"My name is Lara, not six. My name is Lara, not six. My name is Lara, not six. My name is Lara, not six." I chanted over and over to myself as I adjusted back into my 9ft by 5 ft cell after my 550th possession. My cell looks no different than when I left. My sleeping bag is in the top left hand corner a few books were piled up in the left and my few ratty pieces of clothes were neatly folded next to my sleeping bag but I was different. Most people can't survive more than 50 possessions with their minds intact but I have survived 550.

I was raised in this hell. I don't remember my life before waking up in this cell when I was around 4 years old. I don't actually know how old I am. I think I'm 20 or maybe 22 but I don't know. They keep us, all 12 of us, in this basement locked in numbered cells. They all call me six, the demons, the strange, the horrid things that keep us prisoner. I somehow know that my name was Lara but I don't know how I remember it. I don't remember anything else from life before this place some days I wonder if I even had a life before this. Did I ever have parents? Did I have a home? Did I have a safe nursery that my mother would sing me to sleep in? Even if I did it doesn't matter because I am here now and have always and probably always will be here.

Five, Seven, Eight, and Ten are all out on a "mission." That is what the demons call them. We are held here like a store for demons to pick bodies from to take out into the world. The only time I am in the world is when a demon possessing my body. Otherwise I am locked in my cell. Twice a day they bring us food and four times a day we are allowed to use the restroom. Once a day for one hour some of us are allowed to exercise. The demons say I have to stay fit and pretty so they can use me so I am forced to train relentlessly to keep my figure.

The others that are left with me are vegetables now minus nine. She is starting to lose her mind though. I can hear her mumbling incoherently to herself at night. One, Two, Three, and Four just sit in their cells. They don't talk and they don't move. If the demons want them to eat they possess them and force their bodies to eat. I've been here the longest. After the bodies turn to vegetables it is only a matter of time before the head hunters bring in another person to fill their cell. Over the past 15 years that I have been here there has been over a 100 people to go through here.

The demons warned me that if I killed myself I would go to hell and there they would torture me for all of eternity so I bear this life in silence, only allowing myself to complain to myself in my mind. When the demons possess me they can read some of my thoughts and they mock me for thinking I will be rescued but I can read their thoughts and they worry that a hunter may someday find out about these body farms they keep. I pray every time a demon takes my body out that a hunter will shot my body fatally and they won't be able to bring my back. Death would be a welcomed solace after the life I have lived. Unfortunately I have only have been shot and stabbed in places that are healable.

My body has been unwillingly used in every evil way it could be. Demons would use me as a child and teenager to kill people because no one ever suspects an innocent looking little girl. The first time my body murdered someone I was here only a year. The demon controlling me was very old and very powerful and she killed an entire elementary school. I didn't sleep for weeks after that. The screaming and the face of each child my hands killed haunted me. But crossroad demons like my body the most. When I was a little child they would trick pedophiles into selling their souls to sleep with a child. The demon stayed in my body the whole time but I could still see and feel what was happening. When I was older they stopped using me for that and I thought I it would get better. After I grew out of the awkward teenager phase as they called it the crossroad demons would take my body into strip clubs. When men would joke that they would sell their soul to sleep with me the demon would take them up on the offer without the man even knowing what was happening. The demons would mock me while the sleazy men would do whatever they wanted to my body for one night for their souls. I always came back feeling sick and dirty from missions like that, like the one I just came from.

I am so tired but I am afraid to sleep. The nightmares are so strong and when are asleep it is when the demons have the easiest time taking over your body. But I need sleep so I lay down to go to sleep and I hear pounding above my cell. Doors are being slammed and the demons were rushing around. One, Two, Three, Four, and Nine are quickly possessed and their bodies ran up the stairs. Could this be my chance? Could I be rescued? I am not going to allow those bastards to keep me from that. I looked around my cell and found a fork left over from my meal yesterday. I carve a cross into my forearm hoping it would keep the any demon out of my body who wanted to use me in what was happening upstairs.

