Sound Mind and Judgment

Part III: The Big O (NC-17 WARNING)

Amy's bedroom. Shirts off. No fear.

Their shoes and socks were off too, as were Amy's tights. Sheldon's hand kept wandering up her skirt, caressing her thighs, drawing delighted twitters out of her. They had opened the third base option nearly a week ago, but neither one had been brave enough to cross the line.

Amy dragged her hand over the front of Sheldon's pants, creating pressure on his genitals without actually touching them. Sheldon kept squirming and twisting, trying to get her fingers to trace the outline of his erection. He kissed and sucked mercilessly on the sweet spot of her neck, the one between her shoulder blades, and the one just under her rib cage. He moaned her name as she abused his sweet spots with similar fervor, but they were in a standoff.

Gasping, Sheldon flopped on his back and unbuttoned his pants, desperately seeking relief for his swollen parts. The extra space down there just made him cold and he rubbed his cock through his underwear to warm it. They had not discussed whether nudity was included in the third base option. They'd both been waiting for the touching to begin to decide that.

Amy propped herself on one elbow, her breasts falling sweetly under the influence of gravity, her eyes fixed on his hand. Watching her in bemusement, Sheldon traced the outline of his dick like he wanted her to do. She licked her lips lustily, her fingers tracing the crease of his hip as she watched him play.

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

Sheldon quirked his brow, considering his erection. "No. It's a natural physiological process. It does make wearing pants a bit uncomfortable, but that doesn't begin to approach atomic wedgie levels of discomfort.

"I mean when I get you aroused and don't follow through. Does it hurt not to achieve orgasm?"

"No," Sheldon said, twitching uncomfortably. "Maybe once, but not recently."

Amy slid her hand under his, cupping his balls through his underwear, then pulling upward so that his dick lengthened and pointed straight up. He was long enough so that his tip peaked through the waistband of his underwear. "Since you did not bring a change of clothing, cleanliness dictates removing your pants first."

Sheldon nodded and lifted his hips, letting her sheer off his pants and his underwear. The last time he'd been completely naked with another person (outside of a hospital) he'd been publicly humiliated. Even his father had been outraged enough to make phone calls about that, and the instigating child had been expelled from the third grade. Nervously, he laid on the bed, waiting for Amy to do something besides stare at him.

"Does it hurt you not to come?" he asked.

"It frustrates me, but it doesn't hurt," she said honestly, lying next to him, drawing circles over his chest. She draped her leg over his hips, teasing his erection with her thigh. "The progression through arousal and sexual satisfaction is different for a woman."

"I know. I've been reading about manual stimulation. It's significantly more difficult with lady parts."

"It's still just friction," Amy said, tilting her clothed hips, grinding lightly against his thigh.

"Yes, but on tiny nerve bundles and internal spongy patches," Sheldon said. The wetness of it disturbed him. "What if I don't like the smell or can't handle the taste?"

"You want to taste me?" Amy asked excitedly, sitting up and grinning widely.

Sheldon shrugged nervously. A part of him still awaited ridicule and humiliation when he expressed his sexual desires. Sighing, he shook his head and stared at the wall.

"You're losing your hard-on," Amy pointed out, nudging his dick with her leg again.

"I'm thinking," Sheldon said. His mouth was dry and his mind whirred, fearful of trying oral sex. Third base was open to him, but he was not open to it.

"Stop thinking," Amy ordered, stripping out of her skirt and panties and straddling his hips. She'd shaved her skin into pre-pubescence, and it looked so smooth and tempting to touch. "You want to touch me. You know that. So use your hands."

Sheldon rested his hands on her waist. It was a safe place, and he knew he could hold her there. Gingerly, he repositioned her hips so that his cock was lined up between her legs. He could feel the humid warmth radiating from her body. Masterfully controlling her thighs, she lowered her hips and ground against him.

"Use your hands," she ordered again.

"Use your hands," he teased, snaking his hands up and squeezing her breasts. Her delighted yelp caused her whole body to twitch. Laughing delightedly, Sheldon flipped her onto her back and sucked her lips against his. Then he coaxed her thighs apart and use three fingers to explore her moist folds. There was texture and geography, folds of skin, dents, and protrusions. It was drier than he thought it should be—his fingers didn't slip and slide, nor were they covered with slime.

Amy's hand closed around his cock and Sheldon yelped in surprise. She pumped along the shaft, creating a slow rhythm, timing each upward stroke with a pulse of her tongue against his. Her fingers danced around the ridge, testing the head, her touch becoming unbearable as his increasing hardness made him more sensitive.

"Amy," he begged, not knowing what he intended to ask, only that he definitely needed to ask for something beyond her merciless teasing. "Two hands," he decided finally.

