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Chapter 5 – Fist fight fury

Alex quickly got hold of a brutish weapon which was like a bat-axe He ran towards The Jester and slammed the axe into his stomach. The Jester jumped back in agony and took an equally grotesque weapon – the Joker staff which would explode if dropped on the floor. However the Jester slammed the vicious staff into Alex's head which dazed him. Meanwhile Sabina and Batman were teaming up to defeat the devious Joker who began to do his Joker-style of Kung-Fu. This included funny punches and kicks but Batman got hold of Joker's foot and spun him around like a lasso. Joker laughed as he landed on his bum painfully and said "Wow I never thought you were strong like a hippo. I always thought you were weak without your sophisticated gadgets Batsy". Batman replied with an ear-splitting yell and punched him hard. Batgirl 2000 followed this attack with a spinning back kick and an uppercut which smashed Joker's face. His eyes were bloody and he was bleeding also from his mouth. He instantly looked like a funny vampire. On the other side of the mansion Alex slowly got up with his head pounding like a waterfall. He ran at the Jester with burning anger and smashed his face in with his lethal weapon which made Jester faint. Alex thought "One down and one to go" and went to assist in taking down the Joker. He crept behind Joker and brought the bat axe down which made Joker scream in agony and fall on the floor. Batman quickly ran over Joker and checked if the Joker was alive. Miraculously Joker would live another live. Batman summoned his sidekicks to follow him out of the buildings because the screams of police cars could be heard. Once the police had arrived they saw the two unconscious villains and put them in their van. However a bomb was planted on the van because Joker had tricked them. Suddenly a massive explosion occurred and the van was blown to smithereens. Nobody was al;ive to see two people tiptoeing in the night making an lucky escape.

The end

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