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Harry and Snape walked back into the court room. The chair had been removed so the two of them were forced to stand in front of the judges.

Goodwell spoke as the quill continued to scratch across the parchment, which was so long now that it fell over the edge of the table. "Professor Severus Snape. Harry James Potter. You have been called here so that we may discover the truth of the relationship that has developed between the two of you and discuss what will be done about it. We have interviewed several witnesses, yourselves included, and have come to our decision on the matter."

Harry gave a quick look over to Snape, but Snape hadn't taken his eyes from the judges. Harry looked back over at them as Goodwell continued. "We, the judges of this hearing, have decided that all appropriate actions were taken on the part of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, and decree that the two of you may remain together, should you so wish."

Harry almost couldn't believe his ears. He swallowed nervously before asking in a quiet voice, "We can be together?"

Goodwell nodded but kept a stern look on his face. "We do however, have one condition. The same condition that was made the last time a case such as this presented itself to the Ministry of Magic."

"What condition is that?" Snape asked him. The tone in his voice made Harry think that Snape already knew what it was, but asked for Harry's own benefit.

"The condition is that you, Severus Snape, will resign your post as Potions master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Snape nodded curtly but Harry was shocked. He looked up at Goodwell and said, "What! He's getting sacked because of me? Because we're happy together!?"

Goodwell looked at Harry calmly and replied, "That is his choice. If he wishes to remain at Hogwarts, then you two will be forbidden from seeing each other outside of your Potions classes. If he resignes, the two of you may continue your relationship however you wish to."

Harry grimaced and looked at Snape. "You can't do this, you can't just quit."

"If I wish to keep you, it seems I must." Snape smiled sadly.

"So what does this mean while I'm at school?" Harry asked to no one in particular.

"Severus will reside at his home at Spinner's End while you continue your education." Maxine answered him.

"So while I'm at school I can't even see him?"

"I'm sure the court will allow me to visit you during your trips into Hogsmeade. And I'll be able to send you owls." Snape told him in a comforting way. "We may not be able to see each other everyday but we'll still be together and that's all that truly matters."

"As we said," Goodwell started, "after Severus has resigned his position you may continue however you so wish to."

Harry nodded. Snape was right, he could still talk to him whenever and they could visit on Hogsmeade weekends, and he could even probably spend the Christmas and summer holidays with him.

"Are we free to leave now?" Harry asked Goodwell.

He nodded and spoke, "I, Brinick Merthur Goodwell, do declare that this hearing is now complete. All participants are free to leave." He gave a quick nod to the witch on the end who had been minding the quill, and she waved her wand, causing said quill to drop onto the parchment. She proceeded to stopper the ink pot and roll the parchment up as the other judges stood.

Harry looked up at Snape and smiled. He saw sadness linger for a moment in his husbands eyes before they were replaced by happiness.

"Shall we go tell the others then?" Snape asked.

"Yes." Harry answered, taking Snape's hand in his own.


Outside the court room in the antechamber the others waited nervously. The door opened and everyone stood (with the exception of Malfoy) with bated breath.

"Well?" Hermione asked the moment Snape had closed the door behind him.

Snape answered before Harry had a chance to, looking over at Dumbledore as he spoke. "It is with humble regret and great joy that I must tell you Headmaster, that I need to resign my post as Potions master," Snape paused and looked down at Harry as everyone looked at them in momentary confusion, before continuing, "so that I may stay with my husband."

The antechamber broke out into rounds of mild applause from Dumbledore and McGonagall and full on cheering from Ron and Hermione; Malfoy remained quiet the entire time.

"I am sad to hear that you must leave. But I am equally glad that you may be happy." Dumbledore told Snape grasping and shaking his hand firmly.

A small man entered the room, the same attendent that had escorted them into the Ministry. "As your hearing is over, I have been instructed to assist you back to the school." he told them.

"Quite right. Is everyone ready to go?" Dumbledore asked as there were nods all around.

They followed him back out of the antechamber, down a hallway and to a small room. "If you would all touch the portkey please." he instructed them. "Everyone touching?" he did a quick head count to be certain.

Moments later the pulling sensation of the portkey filled Harry's body and he landed with a light thud in the front hall of Hogwarts.

Harry stood and he watched the attendant walk out the tall doors and stride down towards the gates, most likely going as far as he had to in order to Apparate back to the Ministry.

Sounds were coming in from the Great Hall and they all filed in to get some lunch. As they entered some of the conversations stopped and then eagerly started back up again, with some even pointing the group right out.

Some people asked Harry, Ron and Hermione questions as they sat down. They answered these few questions sparingly. Snape had gone down to his office so that he could pack his things which drew a sadness from Harry. He'd told him that he'd stop in and say goodbye before Snape left.

A quick glance over to the Slytherin table told Harry that Malfoy was recounting everything that had happened at the hearing, including the court's decision. Harry just smirked as he took a bite into his turkey.


Harry had spent a wonderful Christmas holiday with Snape at his house and a little reluctantly returned to Hogwart's (especially since he now had to really start studying for his O.W.L.'s). After Snape had resigned his post, Dumbledore had managed to talk Professor Slughorn into returning for the remainder of the year until he could find a new permanent Potions master.


It was now the end of the school year and everyone was doing a little last minute packing before the end of term feast.

"So, are you going to Snape's for the holiday just like you did at Christmas?" Ron asked him, throwing a pair of socks into his trunk.

"Not yet. Dumbledore says he wants me to go back to Privet Drive, just for a couple of weeks. Then Severus will come and pick me up from there."

Ron looked at him curiously.

Harry shruged and continued, "He said that I have to go back each year until I'm of age so that the protective charms he's placed will be renewed."

"But, You-Know-Who was captured, last year in the graveyard. What d'you still need protecting for?" Ron wondered throwing his Quidditch robes in unceremoniously.

"Guess he just wants to be safe. Never really know what could happen I guess. Either way, two weeks and then I'll be with Severus until the start of next year."

Ron nodded and smiled at his friend. "You know Harry, I really am glad that you're happy."

Harry smiled and nodded, throwing a couple of stray books into his own trunk. "I know."


Harry double and triple checked that he had everything packed into his trunk. Not that he really needed to; he'd barely unpacked anything since coming back to Privet Drive. Snape would be there any minute to pick him up. He dragged his trunk down into the living room, ran back up for Hedwig's cage and his broomstick and waited eagerly in the living room.

A knock sounded on the door. "I'll get it." Harry said to no one in particular, but Uncle Vernon had managed to make it to the door first.

Opening it, he spied a tall, thin man, with lank, slightly greasy hair that fell around his face. His only prominent feature was a hooked nose.

Uncle Vernon looked at the man with mild disgust on his face, took in his appearance of plain black robes, and said, "Who the ruddy hell are you?" Aunt Petunia and Dudley stepped into the hallway from the living room to stare at the stranger on their doorstep.

By the time the words had left his mouth, Harry was already running over. Pushing Uncle Vernon partially out of the way, he threw his arms around Snape's neck and gave him a kiss, the first they'd shared since Snape had paid a visit on their last Hogsmeade trip for the year.

Harry pulled away and fixed his glasses, which had gone askew in his hurry to greet to his love.

Snape smiled contritely at Uncle Vernon and said simply, "I'm Harry's husband."

He stood on the doorstep a moment while Harry grabbed his things and the two of them were off, leaving the Dursley's to watch them leave, staring at their retreating forms, flabbergasted.