matter what I do I will not leave you again." he said and moved closer, speaking softly "I can tell when someone needs me."

"That's the only reason?" he asked, the Doctor shrugged

"Been on my own for a while, developed a nasty habit of talking to myself, it's giving me an earache." Kurt deflated

"You're lonely. That's it. You're taking me with you because you're lonely."

"Just that. Promise." The Doctor said, smiling

"Okay." Kurt gave in.

"So you're okay, then? This place can make people feel a bit…you know." Kurt shook his head

"I'm fine it's just…everything you said was true…there's so much in here." He smiled "I was really starting to think you were just a madman with a box." The Doctor smiled widely at him, the corners of his eyes crinkling

"Kurt Hummel, if you're going to travel with me, there's something you need to understand. I am definitely a madman with a box." The Doctor smiled at Kurt until he smiled back and giggled. The Doctor proceeded to pull levers and press buttons on the console until the room began to shake.

"ha ha, yes! Goodbye Leadworth, hello…everything!"


"Kurt…I've been meaning to ask you something." The Doctor said, and Kurt instantly sobered at his serious tone. He looked up from where he was sitting on the steps.

"y-yes?" he asked, because this was the first time that it had occurred to him that the Doctor's world may be very similar to his own. The Doctor may be very similar to the very people he hated.

"The Multiform said something and…I know it was trying to get to you, so what it said was obviously true, but I'm not really understanding."

"What aren't you understanding?" Kurt asked,

"Why were you tortured?" he asked "What happened to you?" Kurt swallowed loudly

"I'm gay." He said "well…I never really said it out loud, but everyone just kind of assumed." He shrugged, the Doctor looked appalled

"Well, I guess I'm really not that far along in history then." He shook his head

"You don't care?" Kurt asked, the Doctor looked up

"Of course I don't care! I cannot believe you were worried about this." He bumped Kurt's shoulder with his own "I'm not judgy."

Kurt smiled and looked to the floor


The Doctor shrugged "In my experience, you fall for who you fall for and that's that. I guess you fall for the person, not the gender or…species." He finished with a thoughtful frown, Kurt laughed and raised a brow


"Don't ask, long time ago, frisky alien, don't want to talk about it." Kurt laughed openly, his heart and mind feeling lighter than they had in years. He knew he wouldn't regret this.

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