Really quick, I just wanted to say...I fucking love my reviewers. You guys are so infinitely badass, when I say that you encourage me to keep writing, I mean it. I love reading everything you leave for me, and I appreciate all the time you put into it. You guys are too awesome! **cries**

Heres the sneak peak! Hope you enjoy it!

Solaris cut him off, crouching among the debris to pick something out of the shattered limestone, "There's something here."

"What'd you find?" Hotshot approached, standing behind him. He tensed slightly when Solaris lifted a splintered piece of thin armor, painted a venomous lime green.

Solaris tilted it, "What mech is painted this color?"

Warhammer scoffed, "What mech has such thin armor?"

"...I don't know," Hotshot answered slowly, "I haven't seen anyone that color before, not since the constructicons but I'm pretty sure Optimus offlined them after autobots started landing on earth. And you're right, that armor is thin, way too thin to protect anything."

Then, completely out of the blue, Solaris glanced up at him and said, "It's still warm."

Before Hotshot could register what he'd just said, his energon sensors pinged. Immediately, Hotshot raised an arm and managed to push both of the younglings behind him as he lifted his rifle from the holster and held it up. His attention snapped up on instinct, and he found himself staring into huge, round green optics.

A feminine voice hissed, making his energon run cold, "one, two, I see you."

First look into the sequel. :) I just finished writing the first chapter, and my God, people, it's eight pages long...longest 'first chapter' I've ever written, I think. But I'm really happy with it.

In the sequel, all the kids are grown up. So Solaris, Warhammer, Flashback, and Backlash will all be young adults. We're skipping around thirty-fifty years into the future. Hotshot gets to be one of the main characters in the first chapter because I was thinking yesterday about Armada and how much I miss the damn show. Anyone else develop their TF obsession on Armada? Because that and DBZ were the SHIT when I was a kid. Hotshot was always one of my favorites, along with Blur who may or may not be making an appearance in the story. So both of them are based on Armada, as well as Red Alert if we ever cross paths with him in the sequel.

The villain in this chapter makes me happy. I won't say much about her because I don't wanna start running my mouth and spoil everything. But she's ridiculous. And insane. Literally.

ANYWAY...tell me what you think! You wanna read the rest of it or not? :)

The sequel is called 'The Hidden'(And you guys had some badass title suggestions that I will be shamelessly using later), and it will be based around Sundance, her brothers, and their lives.

For my hopeless romantics-the relationship between Grimlock and Sundance (One of my readers coined the name 'GrimDance') will continue to grow. So yes, Grimlock will be returning in the sequel and there will be a lot more cuddling, space-invading, and yelling at each other. Can't wait!

Much love to everyone! You're all awesome!