A Fleeting Dream

"Kaito!" Aoko calls out from behind me. "Kaito…wait."

"A-Aoko?" I stopped right in my tracks and turn towards her. Suddenly she leaps forward and clings to my chest.

"The truth is…I've always…" She stammers a little as she buries her heavily flushing face into my body. "It's just that…um…about you I've."

"Aoko? Are you trying to say that you-" I am unable to finish my sentence as she cuts me off.

"I'm in love with you!" Aoko hugs me tightly as she says this. "I've always been in love you with you Kaito."

"Really?" I ask in shock. She doesn't answer but instead lets out a modest squeak and hold on to me tighter. "Aoko…."

"Kaito…" She looks up at me with glistening eyes. As I lean towards her, her eyes slow close and I draw into a warm embrace. Soon out lips touched and-

*Beep Beep Beep*

"UWAHHHHH!" I scream and flung my head forward at the sound of my alarm clock. "W-what was that?"

"Young Master. You will be late if you do not get up quickly." Jii calls from downstairs.

"Hmm? What time is-" I take a quick look at the clock. "Holy mother of pearls!"

"Young Master Kaito." Jii calls out again.

"C-coming Jii!" I yell as I quickly stumble out of bed and into my school uniform.

I come dashing down the stairs to see Jii finish preparing my breakfast; toast with a block of butter on it. How original for a kid running late. Whatever. I quickly brush my teeth and fix my hair before grabbing the toast and running outside. Geez I really am going to be late today! Better put the gear into full throttle. While running along the river bank at full speed I see a couple holding hand in front me…causing me to recall my dream this morning and trip over my own two feet.

"Ugh…ouch." I sighed and got up slowly, dusting my pants in the process.

"Geez, Kaito. I had no idea you were that clumsy." A giggle came from behind me.

"Speak of the devil." I mumble as I turn backwards. "What's it to you Aoko?"

"Nothing. I was just admiring your talent for falling." She smiles.

"Pfft. What are you smiling about? You're going to be late too you know?" I flick her on the forehead and then away quickly. "What's wrong can't catch up to me? Well, you have been looking chunkier lately. Hahaha!"

"W-why you! Come back here!" Aoko yells out as she runs in my direction with her bag in attack mode.

We bicker and squabble while running towards school. Everything still seems to be normal between us. I hadn't let it slip that I had a strange dream this morning involving her. What was that dream about anyway? A confession? From Aoko? And then a kiss? Ugh…that's just so weird. She's not feminine or attractive at all. Why on Earth would I dream something like that? Could it be that…I actually LIKE Aoko? And this is a fragment of my mind that wants this really happen? Hmm….nah I'm sure it was just that I ate something weird that's all. I sit there re-thinking over and over for the cause of my dream this morning until Aoko arrives.

"Kaito, it's time for lunch. Come on, I made a bento for us to share." She casually smiles at me.

"A b-bento? Idiot! That's only for lovers! You know girlfriend and boyfriend! Couples! People who are going out!" I blush at the thought of even sharing a boxed lunch with her. "N-no thanks. I'm not interested, Ahoko."

"H-huh? W-what are you talking about? We always share a boxed lunch together! Why are you suddenly bringing all this stuff up?" Aoko, too, blushes wildly. "I always bring them to school! Bakaito!"

H-huh? O-oh yeah…she has. She's done it so many times that even the class knows and they don't think anything of it. We even exchange lunches sometimes in order to check each other's culinary skills. T-then what's gotten into me? Why did I suddenly say something like that? Don't tell me that I'm being self-conscious because of that dream this morning. Damn. Better get my act together or Aoko will know something's up.

"O-of course! I can't believe you fell for that. You really are gullible." I laugh cheekily to cover up my blunder.

"Grrr! Whatever Kaito! Just hurry up and come to the courtyard." She turns away and storms outside.

"Right away, your majesty." I joke and got up from my seat. I follow Aoko outside into the courtyard and sat beside her on the limestone wall. Yup. This is normally what we always do at lunch. Go to the courtyard and sit on this wall while sharing our lunch…like good childhood friends. Usually she would bring the food and I would…buy the drinks. Crap! I forgot.

