Chapter 1

He stared with cold eyes at the surrounding sands. The sun beat down on his back, almost hot enough to burn holes through his clothing. He was crouched down on the dry trunk of a felled tree. Around him, his men rushed to get their gear together. He started, gaining all of their attention, "We're half a mile away from their territory. We go in silent-on foot."

"And if they decide to shoot us this time?" One of the younger men asked, "Bry, we're lucky they let us off easy last time we tried to pull this shit."

"All we need is one," Someone else added, looking up to their leader, "Right, Bry? One of the lil ones will do just fine."

"That's right," Bry said. He stood up and hopped down from his perch, swinging an arm down to pick up his pack, "Ray, have you spotted anything yet?"

The skinniest of the group whipped out a pair of binoculars and squinted into them, slowly scanning the horizon, "No, not yet..."

"You will," Bry promised.

"Hey, how do we even know these things will show?"

"Because I've been watching them for damn near a week," Bry answered, "They're young. They like to be rebellious, every day they walk just a little farther away from home. All we have to do is be there when they stumble past the point of no return."

"Yeah, yeah...I'll believe it when I see it."

"Speak of the devil," Ray muttered, "There's three of those damn things. They're multiplying quicker than rabbits!"

"Three?" Someone repeated, "we got room for that many?"

"We'll make room," Bry said. He ordered, "Alright, boys! You know where you're supposed to be, now get there!"

"Alright, alright! Don't rush me!"

Around him, his men scattered like headless chickens, burying themselves in the sands. He knelt to follow their lead when a shadow passed over them. He blinked, gut tightening, and chanced a quick look up. He narrowed his eyes when he saw nothing but blue skies, not even a bird. He shook it off, laying flat in the yellow sand with ice blue eyes searching.

They waited for what felt like hours, in complete, still silence. They were masters at blending, and that's what they did.

Finally, he spotted the sharp reflection of light on metal. He made a hand signal in case anyone was watching him instead of the sands.

The little metal aliens moved closer, hardly taller than his hip. They pushed and shoved at each other like human kids, but he knew better. Two of them, he recognized. The heaviest of the three, who was built like a little tank with black armor, and the other was the tallest with red armor. The last was the one he'd never seen before-ocean blue. It was the heavy one that was leading them on, laughing about some ridiculous joke.

Just a little closer...

They waited until the last one had walked in range before exploding out of the sand. All three of the little robots froze, eyes widening. Bry raised his firearm, taking quick, careful aim before he let loose. The red one stumbled back a step, hand flying up to clench at his side. The black one glared and charged towards them.

Everything was well underway when the earth suddenly shuddered. It didn't quite shake, but it definitely shifted. "Whoa!" Ray shouted. Bry snarled, "They must know we're here!"

Even the robots turned their eyes to the earth, talking rapidly among themselves with raised tones. The blue one was supporting the red one, who was on the verge of collapsing. It was as if the humans were the least of the concerns now.

"Take them down!" Bry shouted, "now!"

His men obeyed. Their targets stumbled back.

Bry froze when he felt the sand shift beneath his boots. He moved back as it started to slide around. "What the hell?"

He looked up in time to see the blue one grin.

The earth exploded in the space between the sparklings and the humans, a massive shape emerging from the sands. All of his men were knocked on their ass, several of them were sent rolling. Bry snarled, covering his face to keep sand from getting in his eyes. His gut went cold when one of the guys screamed, "It's a fucking DEMON!"

Bry rolled over, reaching around for his rifle, only to drop it when he saw the monster rising from the earth.

A massive, red dragon was erupting from the sands, wings unfurling in a show of great strength. Sand rained down like golden rivers from the plates of it's armor, massive jaws that could swallow a man whole spread open in a roar that rattled his bones. His heart pounded in his chest, fear burning through him. Smoke billowed up in thick black clouds through lit nostrils. It's fangs were black. Huge red claws slammed down in front of them.

About half of his team stood up, screamed like a little girl, and took off running as fast as they possibly could. Bry moved back a few steps, "What...are you?"

The aliens were supposed to be human-like in build, not freaking huge, red dragons.

A low, rolling growl tore it's way out of the mechanical dragon's throat. His eyes grew even wider when words started to flow out, in a voice that was undeniably female and undeniably pissed, "You picked the wrong day to go hunting!"

He raised his handgun, the only thing left on him, to her red eyes. He squeezed the trigger and the bullet simply bounced off her face. She bared her fangs in a bone-chilling snarl, striking forward like a snake. Her powerful jaws closed around his body, and he squeezed his eyes shut, expecting to be crushed.

But she applied just enough pressure to keep him trapped inside. His stomach dropped, like the way it did in an elevator. Wind rushed through her lethal fangs. She was flying, or leaping, he realized.

Seconds later she flung her head, opening her jaws in the process, and he went flying out. He hit the ground and rolled, catching glimpses of the dragon lunging forward in a liquid smooth motion, jaws closing around the front of their vehicle. She lifted it and shook until all the humans bounced out, and then tossed it into the air. The plates of armor around her neck lifted and spun, a bright red light erupting from underneath. A river of flames so hot he could feel the heart from the ground shot up and swallowed the vehicle whole.

Not even a moment later, her jaws snapped shut audibly, cutting off the flow. All that was left of the truck was a handful of smoking scraps small enough to fit in the palm of his hand. Her claws dug down into the sand, she dropped her head with a graceful arc of her neck, "Get OUT!"

Bry stood up, hauled to his feet by Ray who was bruised and battered, and ran. The rest of his men, surprisingly in one piece, followed.

"Next time," someone shouted, "you're doing this shit on your own!"

The logical, teeny, tiny part of my brain was like, 'wait until you catch up on art projects, moron!' and then there was this much louder voice that was screaming, 'I'MSOEXCITEDFORTHEMTOREADITCAN'TWAITTOPOSTIT POST IT DAMMIT!' so I did.

Anyway, I pretty much took a vote on the last update of TLF to see what story you guys would be interested in seeing first and everyone agreed on The Storyteller, so here it is! And yes, these humans were hunting autobot sparklings, and yes, Sundance just, literally in some cases, scared the shit out of them. It's awesome seeing her as this insanely powerful, huge predator instead of a cute little, snappy sparkling.

And I love the fact that she came out of the earth. ^^ Also, this story is based 20 years after TLF. I put a big span of time between the two because, obviously, Sundance needed time to grow...and grow she has...

Much love, let me know what you think!

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Sundance, Bry, his team, the currently unnamed sparklings, and the story belongs to me. Transformers does not.