This is my first story so don't be mad if it sucks. Or if I give up in the middle of it, I'm not sure how long I'll keep it going.

Nico point of view (yeah, I spelled out point of view. Got a problem with that?)

Hi. Don't have much time for formal introductions, Chrion's already got us on another crazy quest. This one seems even more un-do-able than usual. The name's Nico by the way. I'm a halfblood. I suppose you know what those are, if you're reading this. A son of Hades actually. Anyway Chiron has unexpectedly told us that we're going to Hogwarts. I know, sounds like a toe fungus. It's supposedly some training, boarding school for descendants of Hecate (goddess of magic). They aren't halfbloods, just descendants who inherited great power. Apparently Chiron and the head master, Dumbledore, go way back. Dumbledore and Chiron wanted some halfbloods to come undercover to the school to help them fight someone named Tom Riddle. This, Dumbledore thinks we would be a use in the war. Since everyone going on the quest is sixteen, we're going into the sixth year. Well, everyone except for me. I'm thirteen but I have to pretend that I'm advanced for my age. I'm not exactly sure who this Tom Riddle is but apparently he's tried to kill thousands of innocent lives to gain power. Just like Kronos tried to. Going back to our conversation earlier…

"Wait, don't we deserve a break right now? With Kronos and all?" Percy asked confusedly.

Me, Annabeth, Percy, Travis, and Connor Stoll were sitting at the giant table. I'm not sure it was the best idea to include the Stoll brothers but Chiron says we needed more than four people.

"Yes but thet can wait. Albus is a great friend of mine and he saved my life once. I owe him this. Grover, Rachel, and Thalia have the re-construction under control." Chiron explained to Annabeth's worried face.

"That's what I'm afraid of…" Annabeth muttered.

Apparently, a long time ago in some forest called the forbidden forest Chiron was nearly killed by some wild centaurs who didn't want him on their land. Dumbledore stopped them. I don't know why he was even in there in the first place if it was called the forbidden forest. I mean, hello? Forbidden? But I refrained from asking. The only reason I was on this quest was my Dad wanted me to be included. My Dad's got a personal problem with this Tom Riddle guy. He's cheated death several times, but was much too powerful to be caught by the fates. My Dad wants him dead and punished. Dad's already had a number of arguments with Hecate about this guy. He thinks it's her fault he got so powerful. But Riddle's never bothered us so I wished we didn't have to interfere. But that's what we halfbloods do. Interfere and make things worse.

"Tomorrow you six will board the Hogwarts express. Lord Hades has somehow managed to convince Lady Hecate to grant you all limited magic ability in a wand." He said.

Chiron pulled out a box with six fancy sticks in it.

He handed each of us ours. "Willow tree wood." Chiron informed me as he handed me a black stick, "Painted black." He added.

Mine was completely black with an intricate skull carved into the bottom. My hand went strangely tingly when I took it. I shivered, I didn't like it. It didn't seem natural for us halfbloods. I glanced at everyone else's.

"Birch tree wood." Chiron said to Annabeth.

Annabeth's was darker white, basically gray. It had an intricately carved owl on the bottom.

"Driftwood." Chiron informed Percy.

Percy's was light brown and had squiggly lines all over it, almost like waves.

Now Chiron was grimacing, "I'm not sure what wood this is. Hecate didn't tell me." He grumbled and handed the Stolls two wands, looking as if he regretted his actions.

The Stolls wands were both a deep russet brown, nearly red. They had no design, except they were both weirdly bent, as if someone had thrown them at something. They would've been identical but they were bent in different directions. The Stolls wore identical grins.

"Also somehow, Hades has gotten Zeus to allow you into the sky. On an airplane tomorrow to fly you to London. Though how he did that, I have no idea…He must really hate that Riddle…Anyways you have to go straight to Kings Cross Station. Dumbledore has already transported your things to Hogwarts. The station is within walking distance from the airport.(I have no idea if this is actually true! It's probably not!) Once you get to the station, simply run through the column between platforms 9 and 10." Chiron said as if this was the easiest thing in the world.

"Ummm, what?" Percy asked.

Chiron waved his hand breezily, "You'll go right through. Anyone with any magic ability can and now you have, in those wands. So rest up, you have a long day tomorrow."

Grumbling we all went to bed. I sighed in my newly built cabin. I wondered what these magic kids would be like…