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AN: Last Chapter. Enjoy! Oh, and even though Artie wasn't seen or even mentioned in 'Shrek Forever After', I'm going to keep Lexie as an extra sidekick alongside Izzie and Cristina since she now lives with MerDer in my version.

A few months went by. Meredith and Derek built a big, beautiful house in a clearing not far away from Seattle Grace, so they could be around to support Lexie, who moved in with them. Izzie, Cristina, and all of their other friends also took up residence nearby, most of them gaining permanent positions at the Hospital.

The Oceansiders started up a new Practice, adding Amelia and Jake to the team along the way. At some point, they lost Naomi, who eloped to New York with Fife. In another piece of happy news, Addison adopted a baby boy, Henry.

There was an unfortunate incident involving Derek punching Mark after his friend had ignored his warning and started dating Lexie. He needn't have really worried though. Mark treated Lexie well, and they were happy.

Dr. Webber eventually returned, sober and ready to resume his job. However, recognising Lexie's potential to one day become a Chief for real, he allowed her to stay on as a member of Seattle Grace's surgical program.

But for Meredith and Derek, the biggest change was yet to come..

Early one morning, in her new house, Meredith heated a bottle of baby formula, testing it on her wrist to ensure it wasn't too hot. Satisfied, she headed into the lounge room, where Derek sat bouncing their adopted daughter, Zola, on his lap, while Lexie knelt on the floor, making faces at the little girl.

Meredith smiled at them, giving Derek a quick 'Good Morning' kiss, before taking Zola and offering her the bottle.

A few minutes later, Cristina and Izzie burst through the front door, the Spawnlings fluttering behind them.

"I smell baby poop!" Izzie grinned.

Derek chased a butt-naked Zola, who had turned out to be a very energetic child, around the house, trying to put her diaper on. The little girl bounced off the couch, landing perfectly in a diaper Meredith held up.

Meredith and Derek grinned at each other. They were a great team.

Later, as Meredith bathed Zola, the baby farted in the tub, sending a jet of bubbles up to the surface. Meredith shrugged, and chuckled.

"Better out than in!"

Izzie played a game of Peek-a-boo with Zola, making her giggle.

"Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!" Cristina forced a smile as she bounced Zola on her knee. This quickly fell away when Zola threw up on her.

Lexie laughed, taking her niece to go clean her up.

Cristina glared at her.

There was a knock at the door, and Meredith answered it to find Dell, once again in his bonnet.

"Dell's Babysitting Service.." he sighed.

"I don't think we'll be needing that" Meredith laughed, "But you can take off that stupid bonnet and come in for a coffee if you like."

"Thank you" Dell grinned.

Derek set up a Slip-N-Slide outside. Meredith sent Zola sliding happily down it before following her, Izzie and Lexie close behind.

"Woo hoo!" Lexie yelled.

That evening, Zola was playing with the Spawnlings by the empty fireplace. She farted, and Abby belched out a ball of flame, lighting the gas which then flew into the fireplace.

"Well, that's one way to do it" Derek chuckled.

That night, after their guests had left, and Lexie headed off to Mark's since it was Callie and Arizona's night with Sofia, Meredith and Derek put Zola to bed, and stood for a while watching their daughter sleep. She was so cute when she was sleeping.

"So" Meredith grinned slyly to her husband. "What do you want to do now?"

Before long, they lay sprawled in bed, asleep, both snoring loudly.

Then, Zola began to cry.

"I'll get it" Meredith sighed.

AN: The end! Look forward to 'Meredith Forever After', the Halloween special, 'Scared Meredith-less' and the Christmas Special, 'Meredith The Halls', some time in the not too distant future!