The gun shots starting and I can hear the chaos upstairs. Between the gunshots I can hear people falling like bags on the floor above me. There are screams, blasts, and pounding happening above me like a war. If the demons win and see what I did to my arms they might kill me but I don't care at this point. When the noise starts to die down I am taken over with fear. I calculate the risk and decide it is worth it. "HELP ME! I AM DOWN HERE! PLEASE HELP ME!"

I hear the door creek open and I shout louder. "PLEASE SAVE ME! I AM IN CELL SIX!" I shove my hand out of the cell and wiggle my fingers hoping whoever is there sees them. "Sam get down here. There are people alive down here." I hear the man shout back up the stairs. I can hear him running towards me and he grabs my hand. "It's going to be ok miss we're going to get you out of here."

The man in front of me doesn't appear to be a demon but how can I know. "Are you a good guy?" I ask meekly. He seems kind. His eyes looks a little haunted but smiles at me and lets out a light chuckle. "Yes were the good guys. I am going to let go and get you out of here ok?"

I shake my head and point towards the stairs. "They keep the keys locked up over there. There is no one else down here. The other people are possessed and out on missions. I am the only one still here." The man turns around and quickly finds the keys and runs back to let me out. He slides the key in and I hear the click of freedom as he turns the key and opens the door. I run to him and grab him the strongest hug I could muster. "Thank you. You don't know how long I have wanted out of this cage." He smelled good. He didn't smell like a demon. Demons smell like rotting flesh he smells like well human.

He puts his arms around me "It's going to be ok we are going to get you out of this house." I pull away as a hear sounds on the steps behind my rescuer. It takes the other man a minute to come down the stairs and when I can finally see his face I am struck my fear.

I slowly start to back away from the man I was hugging and run into the bars of my cell. I look at my rescuer and I don't trust him anymore. "You told me you were one of the good guys. You lied." My rescuer looked confusingly back at the other man and back at me. "That man is a bad. His name is Sam. He scares me. Please don't hurt me. I will tell you whatever you want but please just kill me quickly when you are done." I flinched waiting for the blow to come to my face.

Sam walked over to me cautiously and stopped next to my rescuer. He stopped for a minute and studied my face. "Ruby?" He asked confused.

"My name is not Ruby it is Lara. She was just using my body." I barked at him. As the realization hit him that Ruby was no longer in me he started to look sick. "I am not those creatures that take over my body. I am Lara, not six, and not Ruby. If you are going to kill me at least allow the dignity of dying as Lara."

My rescuer through his arms up and pushed Sam back a bit. "Lara no one is going to hurt you. I don't know how you know my brother here but we are here to help you. My name is Dean and I am going to get you out of here now ok." I can't look at him while he's speaking to me. I keep looking at Sam waiting for him to snap and attack me again. Dean gently grabs my arm and brings my attention back to him. "Look at my Lara. Yea that's right look me in the eyes." I look into his jade green eyes and I start to relax. There is no malice or evil in them. "We are not going to hurt you. Come with me and we will sort all of this out once we have left this place." I break away and look at Sam who was frowning behind Dean pacing back and forward and I grab Dean's hand. "Ok." I say and I follow them out of the basement.

I can see the bodies strewn all over the house but I don't care. Those demons had kept me captive my whole life and I didn't care what happened to them. One, Two, Three, Four, and Nine were dead on the floor but I felt relieved for them. Their minds had gone and only in death would they be whole again.

Dean lead me out of the front door and I stopped right over the threshold and took a deep breath of the evening air and was afraid to move. Dean stopped and looked back at me. "What's wrong?"

I lower my eyes and I could feel myself blushing. "I have never been outside before with a demon possessing me. I've spent my whole life in that cell only leaving with a demon taking me for a stroll. I just want to enjoy the moment." He gently pulled my hand leading me out the door and down the steps. I looked up and a saw the moon for the first time with my own eyes. It was beautiful.

