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Before Alexis even opened her eyes, the first thing she was aware of was the sound of beeping. The sound was a steady beeping that, now that she focused on it, coincided with the sound of her own heartbeat. She tried to take a deep breath but there was something in her nose that made that nearly impossible. Not to mention it made her nose tickle.

Opening her eyes slowly, Alexis quickly shut them again, trying to block out the bright light that was on the other side of her eyelids.

"Alexis?" she heard a voice whisper.

Groaning slightly, Alexis turned her head and cracked her eyes open, taking in the image of the person sitting next to her bed.

The last person she expected to be sitting next to her, however, was the one and only Detective Beckett.

Seeing the girl's eyes open, Beckett gave Alexis a genuine smile and stood up. Pressing a button on the table beside her quickly, Beckett moved to stand directly next to Alexis's head.

"Hey Alexis," the Detective said quietly, "how are you feeling?"

Suddenly as she became more aware of her surroundings, Alexis's nose started to feel cold and uncomfortable. Moving her hand up to remove the annoyance, she was surprised to feel Beckett's hand wrap around her wrist, moving it back down to her side.

"I don't think that's such a good idea, sweetie." Kate said, laying her hand by her side. Then Kate took her other hand and ran it slowly across Alexis's hairline, brushing some fly-away strands away from her face, "the doctor will want you to keep that in until he sees you."

Alexis's brow furrowed and Beckett, realizing what she was doing, quickly removed her hand and took a small step back from the bed. She took a deep breath.

"You gave us quite a scare back there, Alexis."

It was then that Alexis finally realized where she was. The beeping machine, the cold air up her nose, the uncomfortable bed and the presence of the Detective could only mean one thing.

She was hooked up to a machine, hooked up on oxygen, in a hospital.

How did she end up here?

"What happened?" Alexis croaked. She coughed a little to clear her throat.

She watched as the Detective's brow furrowed, "Do you remember anything?"

Alexis thought back to earlier in the day. She had gotten up at 6:15 like she did every morning, showered, got dressed for school, ate a quick breakfast, left her Dad a note telling him when she'd be back (because he was still asleep), grabbed her keys, and walked out of the loft. She had gotten to school early, talked to Paige for awhile, and then went to class. She took her English exam, and there had been a pop-quiz in Art History, and…

No matter how hard she tried, Alexis couldn't remember anything else.

"I remember… getting up and leaving… leaving the loft. I… got to school early and I talked to Paige. I had an exam in my English class and… and then I remember a pop-quiz in Art History, but… But I don't remember anything else." She admitted.

Kate gave Alexis a sad smile and picked up where Alexis left off.

"You were walking in the hallway with your friends and when you got to your locker, you fainted."

The heartbeat monitor started beating faster, and Alexis's eyes got bigger. "What? I fainted? How?"

"Dehydration," the older woman said simply, "the doctors think that you've been doing too much."

"But why are you here?" As soon as Alexis said it, she wished she could take it back. Or at least make it sound like it wasn't an accusation.

It wasn't that she hated the woman. Really, that wasn't it at all. If anything, she respected the Detective more than any other woman in her life. What she didn't respect was what she was doing to her father. She saw how devastated her father could become because of Detective Kate Beckett. She saw that her Dad was hurting and Katherine Beckett was the reason, and that wasn't okay with her because no matter what happened or whose fault it was or how much she respected the Detective her Dad was still the most important person in her life. Alexis would rather die than see him hurt or worse because of this woman who has slowly become such an integral part of his heart.

Alexis watched as Beckett shifted her weight awkwardly from one foot to another as she tried to explain.

"The hospital tried to get in contact with your father, but he has his phone turned off for his meeting and all of the lines at Black Pawn are down today because they're changing service providers. They tried calling your grandmother but her phone went straight to voicemail," she shrugged her shoulders, "your father apparently put me down as your third emergency contact. The hospital called me, and I came."

Alexis nodded shortly, and looked as if she was about to speak, when she heard the door open. Both women turned towards the sound and watched as a man wearing scrubs and a lab jacket walk in towards her bed.

"Hello, Miss Castle, I'm Doctor Alvarez," the man grabbed her chart from the edge of the bed and quickly flipped through the pages, "it looks to me like you've been burning both ends of the candle." He gave Alexis a quick smile, "let's get you checked out so we can get you out of here as quickly as possible okay?"

Doctor Alvarez began to move around the bed and started to check Alexis's vitals, recording what was important and telling her what was going on with her body and about what she would have to do to get better.

Alexis was only partially paying attention though, because she kept sneaking glances at the Detective who was still in the room. Beckett had stepped back away from the bed to make room for the doctor. She had crossed her arms over her chest, but her eyes followed every move the doctor made, listening to every word he said about her condition.

"Well, Miss Castle," Doctor Alvarez said, "Once we get some fluids into you, you'll be as good as new. We're going to keep you for overnight observation. We'll try to get in contact with your father again…"

Kate interrupted the doctor, "That won't be necessary, Doctor Alvarez. I got in contact with her father. He's on his way now."

Doctor Alvarez nodded his head in acknowledgment, "Alright then, Miss Castle. Don't try to move out of bed, and if you need anything, just press this button." Doctor Alvarez picked up the button that Kate had pressed earlier of the table beside her and put it within reaching distance. "I'll be back to check up on you later this afternoon." And with that, Doctor Alvarez left the two women alone.

"My Dad is coming?" Alexis said quietly, once she heard the door close.

Beckett moved closer to the bed again, nodding her head. "Yeah, he called a couple minutes before you woke up and I told him I was here with you. He should be here any minute."

"Were you in the middle of a case?"

