Street Fighter: Lost Shadow

Round 4

"How… am I not dead?" Avery wondered aloud.

That was the first thought that came to mind when he regained consciousness. Given the number the droids did to his face, turning the world into one big massive blur, he found it astonishing that he could even remember his name, let alone remember where he was. Then again, from what he recalled, it was also a miracle that he was still in one piece and not a seven foot tall, three hundred pound stain. Whether it was karma or pure luck, something managed to break his fall just enough to remain intact… relatively speaking. Avery grew rather sick of those long drops…

Rubbing his massive hand over his forehead, he felt something wet and sticky on his fingers. "Huh… great…" he mumbled, lazily wiping off the blood in his hands.

He turned his head upward and flinched. It hurt just to blink. He closed his eyes, waiting for the pounding to subside and hung his head back… and felt his stomach leave his throat as he felt himself topple and fall before coming to a sudden halt. Four lengths of cables managed to entangle themselves around his body, barely managing to hold his weight as they slackened, but hold they did; his already battered head was a mere inch away from hitting solid titanium.

"OK, I'm awake now," the stunned giant gasped, his headache and every other manner of pain already forgotten. At that point, after yet another near death experience, he decided he loved cables as much as he hated long drops…

Hanging upside down, he shut his eyes and waited until his heart settled. In an odd way, he found it rather relaxing… or perhaps his beaten body was trying to tell him something, namely rest. Once the novelty of 'hanging around' wore itself, slowly, he lifted his body until he was upright. He then raised his right arm and wrapped his fingers around one of the cables. Testing his strength, he gave the cable a light tug, then gave it a sudden yank. The cable snapped, and as he had expected, so did the rest. As the distance was rather short, he landed on his back with no additional injuries save for a dull ache on his shoulder. Disengaging himself from the cables, he gradually pushed himself back to his feet, and nearly stumbled back to the ground.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… easy there…"

Regaining his equilibrium, he stood and looked at his surroundings. The area he was in looked no different from the area he fell from; a complete wreck. Dangling cables and exposed circuitry protruded from dimly lit walls, crackling with current. Earth and twisted metal mixed together, damaging some consoles while burying other parts of the expanse. Fissures opened from the walls to the ground, making some areas precarious to walk on. Dust kicked up every time he made a move. The scarred reaper did consider himself fortunate in one respect; at least he was no longer pinned down.

Fzzt… whirr… Kzzxt…

Looking down on his feet, the mangled remains of a droid looked up at the titan, its eyes still glowing with hostility. The moment his eyes locked onto the droid's, Avery's expression hardened. The hostility in the machine's eyes wavered, as if it was suddenly intimidated by his presence. Afterwards, the last thing the robot saw was the sole of the giant's left boot before its head got crushed underneath.

Cammy found it difficult to look at him.

He was not Vega, that much she knew for certain. Physically, their appearances were very similar. Aside from the broad shoulders and heavy musculature, he also possessed the same skin complexion as Vega, the same hair color as Vega, the same square jaw line underlining his face, the same narrow eyes. The movement of his arms, the heavy steps of his legs as he walked, even those subtleties were very much alike. Yet there were also clear differences between the two. For one, this man was visibly younger in appearance than Vega, possessing none of the wizened, hard features on his face. He looked more to be in his mid twenties than in his fifties. For another, he lacked the madness that characterized Vega's power hungry nature. What Cammy initially thought was malevolence in those eyes, it was simply the flames of his psycho power masking his true nature underneath. With the flames removed, what she saw was still madness, but of the unhinged kind, along with a mixture of confusion, fear, sadness, self-loathing… in other words, he was an utter wreck.

That, and his irises were brown.

He was not Vega, she knew with absolute clarity. He was a clone, just like herself, and yet she still found it difficult to look at him. The thought of being in the same presence as that man sent icicles down her spine. The essence of his psycho power, the very destructive flames that her former master had once wielded, had once used to control her, those scars still ran very deep. Cammy reminded herself repeatedly he was not the same man but a broken imitation created in his likeness, yet her soul cried otherwise.

And there she was, stuck deep in an underground facility torn up by the seams, separated from her subordinate and partner, and the only possible chance of being reunited and reaching the surface was with the assistance of that very man she wanted to keep a good, healthy distance from. Right now, that very man that she wanted to keep said healthy distance from is currently a shaken wreck huddled up in a small corner of what used to be a med lab. For the moment, he was harmless, seemingly drained from his previous outbursts, and mainly keeping to himself. On the other hand, he was a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment… Who knows…?

