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Sex and Candy

Chapter I: There She Was, Like Double Cherry Pie

She was jailbait at it's finest.

Juice knew that. They all did.

And they never let him forget it either.

"I don't know how you can stand coming here every week just to leave and spend the rest of the night shitting your brains out and nursing blue balls." It was Tig who'd said that before throwing his head back and swigging down a third of his beer.

Juice furrowed his brow. It was a relatively good point. He basically tortured himself by coming to the diner during the night shift on Fridays. She always worked Friday nights. And she always laid it on nice and thick, just for him. And there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it but go back to the clubhouse and play handball before passing out stoned.

Not to say he had never weighed his options before. She was seventeen, there would be less than a year between being able to do something and not, so would it really be that big of a deal if he dipped in a little early?

Not only was it too risky (if Clay found out he was banging minors, he'd fucking gut him), but the guys would never let him live it down. And he already took enough shit from them.

She was just so hot. And she wanted him.

Chibs barked out a laugh and clapped Juice on the shoulder. "Give the lad a break, would ya Tigger?"

Juice was grateful for Chibs. Sure, he could dish it out with the rest of the guys, but Chibs was the first one to defend him when he'd had a rough day already. And today had been rough. Clay had practically ripped him a new asshole earlier when he'd been in a bad mood and caught Juice sleeping on the job in the garage. But now he wanted to put that little mishap from earlier way in the back of his mind.

Then there she was.


Her name was Valerie Stone. She'd grown up in Charming and had been working at the diner since she was sixteen. Juice had still been a prospect back then. And from the first time he'd ever met her, sitting at this same table, ordering the same chicken burritos he was about to now, she'd had it bad for him.

And it didn't help that she'd been one of those sixteen-year-olds that didn't look sixteen. Plus, she'd only gotten hotter as time went on. Now, she had her long dyed red hair piled on top of her head, and twinkling gray eyes lined in black very precisely. She was kind of tall and lean, with too many curves for her own good. Everything she wore was too short and too tight, but in the best way possible; even her work uniform looked painted on. Hell, Sal, the owner, didn't give a shit. It got her more tips and as long as no one was tapping that underage ass, there was no harm, no foul. Plus, he got to watch these girls running back and forth from the kitchen all day while he sat slobbering over onion rings and reading the newspaper in the corner behind the counter. It certainly wasn't an issue when their shirts showed a little extra cleavage and their shorts were a little shorter than necessary.

"Hey guys," she said as she approached the present Sons with a few more beers in hand, placing one in front of each MC member. She saved Juice for last. "Hey Juice." She grinned a grin that Juice knew was pretty much reserved for him, and the biker leaned back casually into the booth. "Drinks on the house tonight guys. Sal didn't forget you chased those Mayans away last month."

"Right, tell him thanks for us, would ya love?" Chibs said, though he leaned past Val and nodded to the owner of the diner himself.

"Will do. What can I get you boys tonight?"

She hung onto every word each guy said mentally, but physically she was elsewhere, eyes shifting to the side every other second in order to eye up her favorite piece of man meat. She couldn't explain it and she didn't understand it. It wasn't like he was the head honcho of the MC or something; the others were always picking on him, except for the new prospect.

But Juice did it for her.

It might've been the mohawk. It might've been the tattoos. Maybe the kutte. The bike. Hell, it might've been all of that. But one thing was for sure; Juice oozed danger, and it turned her on.

He'd give her the time of day; hell, she was positive she'd come close to winning him over more than once, even though it would have technically been illegal. But he always resisted everything she did. She understood it. She realized why he wouldn't touch her. Didn't make it any less frustrating though. But that was all about to change.

"I'll have that right out for you guys," she stated once everyone was done giving their order. Val made sure to turn a little slowly away from Juice, giving him any kind of view she could, and wandered off towards the kitchen.

Juice almost groaned as he tried desperately to ignore his favorite red high heels clicking away. They just made her legs look so long and sexy, he couldn't stand it.

"Be right back," Juice announced as he slid out of the booth and got up from the table. It was a warm night when he stepped outside and pulled a cigarette out.

He was almost finished smoking, sitting on his bike while he did so, when the click of heels on cement turned his head. Juice's free hand gripped the handle of his bike hard as he saw Valerie stepping out for her own cigarette break, feet away.

"How's life in the MC treating you?" she said as she sauntered confidently over to where his bike was parked. She didn't even hesitate to throw her leg over Juice's, making herself comfortable straddling his seat backwards so she was facing him. She was young, but she was bold as fuck, and Juice always knew it would end up getting him into trouble one of these days. He'd had to deal with this before.

"Val, c'mon. You know the drill," he said, not confident he had it in himself to fend her off tonight (as though he didn't ask for it). Leaning back was supposed to put distance between them, but it only allowed her a more comfortable space to settle between his crotch and handlebars.

"You didn't even notice," she said, shaking her head with a smirk before she took a drag and blew it over her shoulder. "I served you guys tonight."

Juice was confused for a minute, having been mildly distracted by the wisps of hair that had fallen from her messy bun and were brushing her neck in the light breeze.

Juice lurched back as she leaned in, afraid she'd actually gotten brave enough to kiss him, but she kept her distance. She smelled like cigarettes and whatever perfume she wore all the time. He loved it.

"I've been legal since Wednesday. I'm eighteen now." His eyes were glued to her painted red lips as the words slipped from them, in a, what he was sure was deliberate, husk.

"You're… eighteen now?" Juice repeated the words, letting them roll over in his mind. Val was eighteen. She was eighteen.

Juice let himself slide forward a little on the seat of the bike, chucking his cigarette to the ground and lifting her thighs as he moved, so she was much more on his lap. "Jesus Christ, I thought this day would never come," he breathed.

Val took a deep breath that exhaled as an overwhelmed giggle. She could already feel a bulge underneath her and it made it apparent that all the effort she'd put into impressing him had paid off.

She'd spent the last two years of her life turning guys her own age down left and right. She knew what she wanted and she wasn't settling for anything less than Juice. She'd always been a very determined girl; probably why she'd been a high honors student through high school.

His smile was killing her. He couldn't keep it restrained.

"Val! Get your ass in here!" And just like that, it was cut short. Juice groaned and Val slumped back a little.

"Shit," she hissed, quickly dismounting the bike and taking one last drag of her barely lit cigarette before discarding it and stomping it out with the shiny red heel Juice has become so very fond of. He looked up at the dark sky and sighed.

"Hey, you owe me a ride," she said flirtatiously, regaining his attention just before she pressed her lips lightly on the corner of his mouth. "Your food is probably done," she finished before she turned and took off inside.

Juice followed a minute later, allowing himself the appropriate amount of time to cool down before reentering the diner.

He made his way back over to where Chibs, Tig and Half-Sack were sitting and eating already, Val squeezing past him as she bussed food to another table. He was sure she'd rubbed up against him like that on purpose as she sent a half smile up at him. He couldn't help but grin back. He had been waiting for this for a while, and damn patiently if he did say so himself.

Half-Sack started laughing at him when he sat back in his seat and Chibs shook his head. "You've got to be kiddin' me," he muttered.

"What?" Juice wondered, brow creasing, right before he took a large bite of his food.

"You have a little girl's lipstick on your face you retard," Tig informed, looking more annoyed with Juice than amused. "Clay's gonna beat your ass when he hears about this."

"No, no he's not." Juice had a triumphant look on his face as he swallowed his burrito. "As of Wednesday, anything and everything I do with her is one-hundred percent legal. And you guys are just jealous because all you have is loose, beaten up pussy."