The Detective nodded again.

"I'm sorry," Alexis said, "I would've been alright if you hadn't come. I know you're busy."

Beckett smiled at the young girl and shrugged her shoulders, "It's nothing Ryan and Esposito can't handle. They're big boys."

Alexis took in the appearance of the older woman. She was wearing a structured blazer, her badge and piece visible on her hip. Her hair fell across her shoulders and she was wearing what her dad had called her "power heels". However, Alexis also noticed the shadows underneath her eyes. The woman's exhaustion was visible in the slight slump in her shoulders. But there was a tenderness in her eyes that Alexis only saw on rare occasions.

Alexis felt a quick flash of guilt sink into the pit of her stomach. This woman worked so hard at her job and now she was being forced to look after her as well. Every time Alexis saw Beckett since that day outside of the bank, the Detective had just been progressively looking more and more tired.

That day outside the bank. The hostage situation. Her break-up with Ashley. Alexis yelling at the person who was responsible for getting her father out of that bank alive. The same person who was standing right beside her now.


"Alexis, please call me Kate."

"I never did get to actually thank you," Alexis mumbled quietly, almost embarrassed, "for getting Dad and Grams out of that bank."

Before Alexis was even finished speaking, "You don't need to thank me, Alexis. I was just doing my job."

This time it was Alexis's turn to shake her head. "No, you're a homicide detective. Your job is not to save hostages, but…"

Kate cut her off gently, "Alexis, above anything else, my job is to protect people. If that means getting killers off the street, I'll do it. If that means hostage negotiation, I'll do it. And the minute I realized your Dad was in there, there wasn't a single thing anyone could do to keep me from getting involved. It's my job, to protect him, Alexis, and I will do anything necessary to keep him safe."

By the end of her speech, Alexis was breathless at the fierceness of the determination of the Detective's words. Her words were angry, as if the thought of someone harming her father was enough to make her physically violent. They were passionate, as if the protection of her father was the most important thing in her life.

When Alexis looked into the Detective's eyes, however, she was blown away by what she saw. It was then Alexis realized the real reason Kate was here in this hospital room with her. Kate cared about her father. Kate came as soon as she got the call because she knew how important Alexis was to him.

It was essentially the basic Properties of Equality.

Her dad was important to Kate; Alexis was important to her Dad; therefore, Alexis was important to Kate.

Kate would do anything for her father; her father would do anything for Alexis; therefore, Kate would do anything for Alexis.

Alexis looked at Kate, and the Detective saw the epiphany flash across her face. Kate blushed slightly.

Alexis opened her mouth to speak multiple times, but nothing came out. Eventually, she managed to form a sentence.

"Kate," she said quietly, trying to keep her voice under control, "I -"


The girl in the hospital quickly turned her head to the familiar voice, not surprised at all to see her father running into the hospital room, his tie hanging loose around his neck and his hair standing up at odd angles like he had been running his hands through it. He quickly found his way to the edge of her bed. Grabbing her hand in one of his, he let his other hand drift over her hair, making sure that every single one was still there. Then he leaned down and kissed her softly on the forehead.

"I'm so happy you're alright sweetheart."

Alexis gave him a smile and squeezed his hand, "I'm glad you're here, Dad."

While Rick kept his running his hand across his daughter's hair, Alexis tried to find Kate. She wasn't where she had been standing earlier. Glancing around the edge of the room, she finally made eye contact with the Detective as she was sneaking out the door. Alexis opened her mouth to call her back, but stopped when she saw the look on Kate's face. It was the exact same smile she had given her the day when Kate had gotten her Dad and Grams safely out of the bank: the smile that said everything that the Detective wasn't ready to put into words yet. Before Alexis could respond however, the door clicked shut and the Detective was gone.

It was then that Alexis realized her father was still talking.

"I'm so sorry that I wasn't here sooner. My phone was turned off because of the meeting and if I would've known what was happening I wouldn't have left you. I got here as soon as I could. Every morning I'm going to make you breakfast. I'm going to make sure that you start eating better. You're going off to college soon, sweetie. You need to take better care of yourself. When I got that text from Detective Beckett… Wait? Where is Kate?"

Alexis raised an eyebrow at her father, "She just left. She was standing right there," Alexis pointed to the spot just behind the chair, "when you came in."

Her father groaned and pulled out his phone, intent on calling his Detective and thanking her profusely for being there for his daughter when he wasn't.

Alexis didn't shy away from calling Kate "his Detective" because that was exactly what she was. She saw that now. She was his detective and he was her writer and as unorthodox as their relationship was they were partners. She would do anything for him the same way he would do anything for her.

Alexis plucked the phone from her father's hands just before he hit the dial button.

"It's okay, Dad," she whispered, "she knows."

Rick looked like he was about to protest, but Alexis cut him off.

"Thank her in person the next time you see her."

He nodded and settled into the chair beside her bed, "You should get some sleep, pumpkin. It'll help you get better."

Alexis nodded, suddenly feeling exhausted, and tried to get comfortable in the hospital bed. She squeezed her Dad's hand once and shut her eyes, but her mind kept formulating equations.

Dad is important to Kate; I'm important to my dad; therefore I'm important to Kate.

Dad is important to me; Kate is important to my dad; therefore Kate is important to me.

Alexis smiled.

"Dad?" she mumbled, her eyes still closed.

"Yes, pumpkin?"

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Of course, Alexis. Anything you need."

Alexis snuggled further into the pillows, trying to hide the fact that her smile had transformed into a smirk.

"The next time you see Kate," she whispered, "can you give her a kiss for me? Tell her I said thank you. For everything."

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