Fate was definitely laughing in her face.

"Vega… Vega… Vega…" Rocking on his haunches, he kept repeating the name under his breath over and over, completely oblivious of his surroundings.

Deciding that he was fine by himself, Cammy walked through the remnants of a door, into an operating room. She quickly rummaged through the overturned tables and cabinets, helping herself to their medical supplies, then entered a small office and confiscated a clean shirt. There wasn't much left, she noticed, as most of the items were shattered, burned, or utterly destroyed. She did manage to get her hands on some gauze, bandages, and some stitches. She also found a few small vials of alcohol and ointments to at least clean up her wounds. As far as she was concerned, it was more than enough. Using a fragment of a shattered mirror, she began to inspect her wounds starting with her head. She carefully cleaned off the dirt and blood caked on her forehead with the vials, flinching slightly from the touch, and carefully yet quickly sutured the cut. She was no surgeon, but at least she will heal.

"Vega… Vega… Vega… Vega…"

"What is your name?" she suddenly asked.

Stunned, the man stopped droning to himself and momentarily sat still. Quietly, he craned his head and looked at the agent listlessly. "Antares…" he replied anxiously.

Named after a star, just like Vega, she thought. Cammy turned her attention back to the mirror and began addressing the rest of the cuts and scrapes on her body. Washing and dressing her arms and her knees were a simple matter, though she still flinched from the stinging pain while applying the alcohol along the wounds. Her back, on the other hand, was a little more challenging, especially with her arms wound tight to the wrist. She couldn't remember how she got that particular wound, and would not have noticed it had she not tried to lift off her shirt. Her fingers felt stiff as she clumsily applied some of the ointment on a deep gash on her back. As she did, she suddenly felt something cold against her skin, causing her to yelp.

"L-let me help…" Antares said, snatching the bottle from her delicate hand.

"I don't…" she began to protest. By then, it was too late, as Antares gingerly rubbed the medication along the gash. How the heck did he get here so quickly? That was her initial surprise. The next surprise came when she felt something sharp poking into her back. Cammy bit her lip almost to the point of drawing blood as she soon realized what he was doing.

"Sorry…" he apologized, and worked quickly to suture up the cut.

Cammy could only sit there frozen stiff as the clone continued his work. Having no choice on the matter, the blonde allowed him to work, keeping herself as still as possible. She felt goose bumps along her skin, partially from the chill, partially from his touch, but mostly from his presence.

"Finished," he muttered, snapping the thread and putting the needle down.

Still stunned, Cammy turned her back to the broken mirror shard and craned her head to inspect the work. Antares himself was no surgeon as far as she knew, but his stitches seemed cleaner than her own. She wanted to ask where he had learned to do such a thing given he was supposedly a lab rat for much of his existence, but a part of her was too upset to ask, and to disturbed to bother. With a quiet sigh, she discarded her old, worn out top for a new, cleaner dress shirt. Antares had the decency to turn as she changed.

"Thank you," she said, buttoning the top.

The clone mumbled incoherently and nodded in acknowledgment.

"One more thing."

Antares slowly turned and met his dark eyes with Cammy's own pair of icy blue daggers.

"Don't you ever do that again," Cammy seethed.

Avery had no idea how long he had been walking through this maze. What he did know was that his throat was parched, and his stomach felt as though it had eaten itself from the inside out. In other words, too long.

This is getting nowhere, he thought.

Every area in this rundown facility looked the same, complete with crumpled steel, tangled wires, and all manner of dirt upon rock upon dirt… he was sick of turning over rocks only to walk around in circles. When he did find something different, such as a room, they were, at best, a wreck.

At worst, absolutely nothing, which Avery nearly discovered the hard way by slipping and hanging over the ledge. Scrambling quickly, he pulled himself up from the edge and collapsed by the door way, staring down into the gaping nothingness. Afterwards, the giant decided a break was in order.

Avery exhaled deeply as he leaned against the wall. So far, since his last beating, he hasn't encountered anything hostile. That was perhaps the one good thing happening thus far in this ordeal. He hoped that the lack of anything spitting fire or shooting bullets would grant him a brief little reprieve, at least until he was ready to continue. Still, given his luck, the giant remained alert for anything out of the ordinary.

