Author's Notes

Completely insane idea came from a conversation I began with someone. But hey, whatever works.

Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

Dating Discussion

That had to be the most awkward conversation they had ever walked in on. And that was saying something.

Kouichi K & Kouji M

'Are you kidding me?' a female voice suddenly shrieked, interrupting the twins who had been previously enjoying the quiet park. Of course, they realised slowly, a park wasn't the best place for quietness. 'Kimura-kun is way cuter than Minamoto-kun.'

The two subjects stared at each other, the younger in annoyance and the elder in slight surprise and even more awkwardness.

'True, but I wouldn't date him in a million years,' another female voice responded, but just as loud.

Kouji opened his mouth to say something, then reconsidered.

'Why not?' Quieter, and plain curiosity.

'I'd like to have a honest relationship.'

'What?' Kouichi mouthed to his brother, whose annoyance was dissolving into slight amusement. Of course, no-one in his right minds would accuse his elder twin for lying, but it would be rather amusing to find out exactly what those girls meant.

'Oh please, he couldn't lie to save his life. Remember Kohta?'

Okay, how did they know about that little incident? At least they didn't know about the one where Kouichi had accidently gotten him and Takuya a detention. He'd felt so bad though he'd helped out with the blackboard cleaning and they finished earlier than they should have.

'And that one with Minamoto-kun and Kanbara-kun,' the other girl added, disproving the twins' previous thought. 'But that's not what I meant. Imagine trying to understand him.'

Well, those girls certainly had a point there. But it wasn't turning out to be a comfortable lunch at all.

'True. Minamoto-kun on the other hand is perfect. Handsome, protective…'

There was a break-off when both girls started giggling. The twins were still staring at each other.

'Why are we still here?' Kouji hissed, quietly.

'Easy Kouji,' his brother replied. 'We are technically eavesdropping on them.'

'Then let's just leave.'

'And tell them we were listening?'

Kouichi's mortified tone was enough to make the younger twin reconsider.

'But he's so…straightforward.'

'I know.' The voice was so dreamy it was slightly disturbing being on the eavesdropping end of the conversation. 'The most important part of a relationship. Besides, Kimura-kun may be cuter, but Minamoto-kun's hotter.'

Kouichi had to stifle a giggle at that.

'I can't stand this,' Kouji scowled, making to stand.

The desire to giggle quickly vanished as Kouichi made to grab at his sleeve…and missed.

The two girls stopped talking immediately as the younger twin pulled his brother up, albeit a little roughly.

There was an awkward silence and three flaming faces. Kouji finally decided he had had enough and made to leave, pulling his brother along…until the other somehow tripped.

'Bad time Kouichi.'

'Hey, it's not like I choose to be clumsy.'

The girls stared at each other. 'I've never seen him be clumsy before.'

'Me neither. But klutz's are so cute.'

Both twins groaned at that. More ammunition.

'But embarrassed-'

'Enough!' In such embarrassing situations, Kouji had a habit of losing his cool…fast. 'We're going.'

This time, they actually succeeded. Of course, meeting them tomorrow at school…he didn't want to think about that. Not yet anyway.