By Ash Kaiba

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to Pokèmon. Pokèmon is copyrighted by Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, and Game Freak. The names used in this fiction are from the Pokèmon Special Adventures, translated and published (at least the English version) by Viz Media.

Disclaimer #2: I'm taking creative liberties here. I'm basing this fiction off of the games. So, the Pokèmon referred to are Red and Green's teams in HeartGold/SoulSilver. But, while basing off the games, some elements will be taken from Pokèmon Adventures, since I like how some of the events are in the manga better than the games.

From the Desk of Ash Kaiba:

I know have to finish some fictions in the Yu-Gi-Oh! category, but I have been wanting to return a series that also got me into anìme: Pokèmon. Back then, it was dubbed by 4Kids and the cards were much simpler to the cards I see today. Plus, it had Gary. Yeah, I am a Gary Oak fan and lost interest in the show when he decided to take a role that granted him even less screen time. I missed the interaction between Ash and Gary…(This is why I liked the games better.)

Then during my college years, I found scanlations of Pokèmon Special Adventures, where I met Red and Green. I found myself enjoying the manga on a level close to the games (Sorry folks, only played Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Ruby. I'm so old fashion…XD Have to expand to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum if I want to complete the PokèDex on HG and SS. ^^;) Anyway, my interest in Gary/Green was revived. I've wanted to write a fiction for Red and Green, but haven't had a clue what to do. Until I found some awesome remixes of Red's battle music from HeartGold (Gold)/SoulSilver (Silver) and did some image surfing for Red pictures.

In the process of sifting through Red pictures, I've found several with Green as well. Some of them had the two together on Mt. Silver. Another one I found had Red being hugged by his mom. Plus, I found a comic series involving Red being visited by Green on deviantArt. These images inspired me to write. Thus, Unspokenwas born.

Using last names used in the anime. But, Red is not Ash. And I'm giving Red's team nicknames like he does in Pokèmon Adventures. They are as follows: Pika the Pikachu, Saur the Venusaur, Char the Charizard, Blast the Blastiose, Lap the Lapras, and Lax the Snorlax. Plus, Red and Green are 11 years old at the start since it is canon that Red became the youngest trainer in Pokèmon Adventures.

Chapter 01: Dream Come True

Tension slowly leaves my body. I find my lungs inhaling air much faster than I expected. My red irises stayed focused on the field as the smoke cleared. My heart pounds loudly; my mind formulates the next move. Tension grips my muscles once again.

I must win… No, I have to win.

The championship title is a step closer to my dream. And this drive pushed me past Lorelei…past Bruno…through the tough battle with Agatha…and overcome Lance's draconic might. My neighbor is no different. He is now my opponent that pushed me to become stronger.

I stiffen as the haze clears. Green Oak stands opposite. He seems to be in the same state of mind I'm in. His black collar flutters before settling down. His green eyes lock onto mine in this battle of determination. His untamed brown hair now appears to be more on the wild side. Blotches of dirt cling to his skin. I watch him push his body upright, reaching for a ball as well.

His Eevee is the only left. It has to be. Eevee was the one Pokèmon that Green never evolved. I glance down, glad to see my trusted partner still standing. His yellow fur crackles in anticipation. We wait as Green hesitates. I smirk, "Come on, Green, let's end this."

Pika nods as he crouches down. Sparks of electricity sizzles the air around him as yellow fur stands on end. Our opponent nods as he tossed his last ball onto the field. A big bird flew out and hovered above the damaged field. Its tan feathers covered its body with crème feathers. Long gold and burnt red feathers marked its crest. I chuckle as I process the type he sent out. No wonder why Green was hesitant. His last Pokèmon puts him at a disadvantage.

And if all I had was a bird, then I would use my speed to tire my opponent. Then, attack when my opponent couldn't dodge. I conclude this is what Green is thinking as well. So, I need Pika to be quicker and get Green's Pidgeot to faint first. "Let's go, Pika. Quick Attack," I order.

The yellow rodent nods as he darts forward. Green snarls as he counters with the same attack. Everything has come to this. My mind races through Pika's attacks, deciding which one to use. Timing is key. Hopefully, Pika and Pidgeot with dodge each other with this exchange. But then, Green will take to the sky, where the bird Pokèmon can unleash its series of aerial attacks. So, I have to strike quick.

