Running Robin

Chapter 2

When Tim woke up with a pounding headache, the first thing he saw was bright circular lights above him. He blinked and tried to get used to the intense glare and tried to bring up his arm up to shield his eyes. That's when he realized he couldn't. He looked down at his wrist and realized he was restrained by a slim metal cuff to what appeared to be a medical bed. He looked and saw his other arm was also restrained. An experimental kick showed him his legs were free.

He looked around and saw he was in what looked like a medical centre. There was a bed, a table against the wall with various tools, a sink and then sitting casually on a stool by his feet was Slade.

Tim fought harder but couldn't break the restraint. He looked down and noticed he was just in his jeans. His shirt, jacket and shoes were gone. He growled in anger. Slade got up slowly and walked to the side of the examining table and pressed something that had the top half of the table moving so Tim was in a relaxed sitting position. Tim continued to struggle till Slade said quietly, "Stop."

Tim glared at him. Slade turned and went to the sink and returned with a cup of water.

"Drink." He ordered.

Tim glared and sealed his lips shut defiantly.

"It will help with the headache."

Tim continued to keep his lips sealed. Slade just gave a small shrug and set the cup down and picked up a clipboard. "Let's begin shall we?"

"I'm not telling you anything!" spat Tim.

"This isn't an interrogation. This is where I tell you what's going to happen and you listen."

"What did you do to me? Why am I undressed?" Tim yelled.

"Just a routine examination." Said Slade and took a pen and lightly tapped the top of Tim's head. "Now be quiet and listen."

Tim growled and kicked out his legs but it didn't do anything. He settled down and stared at Slade.

"You had a couple of cuts and bruising. I put salve on the bruising and gauze on the cuts. You are malnourished and underweight. After breakfast each morning you will be required to take three vitamin pills and your diet will consist of a lot of carbohydrates to put a bit of meat on your bones."

"What .. breakfast .. wait what?" asked Tim in confusion. Slade leant over and tapped him on the top of his head with the pen again. "Don't interrupt".

"You look exhausted and your reflexes are abominable –"

"Still managed to kick your ass." Growled Tim. Slade leant over and hit him on the head again. "Interrupt again, I dare you." He said as if he was discussing the weather.

Tim kept quiet as Slade continued. "You will be in bed by nine each evening. You have till 9:45 to have fallen asleep. If not, I will administer a sleeping aid. This will not be done as a punishment of any sort. I can understand that given recent events and your current environment you may struggle to fall asleep but your body and your mind need the rest."

Tim kept quiet, his heart quickening. It didn't look like Slade was threatening him, or was going to kill him but scarily it seemed he intended Tim to stay for some time. Slade continued:

"While going through withdrawal, I know going "cold turkey" as some people put it is dangerous, so I will administer your main drug of use in small amounts till you are weaned off completely. Part of your day will be spending a session with me, exercise, sleeping and getting your act together. Anything to say?"

"You're crazy! I'm not Robin anymore! This isn't a game!"

"Exactly. This isn't a game, you don't get another chance when its game over. You have potential and I'm not going to let you throw that away over a few bad choices."

"You can't do this! I hate you, you sick twisted psychopath!" Tim began struggling again. Kicking his legs and twisting his body.

"My boy, after a few days you will be dying to kill me but I can live with that." Said Slade with a smile and then to Tim's surprise he undid the restraints. Tim immediately rolled off the examination table and was about to stand upright when Slade got him in a headlock. Tim pulled and fought against the hold but Slade held him with ease and began to drag him out of the room and down a corridor. "Let me show you your room." He said.

Tim yelled, scratched and kicked at the larger man but was easily held in place. After a few steps Slade released him and pushed him into a room. The door was shut behind him and Tim turned to see a door made of what looked like plastic. He hit at the door. Strong plastic. He did a quick survey of where he was being held. It was a small room with a bed with what looked like a pair of pyjamas neatly folded on the top of the pillow. At the far end of the room was a toilet, sink and shower. At the top of the door beyond reach was a clock that read 7:42.

He turned back to the door where Slade was staring at him. "What the hell!" he screamed. "People will know I'm missing, they will look for me!"

"The same people who have just left you to live like a junkie for the last four months? Living on the streets, using, drinking, and getting into fights? Those people? I wouldn't put too much faith in them." Said Slade coldly.

"You're sick! I've been fine, so what if I'm not the boy wonder anymore? I'm living a normal life like a normal teenager!"

"You are not most teenagers and even if you chose to pretend to be one and enjoy your teen years, I expect that would include high school, college, a girlfriend, going to movies. Whatever youth wastes its time on." Said Slade with disdain, "but you are killing yourself. You are doing to yourself what so many criminals have been dreaming of doing."

"You're a mercenary! What the hell are you wasting your time with me! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT NOW!" shouted Tim, slamming his fists on the door in anger.

"Calm yourself down, clean yourself up and put on the pyjamas. I will see you at 8:30 with your dinner which you will eat."

"Fuck you." Said Tim, throwing himself on the bed.

Slade gave a little chuckle. "Still spirited, well I never did things the easy way either,"

With that, Slade turned and walked away and Tim was left alone with the silence surrounding him.

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