I fell in love with you online

Chapter 1

Edward's POV

I've been a vampire for the passed hundred years. I've had to watch my father and both my brothers find their mates. To see them all happy and in love warms my dead heart, but it also shows me what I'm missing and what I need to make my immortal life perfect.

At the moment my family and I have just moved back to Forks, WA. Where we can live as close to a normal human life that someone like us is aloud.

Today was, of course our first day of school, where all the girls were all over me once my sisters had shown their claim to my brothers.

Now I'm fully aware that this would be any mans dream, but it's just not mine.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that I can read there every thought, I want the real thing and I'll know when I find it.

I hope.

I was in the computer rooms after lunch when an ad popped up; I had all intentions of closing it down but the title court my eye

'Find love at Lonely Hearts'

I knew it was just a stupid dating site (Idon'tmeantoupsetanyone) I've seen many of these in my somewhat long life.

Even though I did not intend to look at this site my hand moved freely of its own.

In minutes the site was up and running, and I found myself looking threw what they might have to offer a lonely heart such as myself.

Seconds before the bell as I went to close the site down a profile of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen came up.

She had long Brown wavy hair and beautiful brown eyes that show her soul.

I wanted nothing more than to talk to her, but I didn't want to do so throw a computer.

So I found out threw her profile that she lives in London, and was making plans to go and find her when my sister Alice informed me I was being creepy.

"Your scared her if you just show up talking about that lonely hearts site"

Of course my family agreed, it seem once Alice had a vision about me stroking London to find the angel of my dreams, she just had to inform everyone of what she had seen.

"Why don't you just talk to her throw the PC, You don't even know if you'll like her." Jasper told me for the fifth time.

"Fine" I had no other choice but to give in.

Setting up my account was easy; new all I had to do was talk to her.

Selecting her profile I clicked on IM.

(Hello this is Edward's IM. Hi Bella's IM. And Edwardsthoughts)


Really Edward is that the best you could do, she won't even answer that it's lame.


You were saying shut up head

Hi, I saw your profile and thought I would just say hey.

Your eally suck at this Well I don't see you trying to help

Its OK, I'm Bella by the way.

Wow she's not running. I said shut up

Edward, so you live in London?

And here I thought you couldn't get any worst. You won't shut will you?


Nice to meet you Edward. Yeah, it's cool. So where do you live?

Now don't say anything that will make her think you're stupid or not want to talk to you

I just move to Forks, I don't think you have heard of it.

What did I just say?


I love that place, it always makes me feel at home.

Wow maybe you're not as bad as I thought.


Really? Wow, small world.

We carried on talking the whole way throw the night, of course my brain would interrupt ever now and then to tell me I'm stupid or I should of said that, but not once did she not answer or tell me to leave her alone.

When Esme called to tell me I would be late for school, I realized that I had kept her up all night (I'm not sure if WA has the same time zone as London) but before I could tell her how say I was she told me she had to get ready for school and would talk to me later.

Before she left she gave me her e-mail account name, so I wouldn't have to talk throw that stupid, slow site.