"Come on Lucas!" Ness shouted. It had snowed the night before, so the two physics were up and running outside enjoying the day. They had been throwing snowballs at each other with Red and Toon Link earlier, but the trainer and toon hero left due to a brawl.

The snow crunched lightly against the blonds' boots, while his yellow scarf waved from the wind. He had tried catching up with Ness earlier, but tripped, somehow, on the snow, causing him to slow down a bit.

Lucas looked around. "… Ness?" He whispered. No reply. "Ness?" He tried raising his voice, which was somewhat hard, but the raven haired boy had heard him.

"Hey Luke, over here!" A familiar but all too cheerful voice came from behind Lucas. He spun around, staggering a bit from the snow, and saw Ness. Apparently, Ness was rolling snow around form a small ball, soon growing bigger from the gathering of snow.

"Uh… Ness?" The boy with the cap looked up upon hearing his name.

"Yeah Luke?"

"What are you making?"

"Well," He gave a small grin to blond, showing him the almost perfect ball of snow. "I'm making a snowman!"

Lucas could only watch as continued on with the making of the snowman. "Umm… What can I do?" Of course, didn't really feel like doing anything, but the least he could was help out a bit.

The older boy thought for a moment. Well… he was almost done with snowman. After all, it wasn't that to make. "Well…" What could Lucas do? ... He had a perfect idea. "… You could give me a hug. It's really cold too. So it'd warm me up a bit." He was cold, but only from playing in the snow, despite wearing two jackets under his fuzzy coat. Lucas blinked. Then he was confused. 'Ness wanted a hug?' He blushed a bit at the thought. He did say he was feeling cold… And he didn't want his friend to get frostbite…

Going back to the snowman, Ness had finally added the head, meaning he was almost done. All he needed was…

"Hey Luke, I think we should-" He didn't have time to finish his sentence, since the blond had tackled him into the snow.

"…" The two boys stared at each other, their faces covered in snow. Ness' hat had somehow fallen off. Ness, of course, was surprised. Lucas just stayed silent. Nothing could be heard except for some of the dried-out leaves gliding through the winter sky. This was one awkward silence.

"What the-"

"S-Sorry Ness! I-I was trying t-to… give you a surprise hug?" He gave a small innocent smile, as if nothing had happened.

Ness gave a mixture of a sigh and laugh. A surprise hug? How… cute.

"Well, thanks Luke." He gave the younger boy a small grin.

"No problem." He said, giving the most cutest expression Ness had ever seen. Only one problem…

"Uh… Lucas?"

"Yeah Ness?"

"Well, you are on top of me," He stated. Lucas gave a small glance at where Ness was, than he did a double take. He scurried of off Ness, giving the boy on the ground time to recover from cold snow. Great, he had snow in his coat.

Lucas gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry…"

"Don't worry, let's just get back to the mansion." He searched for his red cap that he had suddenly remembered. He found it near then snowman he had build, picked it up, and had an idea.

"You know Ness, I think it looks great." He gave it one last look before strolling off, Ness followed after him.

"Of course it does! It has you and me on it." He hoped they would get back to the mansion soon, it had somehow gotten colder. Both the boys looked back one more time, seeing the snowman with Ness' red cap on its head, and Lucas' yellow scarf around its neck, before running back to the mansion.

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