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The night is peaceful and quiet. I sniff at the air and signal with my left hand to Edward that our prey is just off to the left and a bit ahead. I can feel the anticipation of the kill, of the feed, tightening in my muscles, tension coiling like a spring. The craving rises and my body yearns for blood. He nods to me, his usually golden eyes dark with hunger, with the monster we truly are on the inside. The creatures we suppress with every passing moment to cling to the bit of humanity we try to live our eternal lives by. It's not an easy life, but we find happiness and that is why we do it. What truly matters is our sense of family, of love. However now is not the time to think on love, but of death as I let my instincts take me over.

With our vampire quickness, we barrel towards our prey, one graceful deer. She tries to run, hops over a fallen log, but she stands no chance against our supernatural speed. Edward gets there first and catches it around the neck. With a sharp twist, she is done and we descend upon her, digging our teeth in and tearing flesh. We gorge ourselves on her essence as her life leaves her body, growing still and rigid under our fingers. Like warmth to spread through my cold dead flesh, I feel it strengthen me. The hunger subsides, the constant gnawing ache for blood dimming to a dull throb for a while. Until it is time to seek out our next meal.

We glide through the forest together afterwards, casually strolling under the moonlight, sated and content. The woods are beautiful during the day, but at night they come alive. Chirping and hooting, the night creatures come out to skitter around us, as if sensing our nocturnal connection. Off to our right I notice a brightness and reach out to tug gently on Edward's hand, leading him towards it. We break through the tree line into a clearing.

The clearing is lovely, wild flowers blooming around a patch of soft looking grass. I fling out my arms, giggling and twirling in delight.

"Isn't this beautiful? Can we rest here a moment Edward, I just want to enjoy it." I take a moment to dance around in the flowers, reaching a hand out to graze my fingertips along the petals.

"Of course." He shoots me a loving smile and lies in the grass in the middle of the clearing, practically glowing under the rays of moonlight filtering down. I settle into a sense of calm, one that always seems to elude me during the daylight hours. Only in the dark stillness of the night can I ever truly feel at ease. I sit down in the grass next to my brother and it dawns on me. This clearing, it is familiar to me. I realize I have been here before. In a vision. With Bella.

"What is it Alice?" My face must have given something away as my eyes search the clearing, taking in the little details until there is no modicum of doubt that this is the place.

I sigh and lie back with my hands under my head, turned to look at Edward. I suddenly feel guilty about keeping my vision from him. As personal as some of it was, there is a chance I could turn someone. That could prove dangerous for not just me but my whole family, not to mention it would break our treaty with the wolves. Somebody needs to know, to watch my back and keep me from making any mistakes.

"This place, Bella and I were here in my vision. Edward, in this clearing I…" I taper off, not exactly sure how to say it, but I can trust Edward with my life. He is sensitive and compassionate. He cares for me greatly and looks out for me. A better brother could not be asked for. If anyone can understand how I feel, it will be him.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He scoots closer, snuggling me into his side a little. "But if you do, I'm here to listen."

I open my mind to him, finding the conversation easier to handle without having to actually speak.

We made love, here in the grass. I told her I loved her and I know I meant it. And then I bit her. I don't know if she survived the turn. My vision ended just as it started.

I watch the shock on his face dissipate, settling into a look of sympathy. He contemplates my situation for a long moment. The silence stretching between us however is not tense and I feel a burden has been lifted off my shoulders with my confession.

"We know your visions are…subjective. We'll just have to wait and see what the story is. Can't have an ending without a beginning." He sits up quickly, a goofy grin breaking out on his face.

"Race you home!"