By Ash Kaiba

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to Pokèmon. Pokèmon is copyrighted by Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, and Game Freak. The names used in this fiction are from the Pokèmon Special Adventures, translated and published (at least the English version) by Viz Media.

Disclaimer #2: I'm taking creative liberties here. I'm basing this fiction off of the games. So, the Pokèmon referred to are Red and Green's teams in HeartGold/SoulSilver. But, while basing off the games, some elements will be taken from Pokèmon Adventures, since I like how some of the events are in the manga better than the games.

From the Desk of Ash Kaiba:

After about two months for silence, I bring to you chapter 4 of Unspoken. I have to say that this may possibly be one of my shortest completed fictions. I have the last four chapters already planned out, but it may become 5 in case I split one of the chapters up.

This chapter is focused on Red, the Kanto Champion. During chapters 2 and 3, Red has set out for another journey. Red has been asking the Oaks (rather bluntly) if Green has made any contact and battled the leaders introduced in Gold and Silver.

Chapter 04: Living the Dream

"Congratulations, Red. I'm glad you're doing so well in Johto."

I nod in approval with Pika smiling at the video phone screen. "The gym leaders here are excellent, but where can I go after this?"

"Well, there's a place in Johto that needs all 16 badges to be granted access. It is known as Mt. Silver."


It has been like this for eight months. I battle various trainers and pushed to my limits. But, there's something missing… And this something pains me to no end. I think it is to the point that my team is catching it. If not all of them, then Pika definitely is as he looks at me. I can see the worry in his eyes as I scratch his head. I summon up the courage to ask a question I've been asking for months. "Professor, have you heard from Green?"

Again, the response is the same. Professor Oak closes his aged green eyes and shakes his head. Disappointment floods my system as my heart sinks. "And Viridian's new leader?"

"No luck with that either, Red. The citizens would like you to come back, but I understand your decision. Agatha is doing the best she can."

I nod again, running out of things to say to the aging researcher. Professor Oak catches on and informs me that he will be in Johto tomorrow, watching a selection process for Agatha's permanent replacement. He explains that it would be a tournament thing since so many are trying out. During the explanation, I realize he is suggesting that I come and watch. I tell him that I probably won't be there since I only have Clair to face. And that she scheduled the battle to be tomorrow morning. But, I promise the old man that I would try. Yet, Professor Oak states that it is all right and that I can go ahead and start making my way to Mt. Silver. We say our farewells and the connection goes dead.

I return the phone to the receiver as Pika jumps onto the counter. "Pi? Pika pi?"

I sigh, scooping up the rodent and walking out into the night of Blackthorn City. I walk towards the entrance of Route 45 and gaze south. "I miss him too, Pika. I wonder how he is doing," I answer.

Pika sighs and shakes his head. "Pika pi Pikachu."

I push the blush aside as my brain translates Pika's words. "Pika, we may never see Green again. I just need to forget this," I hiss as I strike my chest. "He could be dead for all we know."

Pika pouts, but drops the subject. He remains silent as I pull up the memories of my journeys to drown the pain. A year ago, I didn't know what I was feeling. Now, I have a clue. No, I know how I feel about Green. His determination draws me closer to him than just his good looks. His mind also grasps things much quicker than mine, placing him ahead of me. My rival was my one source of companionship to other people. He always knew what I was thinking. But now, I struggle with it alone because he is gone. I focus on fulfilling my dream and defending my title to distract myself.

A vibration slams the brakes as I lose that train of thought. I pull a PokèGear off of my belt and glance at the screen. I accept the call and answer, "Red."

"Red, it's Mom. How are you?"

I couldn't hide the inner turmoil forever, but held back as a hiss comes out. "I'm fine… Just missing him."

I listen to Mom nod and then respond, "Look at it this way. Green may want the title back and will chase you down to get it."

"Yeah." I sigh, "But, he could also be dead."

"Red, we can't be sure. The police haven't found anything new. Well, since Bill told them which Pokèmon Green withdrew," she pauses. I can easily imagine her concerned look with the phone cupped in her hands. "I have the same fear you do, Red. But, I do not just fear for him. I'm afraid of what his ghost will do you."

I cock my eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"I know that you like him, dear. I never said anything about it until now because I want you to be happy. But, if Green is no longer with us, I think you should let him go."