Curving his hips, Sheldon gave her access to reach a second hand between them and Sheldon directed it straight to his testicles. She massaged them, turning them in her hands, never twisting so hard as to cause him pain, but he'd been hurt often enough to make him nervous. Her touch felt good, but he decided that it was not what he wanted, so he moved both her hands to his shaft. She kept one near the base, pulling in even strokes. The other played across the head, teasing his slit with her thumb, spreading pre-cum over the tip. Arching back, Sheldon thrust erratically into her hands. He was too nervous to come, and it was starting to get painful.

Back down. Slow down. He could always stop. She wouldn't think less of him. Mumbling an apology, Sheldon pushed her hands away and scooted to the edge of the bed. He was so close, maybe he could bring himself off. He whimpered fearfully when Amy came behind him, wrapping her arms around him and jerking him off.

"Amy," he croaked apologetically, scared to ask her to stop.

"I know what you want," she whispered, rubbing her free hand over his chest, tweaking his nipples, sometimes pinching hard. Then she did that thing to his earlobe, sucking it into his mouth, running her tongue along the edge, and biting softly. "Don't be afraid."

Shuddering, Sheldon leaned back against her, closed his eyes, and thrust into her hand. "I love you," he whispered, just before he came.


Sheldon was getting frustrated. They'd been to third base three times this week—no oral sex, but still full nudity. He'd rubbed Amy until his fingers were raw. He'd tried lubricants and half a dozen techniques that he'd read about in magazines that were guaranteed to give your girl the big O. He still couldn't get her to orgasm.

"The physical stimuli are all present. The barrier must be psychological," Sheldon said, paging through a library book about sexual intercourse. He and Amy were sitting in the self-help section, seeking answers.

"Most of my sexual development milestones have come late. There is nothing unusual about being pre-orgasmic," Amy said. She'd grown tired of the topic and was reading about puppies.

"But you're not pre-orgasmic. There is scientific proof that you are decidedly post-orgasmic," Sheldon said. She'd received one hundred twenty-eight orgasms in a science experiment where the pleasure centers of her brain were electronically stimulated, and he couldn't even give her one.

"Maybe that doesn't count the way we thought it did," Amy shrugged. "What does it matter if I orgasm, so long as I enjoy exchanging sexual pleasures with you."

"Because when I win the Nobel Prize, I intend to celebrate by giving you an amazing orgasm, and unless I'm well practiced, I won't know if I've achieved my goal," Sheldon said, snapping his book shut. They all seemed to say the same thing anyway. Scooting closer, he started reading over Amy's shoulder. "What have you learned about puppies?"

"Licking releases endorphins which gives dogs a feeling of comfort and pleasure," Amy read, pointing to a picture of a dog licking a human's face. The person's face was scrunched, clearly not receiving the same pleasure as the dog.

"I suppose since they don't have fingers, that is the default option," Sheldon sighed. "I'm going to lick you tonight."

"We agreed to take a break tonight. In fact, you're violating the spirit of our agreement by reading about sex now," Amy said pointedly.

Sheldon frowned and sighed. "Okay. But I called it; it's on the agenda."

Amy closed her eyes and exhaled loudly.

"I've frustrated you?" Sheldon checked. It was not a signal they'd talked about; it was something he'd picked up on his own, and he was proud of himself for recognizing the expression.

"I just feel like our physical relationship has just joined a mundane to-do list. And you're cranky because the "girlfriend achieves orgasm" tab can't be crossed off."

"Oh, it's not that at all," Sheldon said. "I've wanted to have oral sex for days now, I've just been holding off trying to achieve mutual orgasm with hand stimulation. But if you're not concerned by the reciprocity, then I see no point in holding back."

Amy furrowed her brow. "That's not romantic at all, and yet, I'm romanced."

Sheldon clasped her hand and leaned in, stealing himself a kiss. The more wild they became in private, the easier it became to kiss in public. Kisses in public were like fresh sugar cookies, sweet but not naughty. "I love you, Amy Farrah Fowler," he whispered, leaning his forehead against hers, absorbing the closeness.

"I love you too," she said, tilting her face so that her lashes tickled his cheek. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," he said breathily.

"Enough to expose yourself in public?"

"No," Sheldon said, pulling away, horrified, flashing back to years of bullying. "No, no, no."

"Shh," Amy cooed, cradling his face, not letting him run like he wanted to. He'd let her do unspeakable things to him and it terrified him. "I thought we might lock ourselves in the lavatory for a quickie. It's okay. Don't be afraid."

Sheldon had been locked into a port-a-john once, and he knew the bathrooms here couldn't be tipped over, but he still started shaking. Sheldon had always known he was broken, but he'd never realized how thick his armor was until Amy started stripping it away.

"Public bathrooms have questionable cleanliness anyway," Amy said, tucking Sheldon against her chest, cradling him comfortingly. Then she picked up her puppy book and read aloud, quietly enough so that the librarian didn't ask them to stop.