"Kaito!" Aoko yells just as I was about to get up and buy the drinks. "You forgot to buy the drinks?"

"Y-yeah! I'm going now…" I stutter as I try to make my way towards the vending machine.

"You're always complaining that I'm late with the food but this time you don't buy the drinks! That never happens. You're acting strange today." She glares at me.

"H-haha really? Maybe you put something strange in the food last time?" I joke and then blot to buy our juice. I took a look at the wide range of flavours but then forgot which ones we normally drink. Aoko always drinks strawberry milk so one of those…but which one do I normally drink. Orange juice? Apple juice? Chocolate milk? Iced coffee? Ugh…what was it? Damn, I'm wasting too much time just get anything. Iced coffee. That'll do. I ran back and threw her the Strawberry Milk carton.

"Huh?" She catches it but glances at mine. "Coffee? What happened to your usual chocolate milk?"

"I-I just wanted a change for today. Can't I drink something different once in a while?" I try to dismiss her question smoothly.

"No but…you hate coffee." Aoko states firmly.

"Ack!" I cough while drinking through my straw. She's right. "W-well women love mature men right? So I thought I'd learn to like the stuff."

"Yeah but so suddenly?" She glares at my carton for a while.

"A-anyway! Let's eat! Don't want the food to get cold." I laugh and sat down beside her while opening the lunch box. "Wow! Rice, rolled eggs, pickled vegetables and slices of boiled salmon! Looks great! Let's eat!"

"Ugh…Kaito. Are you feeling alright today?" Aoko pulls the bento away from me and gives me a concerning look.

"F-fine. Why?" I ask.

"Well it's just the normal you would be like 'Whaaaat? Where's the octopus shaped sausages? Bleh this tastes too bland' Or 'Man, how simple. Can't you throw in some tempura prawns or some rice balls shaped as Kaito Kid?' Something like that." She comments.

"R-right. Well I had a really extravagant breakfast to simple food for lunch is best." I lie casually. "Anyway I'm starving let's eat."

Aoko drops the whole 'You're being weird' accusations and starts to eat with me. I can hear her soft chewing and quiet sipping from her carton. It's kind of cute. Oh no I didn't! Shit! Did I just think that? Aoko? Cute? Well maybe when she shuts her mouth. Ah! No! That's not what I meant! Damn it, what's with me today? It's cause of that stupid dream! I take a peek at Aoko from the corners of my eyes; she's chewing cheerfully with a rice grain stuck on her lower cheek. It's really close to where her lips are…Crap! What's with this stereotypical manga-like scene. What? Am I supposed to pick it off, eat it and say "You've got some on your cheek. I'll get it. Delicious."? Argh!

*Thump Thump Thump*

And why the hell is my heart beating so fast? She just has some rice stuck to her face, damn it! It must be because I'm thinking of that dream again. What am I suppose to lick it off her? Grrr! I'm the only one sweating buckets here while she is so calm. Just callously eating away while I'm having an inner conflict. Crap! My cheeks are getting red. I'm only eating lunch with her! It's not like I'm going to take her first time or something- AHHHHH! What am I thinking? Bad Kaito! Bad! Ugh! This is not good for my health…

"Kaito?" Aoko peers over.

"AHHH! I mean Ahhhoko! Yes what is it?" I force a smile.

"You haven't touched the food for a while. You alright?" She chews nonchalantly after she says this.

"Ugh…I'm fine." I stare at the rice grain on her face.

"What's wrong something on my face?" She asks while looking into my eyes.

"Y-yeah….there's just a rice grain on your cheek. I'll ge-" I go to brush it off with my hand but then realize how weird and awkward that will be. Shit. What do I do now? Suddenly out of nowhere my arm automatically reaches into my pocket, pulls out my handkerchief and whacks Aoko across the face with it.

"Kya! W-what the hell Kaito?" Aoko stands up in rage.

"Ahah-hahaha-aha-ha. It's gone now. Bye." I quickly got up and ran back into the main building.

What just happened?