My heart stops. Mom had known of the feelings I battled and kept to myself. I force my anxiety back as I search for a way out of the hole I'm in. "Mom, what about Dad?"

"I fear he is gone too, Red. No news or evidence." Her voice drops. "In brighter news, how is your Johto journey?"

"Well. I'm battling for the last badge tomorrow."


"I'll be going to Mt. Silver. Professor Oak says there are strong Pokèmon there."

"It's probably cold there too, Red. How about you give me a list of supplies you need? Then, I can send them up to you." She asks. I stay silent and listen to her groan. "Never mind, I'll pick some things up and have them at the Pokèmon Center for you."

I nod, now uncertain of what I could say. Mom catches my hint and wishes me good night and good luck. I mumble a return reply as Mom hangs up. I feel Pika watching me as I put the PokèGear back on my belt. My body sinks down as I ponder about my old friend. I hope that he is watching the sunset somewhere. The better news is that he is watching it from the safety of a police station.

I reach into my vest pocket, grabbing a small box. My fingers flip the black lid open as I stare at the prize inside. The fading sunlight reflects onto my face off of the red gem. I am planning on giving this to Green as a gift. Now, the chances are slim since he disappeared. Pika closes the lid, silently begging me to rest and focus on the battle ahead. A smile creeps its way onto my face as I rub the yellow fur. "You're right, friend. Let's go back and sleep."

Pika smiles and jumps off my legs so I can get up. He runs ahead, pauses, and then runs in circles as I catch up before repeating the process. The door slides open as Pika triggers the movement. He leaps up into one of the vacant seats, where I join him. I release my team and eat in silence.

The air around us reflects their concern. I, on the other hand, force myself to think of a strategy.

My alarm buzzes as slumber leaves my tired body. Pika groans as he stretches his small body. The rest of my team growl in annoyance, asking me for some more sleep time. Sadly, I deny them that luxury since my battle with the last Johto leader is an appointment. I turn off the alarm and lead my Pokèmon outside. We eat a light breakfast before they return to their PokèBalls. Pika returns to his place on my shoulder as we head towards the gym.

I enter without a word, fully aware of Claire's trainers watching us. Auras of awe surround us as Pika and my thoughts become one. I hope we can survive this battle as we approach the waiting leader. Her light blue hair hangs high as her cape flutters from the heat of the gym. She welcomes us with a smirk on her face and issues the challenge by tossing the first ball on the field.

Pika and I stare down a Dragonair. And like before, I wish Green was near. The Dragon-type weakness flees from my memory once more. The first time would be my battle with Lance. I call out Blast and start slowly injuring the opponent. I silently direct him as the first Pokèmon fainted and another Dragonair takes its place. I alter my attack order to keep the leader on her toes. I call Blast back before he passes out and allow Pika to take charge. With a Quick Attack, the second Dragonair passes out.

Claire hisses as Pika quickly finishes her Seadra as she unleashed another round with the rare dragons of Kanto. I exchange Pika for Char, and start working in a similar pattern to when Blast was out. The battle rages on as Char falls victim to a water move I fail to see coming. I send Lap out and notice the leader flinch.

"Lap, Ice Beam," I whisper.

She complies and Claire's Dragonair howls in pain. The leader calls out her last dragon and watches it fall to the same move. She calls back the fallen creature and steps down from her throne. Her gaze locks on someone behind me. I turn around and gape as Lance approaches. His gloved hands clap as a smile rests on his face. Claire growls and returns her attention back to me. "Let's finish business outside."

I follow them. Outside, Lance's Dragonite mews at our approach. Lance whispers something to leader, but Claire answers back with bark. She turns back to me and extends her hand. She opens the fist and reveals the last Johto badge.

"Well, Red, I hate admitting it, but you earned the badge," Claire scowls. "Now, I am going to watch a tournament for some Kanto gym…"

I shake my head before she offers to take me along. "I'm going south."

"To head to Mt. Silver? Fine, suit yourself."

With that, Claire rejoins the Dragon Master and flies off. I watch them before focusing my gaze south. Pika nods from his perch. Excitement shines in his brown eyes. I nod in agreement and call out Char. "Take us to back to the Plateau."

Char smirks and complies as we leave Blackthorn.