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Ok so I kind of thought this up when I was watching Deathly Hallows part 2. Needless to say though, this takes place before that...although I'm not really sure when it does take place as it sort of is screwy within the timeline...Anyway I hope you guys like it!

It was those eyes damn it. He had his mother's eyes. He knew he shouldn't care but he'd loved the boy's mother so much. He'd fallen in love with those eyes once before and damn it they made him fall in love again.

He new he shouldn't. He was old enough to be the boy's father...Hell he'd gone to school with his father. Not to mention the fact that he'd fallen for a student.

But he didn't; the moment he'd seen those eyes he knew he would protect the boy no matter what. And then as the boy had grown he found he was so much like his mother that it had happened all over again. He'd never cared for boys (or anyone other than Lily really) but as Harry grew he watched those eyes become more and more like hers everyday.

Until finally one day he looked at Harry and realized that he no longer thought of them as hers', but as Harry's.

That was the day he realized he'd fallen again.

"Mr. Potter, please stay after class." He gave Harry a meaningful look hoping to convey that he really needed to tell him something, but it probably came out more like a look that said he was in trouble for something.


"What do you think Snape wants with you this time?" Ron asked his best friend.

"I don't know, but from that look on his face it can't be good." Harry answered back as Snape began class.


"Class dismissed." Snape called and everyone started packing up and heading out of the potions lab.

"Well, good luck with whatever it is he wants to shove off on you this time."

Harry smiled as Ron nodded and walked with Hermione out of the room. Slowly the room emptied.

"Mr. Potter, could you kindly come into my office please." Snape said as he grabbed his cape and whirled towards the door.

Harry grabbed his things and followed, making sure he had everything. He wanted to be able to make a quick get away if he had to.

Snape sat down in his desk chair as Harry shut the office door. "Please sit, Mr. Potter." He motioned to the chair across from his desk. Harry sat and looked at Snape in silence. Snape just looked back for a minute saying nothing. Finally he took a deep breath and spoke.

"Did you know that I knew your mother before we started school together?"

Harry just looked at Snape in surprise. He knew that Snape had gone here to Hogwarts with his parents but that was it. "No..." he replied quietly.

"You have her eyes." he said looking at Harry intently.

"Yes, I've been told so." Now Harry was confused. What the bloody hell did he want?

"I loved her eyes..."Snape looked down at his desk before flicking his eyes back at Harry quickly as he said, "I loved her."

Harry's face registered shock and curiosity. "Where are you going with this?" Harry asked quietly. He wanted to bolt right now before things got any weirder. Ron and Hermione were never going to believe him.

"I fell in love with your eyes first...then eventually you." Snape stared at his desk long enough he thought he would burn a hole into the top of it before Harry finally did anything.

Unfortunately instead of saying anything he bolted from the room leaving the door wide open.

Then again, what the hell reaction did he think Harry would have?


Harry opened the common room door and walked over towards Ron and Hermione before deciding not to. Ron caught his movement from the corner of his eye. He and Hermione were sitting by the fireplace studying for an upcoming charms test, which he knew Hermione didn't really need to and Ron only did if Hermione was with him.

"Hey!" He waved over to Harry who kept walking towards them and stopped but didn't sit. "What'd Snape want?" Hermione looked up as Ron asked because she was curious too.""Just gave me some extra homework cause I did so bad on the last exam." Which was only a half lie cause he had done badly on it. "Um, I'm kind of tired so I'll just go up to bed early." He needed time to process what had just happened.

"Harry," Hermione caught the look in his eye. "Are you all right? Did something happen?" Ron looked at Hermione and back to Harry.

He gave them a weak smile. "I'm fine. Just a little tired is all. Goodnight." Harry turned and headed upstairs. He couldn't tell them yet. He still needed a little time.


How could he have been so stupid? He was only a boy, at least twenty five years younger than himself for God's sake. What was wrong with him? Maybe acting as a spy for Voldemort had allowed some of the Dark Lord's personal traits to rub off. He'd had a proclivity towards young males himself...No goddamn it, it was his own fault ad those damn eyes that did it. If she hadn't of given him her eyes there would have been no problems ignoring him...He did act just like his father after all...


Snape loved him?

When had Snape gone crazy? He said it was his eyes, correction because of his mother's eyes.

And what had he done? Just ran at the shock that his dream had come true.

Harry lay in bed thinking about going to apologize and confess himself when sleep and pleasant dreams took over.

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