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AN: Okay, I got a little excited in my planning for this one, so here it is, the first chapter of my Grey's-ified Shrek The Third.. But after this, their probably won't be anymore until I finish my Christmas fics. Also, I need a little help for the Rapunzel role. For those who don't remember, or haven't seen the film, Rapunzel is the one who betrayed the other Princesses, ie., the attendings and the Oceansiders in this version. I was thinking Finn, since I don't want to make Addison a villain, and besides her and Rose he's the only other character to threaten MerDer's relationship, but I know the betrayal wouldn't really be in character for him, so if you have any better ideas, please let me know.

A spotlight shone down on Nurse Rose, riding a pretend horse across a dusty stage, towards a shoddily built wooden cut-out that was supposed to be an abandoned hospital.

"It is time for me to venture to the highest room in this abandoned hospital, so that my dear attending can finally be rescued by his beloved.. Nurse Rose!" Rose cried. The crowd booed, and someone made a dismal thunderclap sound effect from offstage. Needless to say, things hadn't been going well for Rose since the defeat of her cousin, the evil Cardio-godmother Erica Hahn, at the hands of dark and twisty surgical resident Meredith Grey a few months before. Unable to get any nursing work, Rose had been forced to take a job performing in terrible dinner theater show. It certainly didn't help that the majority of her current audience consisted of Meredith's band of bright and shiny friends, Arizona, Callie, Mark, the Mercy Westers, and the Interns.

"You know, Dinner Theater really stinks nowadays" said Arizona with a frown.

"Ugh, tell me about it" Callie groaned, bouncing Sophia, her, Arizona, and Marks daughter in her arms (Sophia's existence is much to long and complicated to go into in this story. To learn more, see 'Grey's Anatomy: Season seven).

"I like it" said George seriously, before collapsing into a fit of laughter. "Just kidding!"

"This blows!" Mark yelled at the stage.

Rose tried to ignore the taunts, continuing her performance. An actor wearing a costume very slightly resembling Meredith's husband, Doctor Derek Shepherd, appeared in the top window of the 'hospital'.

"My goodness!" he said, unenthusiastically. "The lovely Nurse Rose approach-ith."

"Do not despair, fair Doctor!" Rose yelled, drawing her scalpel. "I will slay the Evil Spawn that guards you, and earn my rightful place at your side!"

"Ha!" Mark scoffed.

Rose tried to suppress her growing anger. On stage behind her, an actress in a really bad Meredith costume appeared.

"Woo hoo!" Arizona cheered. "Go Meredith!"

Rose scowled. She was supposed to be the hero of this Play, not Meredith Grey!

"Alright, you evil dark and twisty person!" Rose cried, waving her scalpel, "I will send you bark to the Dark abyss from whence you.."

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear April.." sang a bunch of waiters, carrying a cake over to Meredith's friend's table and placing it in front of April Kepner.

"Do you mind?" Rose snapped, angry at the interruption to her performance.

"Do you mind?" Jackson yelled back as he threw a chair at the stage, "You ruined my friend's Birthday song!"

Unfortunately, Rose managed to dodge the chair, but fortunately, it hit the hospital cut-out, making it begin to topple. 'Derek' leapt to safety, running off-stage with 'Meredith'. Rose's eyes widened in horror as the hospital bore down on her, but unfortunately, she was standing where the window fell, and so escaped unharmed.

The crowd, especially Meredith's friends, erupted into a chorus of riotous laughter.

Rose's fists clenched.

"You'll be sorry!" she shrieked as she ran from the stage. "You'll all be sorry!"

"We're already sorry, that we wasted our time seeing this stupid show!" shouted Charles.

"I've seen better performances from a scalpel!" Reed yelled.

Rose ran through a door with a star on it, too her dressing room... Which was really just a dirty back-alley behind the restauraunt. Really, it was a miracle that her stuff hadn't been stolen by anyone, like the homeless guy who also lived in the alley.

"Hey, Rosie" the guy grinned, flashing his rotten teeth.

Rose gave him a look of disgust, before flopping into her chair. She glanced up at the mirror, where she'd taped a photograph of Hahn, with a small note scrawled on it. The note read, 'To my favourite little cousin Rose, don't stop believing, no matter what! Love, Erica.'

A look of anger spread over Rose's face as she considered her cousin's words. She was supposed to be the one standing at the side of Seattle Grace's future Chief. Meredith Grey was the reason she wasn't. Meredith Grey disrupted the proper order of things. That was the truth, and Rose would not stop believing. But she would find a way to make it right, and return everything to the way it was meant to be.

"I will not let that dark and twisty resident keep me down!" Rose stood, determined. "I promise you, Cousin Erica, I will regain my rightful place, and my dignity!" Suddenly, a newspaper blew into her face. She pulled it off, scowling at the picture of Meredith and Derek beaming out from it, waving to a crowd from the Hospital balcony. "And this time, nobody will stand in my way!"