"I wish I didn't lose my pack," he grumbled. Though Cammy and himself used up their ammunition on the surface, the supplies he had would have been helpful in his current predicament. First aid, binoculars, night vision goggles, knife… At the very least, he would have had his rations with him to munch on, disgusting as they were. No use complaining about it. All he could do is carry on… right after he relaxed a little…


The scarred giant immediately sprang to his feet. A piece of debris had fallen only a few feet from his position along his path. With nothingness on one end, the giant had nowhere else to go but towards the piece of concrete. Cautiously, he stepped away from the missing room towards the slab, hands held up in a defensive posture. He could hear the sounds of dirt grinding underneath the soles of his boots as he crept. Avery hoped it was simply a piece of the ceiling falling apart and not another drone digging out of the walls to attack him. Still, he prepared for the worst…

Crackle, crrk, thump! CRASH!

Avery lifted his hands to shelter his face from the dust. As the cloud settled, he carefully moved his hands away from his face, peering between his fingers. The ceiling had indeed fallen apart, and brought the adjacent wall down with it. Squinting at the gaping hole at the top, he found mostly crackles and sparks of electricity from a few loose wires, nothing more. Approaching the newly formed hole on the wall, he finally found a room that looked different from the rest of his surroundings, a dim bluish glow and the hum of a generator powering it. Hoping for once to be something useful, he began prying against the loosened pieces of metal and concrete, widening the hole until he could fit his body through. He peered inside and quickly discovered the source of the glow.

A giant terminal, likely a security or observations room. It wasn't quite what he wanted, but it was a start. With any luck, some of the cameras within the facility would also work, allowing him to at least search for his commander, and hopefully a way out.

Plodding through the makeshift hole, he sauntered over to the terminal, tapped his large fingers across the keys, and watched the monitors flicker to life. The first image was nothing more than static, as was the second, the third, and fourth. As he had expected, much of the security cameras in the facility were either damaged or destroyed by whoever caused this catastrophe, rendering him blind to most of the compound. When he finally did receive a feed, much of the images were either too dark, or show mostly ruin. Rubbing his weary eyes, he was about to continue his search when he caught a slight reflection off the metallic surface of the terminal. Avery slumped his shoulders and let out a sigh.

"I knew this was too good to last," he said. Spinning around, he swung out his left arm for a backhand, and not surprisingly, said backhand was stopped by a gauntleted left fist. What he didn't expect was the source of the left fist; a slender looking woman clad in a dark, skin tight leotard covering her body save for her slim, yet highly toned legs. Her long brown mane of hair was tied to the back of her head in a ponytail. Her face was concealed underneath a shiny silver mask with an otherwise expressionless face etched and colored onto its surface. Completing the rest of her attire were a pair of pauldrons on the shoulders, and greaves attached to her boots. In spite of his situation, the giant found himself admiring the petite hostile before him. "Then again, maybe this won't be so bad," Avery added with a leer.

The woman quickly responded with a snap of her left leg aimed at the giant's midsection. Stunned at the sheer speed of the attack, Avery managed to lower his arm and block the move with his forearm. He quickly countered with a solid strike with his right intended to hit the masked woman in the upper torso. However, the woman swayed her head to the side and, stepping forward, delivered a quick punch to the chest, and immediately followed up with a double handed clout. Avery found himself too amazed at the sheer strength of the blow to realize he was careening towards the terminal.


By the time he came to his senses, the terminal was smashed from impact under his weight. That momentarily made the scarred reaper forget about the shapely curves of his opponent and focus his attention on how to deal with his current bout of rage.

"Damn you, girl, I was still using that thing!" he glowered. Deciding that the best way to deal with his anger issues is through his fists, Avery quickly got back to his feet and charged into his opponent. The masked woman, unable to react to the giant's sudden burst of speed, took the full brunt of the charge, her body sent flying across the room. The frail wall behind her instantly exploded from impact, sending her out of the room into an open space. Avery smashed his way to the outside and glared at the stunned woman on the ground.

"Ugh…" the woman groaned, shaking the cobwebs from her head.

With a loud roar, Avery leapt into the air and, with a balled right fist, crashed feet first to the ground with a solid punch to the woman's chest… or would have had she not flipped away in the last moment. The ground exploded under the force of his punch, creating a crater around his fist.

"I guess you're not as completely dumb as you look," the woman intoned.

Avery shrugged. "Um… thanks?"

