Chapter 2

By: MimiYamatoForever

The Three Judges kneeled to Shun as he entered the chariot that was to take them back to the castle. The young lord sat followed by Rhadamanthys and Minos while Aiacos closed the door before he headed to the front and took the reigns.

With a small snap of the reigns the horses started to move up into the air. Shun looked outside the window to see the palace underneath them and he easily spotted Saori standing in front of her giant statue.

He knew she was smiling at him after the topic they had discussed before he left. He was excited about the event that was going to take place and he could only wish to see the faces of the Gold Saints when it happened.

He would get started on resurrecting the previous Gold Saints from the eighteenth century as soon as he was back at the castle. He would have to be careful once they were alive though. One look at him and they would know he was Hades and try to attack.

Saori had wanted to have a little fun with the Gold saints though and asked Shun to let them be transported to her mansion in Japan once they were alive again. Shun had to agree. It would be hilarious to see them so confused.

The current Gold Saints were hilarious the first time they had been around modern technology. The first time they had been to Saori's mansion was a blast.

Milo had smashed a phone when it had started ringing, Aphrodite had called keeps when he learned how a camera worked after Aioria nearly blinded himself with the flash when he had set it off by accident facing himself, Shura had thought someone was trapped inside a screen when he saw a video call and tried to 'rescue' them and DeathMask had the time of his life trying to figure out if the light inside the fridge was on or off when the door was closed.

Because of those little incidents, Athena had wanted to bring some of that modern technology into Sanctuary and it was still being decided by the Gold Saints. Aioria had agreed to it but didn't want anything to do with cameras claiming he was still seeing spots before his green eyes.


"We're heading to Japan?" Aiolos asked after Athena had made an announcement.

"Yes, I have a surprise there for all of you but it'll be about a day before it actually arrives at the mansion." Athena answered sitting on the throne.

"What is it?" Seiya asked.

"I can't tell you Seiya." Athena chuckled. "It wouldn't be a surprise."

"We can pretend to be surprised." Seiya said.

"Believe me Seiya, even if I told you what it was you would all still be very surprised." Athena replied with a knowing smile. "Right now all of you can pack your things and get a good nights rest. We'll leave in the morning."

The saints bowed their heads to the young goddess before heading back to their temples to pack their bags for the trip.

"What do you think the surprise is?" Shiryu asked Hyoga as they walked down the long flight of stairs.

"No idea but Athena sure seems happy about it." Hyoga replied.

"Maybe she found someone we all knew at one time and is having them taken to the mansion." Seiya suggested with his hands behind his head.

"I doubt all of us know the same person. Remember that most of the Gold Saints keep themselves secluded most of the time and they rarely go into a modern environment and we haven't been in Sanctuary long enough to know everyone they know." Hyoga replied.

"Alright I give up." Seiya said shrugging his shoulders.

"I guess we'll just have to wait until the day after tomorrow to know what Athena's surprise is." Shuryu said as the group neared the Pisces temple.

"I hate waiting." Seiya muttered.

"We know." The dragon and swan saint said in unison.

[Hades castle]

After resting from the trip back to his castle, Shun now stood in front of a large full body mirror with a very decorative frame. The mirror was the only item in the room he was in and was attached to the back wall.

The young ruler looked at his reflection as he spoke.

"Chronos, keeper of time, I call you to stand before me."

The mirror changed instantly. Instead of seeing his reflection, Shun now saw a wall of black and dark green flames. A few seconds past and the flames slowly died down to leave a tall thin figure wearing a dark blue cloak.

The hood of the cloak was pulled over the figures head but the edge of a white beard could be seen and in the figures hands was a sand hourglass that shifted from on side to the other on its own when the sand finished pouring.

The shadowed face looked up at Shun and tired light green eyes looked at the young emperor.

"My Lord Hades. You have summoned me, Chronos, the keeper of time before you. How can I serve and please you?"

"Chronos, I have an important favor to ask of you." Shun said.

"I will help in any way that I can sire."

"For one day, a full twenty four hours, I need you to allow Athena's gold saints from the previous Holy War to come to this time and meet their counterparts." Shun said.

"This is indeed a large favor to ask my lord but I shall comply and grant your request." Chronos said.

"When you do, make sure that they arrive in Athena's home in Japan the day after her current Gold Saints arrive." Shun said.

"Very well sire." Chronos said bowing to Shun.

"Thank you for your services Chronos." Shun said with a kind smile.

"It is my honor to serve you my lord." Chronos said as the wall of flames engulfed his figure before the regular appearance of the mirror returned and Shun was once again faced with his reflection.

With a smile still on his handsome face, Shun turned and left the room knowing that the current Gold Saints were each going to have a heart attack once they saw the past Gold Saints alive and in their presence.

He would have to get a message to one of his friends to record their reactions when the past Gold Saints arriaved. It would be too good to miss.


Milo tapped his finger on his cheek as he kept trying to figure out why Athena needed them in her mansion in Japan for a surprise. Why couldn't she just show them in Sanctuary.

"Milo, you're still awake?" Mu asked sitting next to the scorpion.

"Can't sleep." Milo answered gazing around to see everyone else had fallen asleep in their chairs and some were snoring.

"Still thinking about Athena's surprise?" Mu asked knowingly with a smirk.

"Yes," Milo answered crossing his arms. "What is so important that she would need us to be away from Sanctyary. It's not like her to want all twelve of us away from there."

"As long as she is safe then we have nothing to worry about. The surprise must be very important if she is taking us away from Sanctuary." Mu replied.

"True. After all, the goddess of wisdom does know how to be sneaky too." Milo agreed.