"Pika, now Thunderbolt," I cry out. I witness Green freezing as his last chance was struck. The bird crashes into the torn battle field. It twitches as it struggles up to its feet. But, it falls as Pika completes the final attack.

I stand still as Green falls to his knees. He stares at the field with shock plastered his face. I straighten and his head falls. Silence looms between us; both of us unsure what to say.

"Congratulations, Red," an old voice calls behind me.

In unison, Green and I direct our attention to a familiar figure with a white coat and graying brown hair. The professor embraces me with a large smile on his face. And apparently, joy is contagious. I soon find myself joining in with Professor's laughter. Pika even joins the celebration. The professor pauses, "You know what this mean's, Red? You're the Champion!"

A mumble snaps us out of the joyous bubble. Professor Oak straightens and words spoken so coldly. "You lost Green because you didn't love your Pokèmon like Red does. You use them as tools instead of being partners and friends. And you will continue down this path."


"Enjoy your short reign. Come, Red, before Mary comes asking for an interview."

I move to follow the professor, but pause. Pika nudges me with his head to move forward, but my body refuses to move. He looks up at me with his brown eyes, then to crouched form of our opponent. I step towards my kneeling rival, extending my hand out to him. Green ignores it; or he's lost in his own world, repeating the words of his grandfather. I smile, "It was a good battle, Green. You had me wondering if I could make it or not."

The emerald eyes register me and my hand. My smile vanishes as he bats my aid away. "Save it, Red. You're the Champion now."

I retract my hand and step away. Green shifts and lowers his gaze again. I turn back towards the door, Professor Oak waiting. Pika leaps onto my shoulders with an expression of worry on his face. As I leave, my heart tightens. I wish I knew the reason why.

"Come along, Red!"

I glance out the closing door, seeing Green struggle to his feet and hobble out. My attention is then drawn to the machine in the center of the room. I look at the six dents on the table.

"Well, Red. Place your team on the table and I shall register you and the team as Champions!"

I glance at Pika, silently asking him to return to his ball. At least for this moment. He complies with the promise of immediate release. I place my team onto the machine and the professor starts typing away. I watch my team heal from their battles as registration completes. We are the champions.

On my journey back home, I stop by Viridian City, hoping that a new leader took Giovanni's place. Sadly, the gym remains empty as its future hangs in the balance. I stand in the barren building, my team free for the time. I could become the new leader…

But, the roles of a leader would tie me down. I, the Champion of Kanto, still like to roam free. "All right, guys. Let's go home," I whisper as all but Pika and Char return to their balls. I leave the gym, sadness weighing me down. Char steps in front of me and offers a ride back home.

Days have past since my battle with Green at the Indigo Plateau. I push myself out of my bed as noise echoes down the stairs. I listen to talking of female voices, one belonging to Mom. The other could only be Daisy, our neighbor…and Green's sister. Pika leaps off the bed, darting down the stairs. I follow him, hoping to catch word of my rival. Unfortunately, there was none.

Apparently, Green vanished after his defeat, without a word to his sister or grandfather of his destination. I can't help to be worried. Though he soured before our journeys, Green and I were friends. And I admit I would like to revive that friendship with him. Yet, another part of me says Green will be fine.

"Oh, Red, I hope I didn't wake you!"

"Oh, Mrs. Ketchum. I'm sure we didn't," Daisy chuckles, running a brush through Pika's fur.

I nod that Daisy is right. Mom sighs as she rushes into the kitchen and finish preparing the morning's breakfast. I let them return to their gossip, watching Pika flex his body to follow the brush. My eyes wonder to the window, staring out beyond the horizon. Green, where are you?

"Oh, Red, Grandpa wants to talk to you."

"Sure," I answer as Mom places a plate in front of me. Pika bristles, but calms down as she returns with a bowl of food for him. "About what?"

"I'm not sure… Probably your plans now that you are the Champion."

What could there be? Granted, I could travel around Kanto, training my other Pokèmon. On the other hand, I need the opportunity to keep my winning team sharp. What is Professor Oak thinking? I quickly finish Mom's homemade pancakes and walk into the front entrance. I pull my red and white jacket off the hook and over my black sleeveless. Pika perks up; then, head dives into his bowl, finishing his food, before running to me.

"Red, please come home before leaving," Mom requests.

"Yes, Mom," I answer, "I have to anyway since I haven't packed for two months."

With that, I close the door behind us and walk towards the professor's lab.