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Hunter and Vampire

Volume 12


Previously on Hunter and Vampire

Rei finally tell Asuka the reason why she was having strange feelings for her which to her surprise, Asuka accepted fully but the two decide to leave it a secret while Shinji Ikari is getting suspicious of the. Meanwhile, the mysterious organization SEELE send a retriever after Asuka to who possess the Lance of Longinus, and Gendo is in league with them. On a mission for the latter, Rei is captured by a mysterious group of people…

Chapter Forty Six



Asuka and Shinji went on a date that night. Shinji had insisted and Asuka bound by her promise to Rei went. Ever since she had kissed the blue haired vampire, she had found out that her feelings for Shinji had changed considerably.

She still loved him, that much she knew but her feelings for him were closeness and the same they were when the two were still best friends.

"Asuka," Shinji's voice cut through her thoughts.

The redhead looked up at him.

"Are you alright?" he asked, "You've been pretty quiet for a while."

"I'm sorry," she said, "I was just thinking."

Shinji frowned slightly.

"Are you sure?"

Asuka nodded.

Shinji leaned back into his seat, looking up at the sky. The two were seating at the park, ironically, the same park she and Rei where two nights ago, and on the same freaking bench. Asuka chuckled softly at the irony of it all.

"You know you can talk to me about anything," Shinji told her.

Asuka looked at him.


"Yeah," Shinji continued, "I'm your boyfriend. You can talk to me about anything."

She smiled. This guy was just too sweet sometimes.

"Don't worry Shinji," she said, "but thank you for offerings."

I'm sorry but the things I want to talk of are things that I can't reveal to you nor to anyone else.

Shinji gives her a smile.

"I'm your boyfriend," he said, "I'm supposed to be there for you aren't I?"

Asuka gives him a nod.

"That you are Shinji," she said.

Shinji then stood up and stretched.

"Well, we've been out here long enough," he said, "Let me drive you home."

Asuka nodded before standing up also. The two teens then started to walk toward the parking lot where Shinji's car was parked…

Then at that moment, Asuka felt a chill run through her body.

She let out slight gasp drawing Shinji's attention.

"What is it?"

But she didn't answer him too lost in her thought for Asuka recognized the feeling…she had felt it before…

"Asuka…you look pale," Shinji said, taking hold of her shoulders.

But Asuka couldn't answer him…not that she wanted to because the feeling was the same one she felt when that vampire, Elena, had attacked her and Lilly, but this one was stronger…and deadlier…

The redhead spun around, her eyes searching where it was coming from but with the crowd of peoples that were walking, it was hard to tell.

Could it be another Vampire? She thought.

"Asuka," Shinji half-yelled, pulling the girl's attention back to him, "What is going on?"

Can't involve him…

"It's nothing Shinji," she said.

He looked at her disbelievingly.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I just thought I was someone I know," Asuka told him with a smile.

Shinji looked like he was going to argue but he relented.

"Okay, let's get you home."

Misato was on her off night, lazing in front of the TV with a beer can in one hand, the remote in the other, her eyes glued to the screen. She looks up slightly when the door opened showing Asuka and returned her attention back to the TV.

"Had a good date?" she asked.

When the redhead didn't answer, she looks up and noticing the look on Asuka's face which caused her to seat up from her previous position

"What's up?"

"I think someone was watching me?" she said.

Misato frowned.


"I think it was a vampire," Asuka said.

Misato quickly ran toward the window, peering through it as her eyes shifted color as she activated her Hunter's Sight, probably trying to locate the vampire's presence.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course," Asuka said, "I could feel it."

Misato turned to glance at the redhead surprise showing on her face.

"You could feel him?"

Asuka nodded.

"How was that possible?"

The redhead shook her head.

"I don't really know," she said, "All I could feel directed at me is a murderous feeling."

Misato frowned slightly.

Don't tell me…

"Do you think it had something to do with the Lance?" she asked.

Asuka thought about it.

The Lance was a strong power of Light that had even weakened Rei before and Rei was a powerful vampire…

"Maybe," Asuka told her, "its power is all about light isn't it, the opposite force of darkness, and vampires are creatures of the night. Maybe it can feel when its opposite force is close by."

"That could be why you could feel whoever that was following you," Misato concluded.

Asuka nodded. This sounded right.

"We're going to need a plan," Misato said, "and I'll have to talk to Hikari about it when she comes back."

Asuka frowned at this.

"She left?"

"She had to contact the Monastery today," Misato told her, "She might be back tomorrow."

Hikari Hokari was seating in a compartment of the train that was going at a steady pace. She was looking at the scenery barely taking them in, since her mind was still thinking about what Asuka had told her. The girl really didn't understand what dangers vampires really pose to the world…to her. This was probably the reason why she was so surprised that the girl had chosen the vampires over her…

The door of the compartment opened, causing her to turn her head toward the new arrival. Father Louis was dressed in a suit, his hair tied back. He took the seat across her. As she observed him, Hikari noticed bags under his eyes similar to a person that had been losing sleep.

"Father Louis," she spoke, "Is everything alright?"

"Your report," he said, disregarding her concern.

Hikari gives him the folder that had been seating on her lap, looking at the man surprised. The man was akin to a father to her, and seeing him acting as such toward her, makes Hikari feel unease. She didn't like this cold reaction he had toward her.

She continues to observe as he read the report, his eyes sweeping the papers before looking up at her.

"Has there been any development with Asuka concerning the Lance?" he asked.

"Not really," Hikari answered him, "But Asuka's relationship with the bloodsuckers is getting stronger and deeper than it was back at the Monas…"

"I'm already aware of that fact;" he said curtly, "The Monastery wants you to return to Rome as soon as possible. This is an order."

"But sir, that would leave Asuka without any protection," Hikari stated, unable to keep the surprise out of her voice.

"She have Misato don't she?" the man said looking at her evenly.

He then stood back up, and walked out of the compartment closing the door behind him, leaving Hikari to stare at his back in shock. If she had thought that something was wrong with him, now she was getting red flags in her head that he was acting…fishy.

She decided to follow him. He wasn't acting normal and she had to find out why because the Father Louis she knew and respected did not act as cold as he just did.

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