With renewed vigor, the two combatants attacked. Avery was still stunned at the sheer strength the woman possessed in that tiny body of hers as he blocked and parried her flurry of punches and kicks. Stunned, though not ill-prepared as he quickly countered with quick lefts and rights of his own.

"Tch!" the woman grunted. Digging her heel to the ground, she lifted herself to the air with her left foot and lunged at the man with her right knee intended for the giant's chin.

Reflexively, Avery managed to block the knee strike with the palm of his left hand, the force of the attack pushing him back. When the masked woman landed, he seized the opportunity and came at her with a mighty lariat.

Not to be outdone, the masked woman bent her head backwards just enough for Avery's forearm to graze her mask, and nothing more. Snapping her head upright while spinning on her feet to face her opponent's back, she 'slid' towards the giant and drove her right foot to the back of the man's left shoulder.

The move was intended for his spine, but fortunately for Avery his quickness in spite of his seven foot bulk allowed him to evade enough of the attack to avoid receiving the brunt of it. The worst he felt was a sting on his back. Ignoring the pain, he quickly returned the favor with a thrust of his left leg to her abdomen, then a heel kick with his right foot.

His opponent managed to back away from the first kick, but was unable to avoid the second, receiving the blow on the side of her head. The impact knocked sent her spiraling awkwardly to the ground, landing on her side. She immediately rolled away and hopped back to her feet.

The woman was definitely good, no doubt about it, but after all the beat downs he received from Cammy, this exchange wasn't quite as bad. At the very least, she provided enough of a challenge to keep him on his toes, but not so much that he'd be put into a coma. Still close, but still not as bad…

That was the moment the woman decided to spring her surprise as her right fist became engulfed in purple flame. With one strike, Avery found himself pushed back by the sheer force of the punch.

"What the hell was that!" he gasped.

Collecting her power into her right hand, she squared her body to her massive opponent and, with left hand grasping her right wrist, wound both arms back.

"Psycho Crusher!"

"Ugh!" Antares stumbled with one hand covering the lower half of his face in a gagging gesture.

Ignoring her discomfort of the man, Cammy approached Antares cautiously. "What's wrong?" she asked.

The clone was oblivious to the blonde's words as a wave of sickness gradually clouded his mind. He felt a strong burning sensation emit from his chest and spread throughout his body. "No… no, no, no, no, no…" he shook his head in anguish. A small flicker of flame erupted from his body, momentarily enveloping him in its burning aura, then disappeared in an instant.

"No, no, no, fight, damn you, fight it!" Cammy cried out.

Though he didn't hear Cammy's plea, Antares indeed struggled valiantly against his overwhelming power, putting all his strength and will to keep it from spilling out of control. Still, Cammy didn't like his chances, and desperately began to think of ways to stop him.

Sedate him, perhaps, she thought. The agent looked around the room and the mess that was left behind. All the equipment she could find were destroyed, even the syringes. But with what!

Another flicker of psycho power erupted and disappeared just as quickly as before. Then came another flicker, and another, and another…

"There is the old fashioned way…" she thought, approaching Antares carefully.

Another flicker of psycho power erupted, but this one remained longer than the last before disappearing.

"I'm sorry," she apologized, raising her right fist. The punch, however, never landed as a tendril of fire lashed out, throwing her off her feet. Cammy landed on her back and slid across the ground, rubbing against the stitches on her back. The blonde cried out as pain shot through her back.

"Ugh…" Antares looked at Cammy, who managed to pull herself together and get back on her feet. The flickers suddenly became frequent as dark energies swirled around his body, 'warping' his shape. Though he didn't say anything, the franticness in his eyes told Cammy everything: Run!

I have a bad feeling about this… Cammy thought, steeling herself physically and mentally.

For a moment, Avery was too stunned to move, or even feel any pain even as purple flames continued to burn against his flesh. The moment the woman flew at him like a spinning missile completely covered in fire, the giant was certain he saw his life flash before him followed by a light at the end of a tunnel. It took several moments to realize that wasn't the case, that he was very much still alive (to which he would ask once again, "How am I not dead?")… and he was on fire.

Cursing to himself, he quickly patted away the flames with his large hands, ignoring the pain as he did.

"Alright… you are definitely much better than I thought to still be awake after that…"

The scarred man froze and quickly spun to the source of the voice.


