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– Prologue –

A light rain trickled down her face, mixing with her tears, and washing away the taste of salt on her skin. Sakura Haruno was in no position to wipe the tears away regardless. Her body was as good as completely broken; she had felt the bones crack, and the muscles contort impossibly. The blood caked her skin so quickly, and cemented even in the rain. She was lying amongst a sea of dead Shinobi, both friends and foes. They came from multiple villages, but there were only three main allegiances between the great Shinobi nations. Their blood filled her nostrils and Sakura felt nauseous. She was a medic, so blood, gore and dead bodies didn't bother her. But this was different.

She wasn't supposed to be here. She wasn't supposed to enter the fray, not with this battle. It had been a long time coming, the final conflict of this war playing out here of all places. And Sakura had planned to be far away when this went down. She didn't want to see this, this senseless violence. She had no control when it came to avoiding it, so she'd resigned herself to returning to Konoha and trying to pick up the pieces of her life when she was ultimately drawn back into the middle of this.

Sakura squirmed slightly, gasping at the renewed pain that reminded her of the predicament she was in. She was alive, for now, closing her eyes at the stabbing ache in her side. She was terrified of what lay beyond her when these wounds finally took their toll. She didn't have enough chakra left to heal herself, and several vital organs were bruised from that last attack. But it wasn't her imminent death that bothered her, no…

'I'm going to die a traitor.'

No-one could blame her for being captured by the enemy, tortured, beaten, and killed for her insolence. But instead, she was considered the enemy because she let him seduce her. She let him into her heart and then proceeded to make a mockery of her Kunoichi training by choosing not to let an innocent man die. How could she be expected to watch him writhe and scream without at least trying to help him? It made no sense to not care that another human being was in pain.

Fat lot of good it did her now.

Sakura twisted her head onto its side at the sound of something moving nearby. If it were hoof beats she would not be so concerned; only civilians and the foot soldiers to the many daimyo used horses. But this was definitely a ninja. A moment later, their distinctive chakra signature was familiar to her and she struggled with the growing fear in her heart. What was he doing here?

The pinkette move her head again to find the man staring down at her, the all too familiar look of lust in his eyes. But instead of making her heart miss a beat as one might expect from his expression and "position", it was instead racing in fear. She tried to move away from him as he leant over her, his face mere inches from hers. His proximity coupled with her sudden attempt to move sent spasms of pain throughout her body and she cried out.

"Don't worry my cherry blossom," he said softly, a smirk twisting his lips. "I'll take good care of you."

And she wished she'd died. She wished that this had truly been her end.


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