He guide me to a black car and him and Same started to load their weapons in to the trunk while I waiting their nervously. Dean slammed the trunk and looked at his brother. "Get in the car Sam. I want to talk to her for a minute." Sam reluctantly went to the passenger side and go in slamming the door behind him. I couldn't help but flinch. Dean grabbed my hand again and lead me away from the car. "I don't know what happened with you and my brother in the past but I promise that he will not hurt you. We need to get out of here quickly and we will figure out what we are going to do when we can stop and rest at a motel down the road a bit. Is that ok with you?"

I was shocked. No one had ever asked me if it was ok with me. No one ever asked me anything they just tell me. "Ok we can talk about it later. If he tries to touch me I will defend myself." I said with a bite at the end of it. Dean laughed and took my back to the car and opened the back door behind the driver's side.

As I slide into the car Sam looked back and tried to give me a weak smile. Seeing him after everything that had happened years ago gave me the shivers up my spine and I wanted to hide in the seat. I sat as close to the door as possible and held my breath until Dean sat down in the front seat. When he finally took his seat and latched my left hand on his bicep from the backseat. He looked back at me from the rear view mirror. "It's ok Lara you can relax. Nothing is going to happen."

I relax my grip but keep my hand there until I am secure that Sam is not going to try to drain me of blood or hurt me again. He looks different that the last time I meet him. He looks more like the man I meet the first time. Ruby asked my keepers for a young girl who looked sweet and innocent and they picked me. When I first saw him I thought he looked kind. He was so terribly sad that I thought he would break with the slightly nudge. But he changed quickly. That monster I had last seen doesn't seem to be sitting in the seat in front of me but I can't be sure. I of all people know that monsters can hide.

I don't know how long we have been driving. Dean started playing music and we drove in silence expect for the loud music pounding my ears. I kept my eyes on Sam and every time he moved I would flinch and tighten my grip on Dean's arm. He would move his right hand up and touch my hand reassuringly every time but I couldn't help but be afraid.

As the sun started to come up I noticed we were pulling off the road into a motel, or so that sign said. When he pulled in front of the office he turned off the car and looked at Sam. "Go get two rooms next to each other Sam."

Sam looked at his brother in shock. "Since when do we get two rooms?" Dean gave him a cold stare. "Since there's a girl scared of you in the back seat. We'll sort this out later but right now I want to rest." Sam got up and slammed the door behind him and went into the office.

Dean watched his brother until he came back outside and got in the car giving Dean two room keys. Dean turned the car back on and drove it to the end of the motel and go out getting some bags from the trunk. I followed him not sure where to go. When we climbed the stairs to the second floor Dean threw Sam a set of keys and stopped at the door in front of his. He opened the door and lead me through the door. "Sam I'll be over in a few minutes."

I walked into the room and was relaxed to see that I could recognize this kind of setting by my many missions. The set up was universally the same. Two beds, a tv, a rickety table, some chairs, and a bathroom. Dean dropped his duffel and the bed closest to the door and I timidly walked to the chair and sat down. Dean started to dig threw bag and starting putting stuff on the bed. He handed me a grey t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and bag. "Why don't you clean up and I am going to go talk to Sam." I look down at myself and notice for the first time how dirty I must look. My shirt and pants are ripped up and stained with blood amongst other things. I threw my hand out and grabbed his. "Please don't leave me here alone. They will find me."

He got down on his knees in front of me. "No one is getting in here. I will set up some demon traps and lay salt down before I go." I got up shakily and headed the bathroom. I opened the bag he gave me and found it stocked with shampoo, deodorant, and a razor. I grab one of the soaps from the sink and turn the water. I discard my clothes and throw them in the trash next to the toilet. They were ruined and I refused to put them back on ever again. I heard Dean finishing the precautions he promised me he would set and I get into the shower allowing the hot water to scold my skin.