His face began to burn as a fiery backhand connected to the side of his head. Instincts took over first as he caught himself from falling with a left fist planted firmly to the ground. Then, from the corner of his eye, he quickly lowered his head to avoid a second punch. Afterwards, he raised his arm to parry the third blow, allowing the fist to graze his forearm, and thrust out with an open palm. The hand struck something solid and metallic, pushing the offender away. This gave the mammoth agent the chance to jump back on his feet and hop away.

"Oooooh…" he heard a moan. Slowly, the masked woman dragged herself to one knee, holding her head with one hand. As she did, she felt something peculiar on her mask, a deformity of sorts. Tracing her finger along the damage, she suddenly realized her mask was not just dented, but also cracked. "You will pay for this," she threatened.

Before he could come up with a witty retort, the room began to shake once again.

"An… Antar… res…" he heard the woman speak with a noticeable trace of concern in her voice.


Cammy raised her arms and looked away from the flash. When she looked back, Antares the man disappeared. In his place stood an effigy of pure destruction shaped in the likeness of the clone.


Cammy felt the echoes of psychic feedback lash out at her, but this time she was prepared for it. Gritting her teeth, she focused her emotions, keeping them as calm and still as possible while blocking the rush of negative feelings from the now berserk monster. It wasn't easy to say the least; the feedback was so strong that she practically had to put much of her effort into resisting it. Compounding that was the fact that Antares pounced at the agent like a predator hunting his prey.

Damn… Cammy thought, sidestepping from the psycho powered monster. Even a simple dodge while maintaining her mental barriers proved to be taxing. Should it come down to a fight, the agent wasn't sure what to do…


Cammy felt Antares' fist collide against her right cheek. The agent crumpled from the blow, yet still maintained her mental faculties to keep herself from going insane. For her, that was an achievement unto itself. Now, if she could maintain just enough discipline to block the next attack…


Cammy managed to sway her head just enough to avoid receiving the brunt of the monster's fist. Instead, she felt his burning fingers graze her on the scarred side of her cheek. Antares, filled with berserk rage, swiped at Cammy with his left hand, then his right. Both times, Cammy narrowly escaped, managing to sway her body away from the strikes with little more than a few scratches.

Must concentrate… she told herself, the last attack grazing her leg. He's too wild… uncontrolled… wait for an opening…

Spinning on his heel, Antares lashed out with a roundhouse with his right leg. Just the very tip of his toe managed to leave a shallow cut across her abdomen; she couldn't imagine what that kick would do should he land it.

…along with that left cross that managed to singe the side of her neck.

Hopefully soon… she added to her thought.

"Where are you?" the woman muttered, her eyes shimmering with purple brilliance, paying no mind to her mammoth opposition.

Avery meanwhile stood dumbstruck. On the one hand, his opponent was in a vulnerable position. Moments ago, he was nearly immolated. He would like to end this before such a thing happens again. On the other hand, her eyes were glowing. The last time something was glowing, he was nearly immolated. He would like to keep his distance to prevent such a thing from happening again.

What's more, during much of their exchange, he made numerous strategic observations of his opponent to aid him in his decision.

She has a nice butt.

She also has a nice pair of legs.

Of course, she also happens to be wearing a mask, so she could be real ugly…

…or she could be real hot and she could be wearing that mask to protect her face like that Spanish guy Cammy told him about…

Thus, there was only one conclusion to draw from this experience: he chose to wait and observe.


As if Cammy's prayers were answered, Antares had indeed began to falter; the same emotional feedback that hindered the blonde's movements proved to be a double edged sword as the purple effigy stumbled with both hands grasping his head. It was temporary, she noted, as Antares started to come to. Still, it was time to make the most of this opportunity…

"Spiral Arrow!" she announced, twisting her body like a corkscrew, and drilled both feet into the man's abdomen.

Antares was quickly knocked onto his back from the sudden collision. In spite of his pain, however, he immediately snapped back to his feet, holding one hand over his face. Whether he was managing to bring this psychic backlash under control, or it was simply fading away due to the chaotic nature of his psycho power, Cammy wasn't sure, nor was she interested in waiting to find out. Spinning clockwise, Cammy closed the gap between the two and lashed out with a fierce backhand with her right fist raised high to the head. The punch connected twice in a single revolution, connecting to his right temple. He stumbled hard to his left, yet through sheer resilience managed to maintain his balance. Muttering curses to herself, Cammy leapt to the air and landed a clean hit with her right leg to the head. Landing on the ground, Cammy then followed with a jab of her left fist, followed by a low kick to the shins, then a strong knee to the gut.