Sheldon had his mouth suctioned to Amy's pussy. Despite his hands cradling her buttocks, he could barely keep her from bucking him off, but he was committed. He'd grown accustomed to her smell, but the taste was new. He swiped his tongue through her folds, locating her vagina and thrusting his tongue inside. Amy keened again, her body bowing, shouting his name in the same sentences with exclamations to a diety he knew she did not believe in.

"Yes, god, yes!" she shouted, her body straining again.

Tipping his head back just far enough to get air, Sheldon swirled his tongue around her clit, teasing it. It felt different with his tongue than with his fingers. It was easier to tell when the nub had hardened, and he could stroke front to back, pushing to the left, in a way that made her body flush and her nipples stand at attention.

"Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon!" she cried, grasping the bed sheets, pushing her pussy into his mouth, corkscrewing her hips desperately. She moaned and pleaded, her natural juices building so rapidly that he couldn't catch them all. She'd never become this aroused by his fingers.

She screamed again when he pushed his tongue inside of her. Her legs twitched, barely able to hold her hips high enough for him to keep going. They'd stacked some pillows on the bed, but all the magazines were right. There was no comfortable way to give a girl oral sex—just ways that became tolerable once he saw how she responded to it.

Bringing a hand up, he shoved two fingers inside of her, using his tongue to lick around the entrance where her body closed around his fingers. Amy writhed again, screeching his name. Sheldon was glad they were doing this at her place. He wanted to wait until they were more practiced before Leonard overheard them. The way he and Amy started and stopped sometimes, he was afraid of being teased by his roommate.

Sheldon sucked her clit between his lips, pulsing against it with his tongue as he thrust his fingers inside of her. Amy's cries became more erratic and her words lost coherence. Her body stiffened, and then convulsed. He felt it—that precise moment of orgasm. Her walls clenched around his fingers, and her clit throbbed rapidly in his mouth. Amy writhed, laughing and crying out. He was surprised when she pushed his face away, but then remembered all the things he'd read about hypersensitivity of the clitoris. Pulling his fingers free, Sheldon wiped his hand on the sheet and snuggled next to his girlfriend.

Amy's hands trembled, hovering just over her breasts. The flush in her body faded slowly, but her cheeks stayed red. Sheldon was proud that he'd finally stimulated her to orgasm, but after all the talks they'd had about it, he decided to celebrate his victory quietly in his head.

"We should have done you first," Amy panted. "Now I'm too tired."

"I'm tired too," Sheldon said, disappointed, but not willing to sully the moment by adhering to the reciprocity protocol.

"But you're hard," Amy said, her hand falling on his dick, giving it a few light strokes. "You shouldn't ride the bus home with a boner."

Sheldon flinched, wondering how much of Amy's coarse language came from Penny or those stupid magazines they read for advice. "I could stay here tonight," he offered.

"Could you?" Amy teased, rolling on her side and pulling his body flush with hers so that his dick slid between her still moist thighs. "I'd like that."

She closed her thighs around his erection, then used her fingers to angle him slightly toward her pussy. Naturally, Sheldon thrust into the tight, hot space, then he closed his eyes and groaned.

"You're waking me up," he warned, his thrusts gaining speed. Amy ringed her fingers, giving extra stimulation to the head.

"You're waking me up," she giggled, drawing him into a kiss.

He could feel her body, still throbbing from orgasm, rubbing against his cock. Her tongue traced his lips, lapping at the sex juices still on his mouth. It was hard to take in all the sensations at once. Her fingernail tickled the vein on the underside of his cock, pressing it up into her moist folds. Then her hips tilted just so, and he felt his head, positioned at her opening.

"Amy!" he gasped, his body freezing.

"What can I say? I'm in the mood," Amy crooned, lowering her body slightly, letting the tip of his cock tease inside of her. She swirled her hips. Sheldon's body bowed. His hips bucked, wanting to thrust into her, but he restrained himself.

"We agreed—" he choked. "Sound mind."

"And judgment," she finished, kissing along his jaw. Then she sucked his earlobe in that special way that nearly had him coming. "Sheldon, I want you to hump my brains out."

Sheldon pushed inside of her so fast he saw stars. He lost sense of everything except the warm heat of her walls clenching around him. Whether he lasted one minute or five, he couldn't be sure. All he knew was that it ended too quickly. His body tensed, and his chest curled like he was sneezing. Coming always felt that way, only instead of sneezing, he shot white hot bursts of cum.

Amy cried out in pleasure, her voice deep and sensual, her body melting around his, coating him like chocolate on a strawberry. The tension of orgasm passed, but Sheldon continued rolling his hips, feeling little waves of pleasure as he did. Vaguely he wondered if they should have used a condom. Amy was normally very conscious of these things. But when she started kissing him again, the worry disappeared into the ether of pleasure.

Cradling her face, Sheldon tilted her head to one side. He poked his tongue in her ear, making her squeak, and then he squinted one eye shut, pretending to peer inside. "I think your brains are still in there. We may have to try again."