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This is going to be the last "chapter" of Letters to Santa. Why, you ask? My answer: I've grown bored of this. I have next-to-no ideas for this, while ideas for my Tobi story are screaming at me inside my head. If anyone wants to take this up as a fun side project, message me. If no one does, then I'll assume that this is as boring as I see it, and will mark it as complete. If someone messages me WITHIN A WEEK OF MY POSTING THIS "CHAPTER", then I will mark it as "To be completed by Insert penname here".

I do not own Naruto. I own a Konoha hitai-ate and Deidara's Akatsuki ring as a necklace, though.

Happy Holidays!

If you have read the entirety of this author's note, I applaud you.

Note: this is after Team 7 has been created and they go through the Zabuza arc and the Chunnin Exams arc, and before those random filler arcs that I detest. I'm not even gonna bother to put the date here.

Dear Santa,

This is the final—FINAL—time that I shall write to you. Here's why: I have finally seen how childish and stupid this is. I have also seen that Konoha is holding me back from my true power. It seems like they do not want me to kill Itachi. Well that's fine, because I've decided to sever all bonds with them, especially those with Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi.

I, quite frankly, count you as a bond. So once I complete training with Lord Orochimaru, then I will come to the North Pole to kill you. Yes, you have read correctly. There is no need to polish your glasses or call a clear-eyed elf to reread this. I will kill you.

For I am an Uchiha, and that means two things. One: I am an avenger. Two: I do not forgive you for not telling me what "shit" was as a child, and for not killing Itachi (even though I've told you multiple times).

Uchiha Sasuke

Dear Santa,

I'm done with this. You have not seen fit to comply with any of my wishes—ANY of them. So I am dropping this. I'm telling my mom to stop making me write letters to Santa because I AM a kunoichi, for Kami's sake.

But...I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask one more time.

I would like Sasuke please.

Haruno Sakura

Dear Santa,

I swear, you are the nicest guy ever! I'm sorry for not writing for a while...I kinda (finally) graduated from the Academy and got my own team. Then we went on a crapload of missions, took the Chunnin Exams (and only Shikamaru passed because the Sound and Sand Village attacked and Old Man Hokage died), and went on a crapload of other missions that seemed kinda unnecessary.

But you gave me what I wanted. You gave me a family. You gave me Kakashi, who's kinda like a dad to me. You gave me Sakura and Sasuke, who are my best friends. You gave me Iruka-sensei, Teuchi and Ayame from Ichiraku, Konohamaru, Old Man Hokage before he died, and Grandma Tsunade, the new Hokage. Not the mention countless other shinobi who finally see me as a somebody, ever since I took on Gaara.

I finally have a family.

This makes me so exceedingly happy that I don't know what to ask for. So I'll stick with my staple choice.

Ramen, please!

Uzumaki Naruto

~Two years after the last batch of letters~

Dear Santa,

I feel like a dumbass. What the hell was I thinking, asking for ramen? Sasuke left Konoha on the next day! Sakura was crying really hard, and the retrieval mission failed.

But I'm ok now. It's been two years. I've been training with Ero—wait, I mean Jiraiya-sensei in order to get Sasuke back and to protect myself from this evil organization called the Akatsuki. They're trying to extract tailed beasts from the jinchuriki for some odd reason. And I'm a jinchuriki. But I'll be fine! Datteboyo!

I will get Sasuke back. He is my best friend and is like my brother. Plus the new guy, Sai, really gives me the creeps. He does nothing but give everyone an empty smile all day. Creepy.

Uzumaki Naruto