"Cannon Spike!" she yelled, planting her hands on the ground, and, extending her leg in the air, hit Antares sharply with a vertical boot to the chin.

The effulgent beast crashed back to earth hard on his back. Moments later, he remained lying on the ground motionless, the fiery aura surrounding his body dwindling. That, she thought, should have ended it…

Antares body began to convulse as flashes of psycho power began to well up from his body. In a bright flash, his body suddenly went aflame again, the purple blaze much brighter and destructive than before. Cammy had to avert her eyes from the flash, her vision barely able to make out his silhouette being lifted back to his feet by his chaotic energies. With a quiet sniff, Cammy squared her body and parted her legs into a fighting posture in preparation for the clone's next move…

She literally did not expect this move as Antares literally vanished before the agent's eyes, then ("What the bloody hell!") suddenly appeared behind her back. Eyes burning with a mixture of hatred and desperation, he struck out his open palm against the woman's stitched back, releasing his terrible power in a single burst. Cammy couldn't even utter a cry as she felt her body flung forward from the explosion. Landing on her hands and knees, she slowly forced herself back on her feet, wincing in pain. As she did, she felt something wet and sticky against her shirt.

Bloody wonderful, she thought, realizing that her stitches had broke.

"Hah… hah… huh… hah…"

Blocking the sharp pain on her back, Cammy turned to face her opponent with arms stretched into her fighting stance. It did not take much for her to realize he was expending far more energy than he possessed. She observed the limp in his movements as he approached her. She listened to his rasping voice as he struggled to breathe. Most telling of all was the erratic motions of the flames around his silhouette, the psycho energies almost as luminescent as a giant star. He may possess Vega's power and appearance, but he still was just a copy… a heavily damaged, flawed copy… and his moves were getting sloppier by the moment. If only she wasn't so badly hurt…

Antares' right hand began to twitch. Cammy watched as his hand wavered before her eyes as small 'globs' of malevolent brilliance gathered into his palm, forming into a dark sphere. The agent had seen this many times in the past. She knew what was about to happen next.

"Ragh!" Antares grunted as he hurled the sphere at Cammy.

Instinctively, Cammy leapt away from the incoming Psycho Shot, pushing through the burning pain on her back. The projectile struck one of the overturned pieces of lab equipment and exploded, sending metallic debris flying all over. Cammy muttered a curse as she rolled away from another Psycho Shot, this one coming utterly close to blasting a hole through her chest. A third Psycho Shot, smaller, yet quicker than the last two, caught her squarely on the left shoulder.

"Ugh!" she grimaced, sprawled over on her side while clutching her injured arm. She managed to drag back on her feet as another Psycho Shot singed a few strands of her tangled hair, then leapt behind a steel wall, the following projectile exploding onto its metallic surface. This can't go on forever… she tried to assure herself. For a moment, she actually believed it to be true.

A pair of feet suddenly came crashing down from above. If not for the sinister irradiance, Cammy would have been on the receiving end of a bone crunching head stomp. Instead, she leapt away yet again from the assault and managed to get a much needed reprieve as Antares fell to one knee upon landing. Adrenaline coursed through her veins as the blonde watched the man wearily get back to his feet. As Antares stood, his body started to convulse as pulses of psycho energy flickered ever so violently. A sudden feeling of dread washed over her as she soon realized the energies were about to erupt.

"Antares – ahh!"

The room shook violently as a loud explosion rocked the base, creating new fissures in the room they were standing. Both Avery and the masked woman tumbled and fell, as debris rained down from above. Then, just as quickly as it had started, the shaking ended… and the giant found himself in a compromising position with the tiny woman on top of him.

"Uh, ah-heh, um…" Avery stared dumbfounded.

"Oooh…" the woman groaned. The sudden explosion not only managed to throw both fighters onto each other, but also knocked the metal mask of the woman's face. It was an inappropriate time for this, but with her face exposed, Avery could finally conclude whether the brunette was a hottie or a troll beneath that layer of metal…

…and when the dizzily lifted her head up and looked at the agent face to face, the giant found himself, for lack of a better word, conflicted at what he discovered.

The woman's face looked exactly like Cammy.

"Uh… what?" he blinked.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: To the one or two people who read this, I said before that this should be four chapters, right? Well, I lied. Looks like I need at least one more chapter to resolve this thing. Oh well, happy reading.