'AMANO ICHIGO! Get up right this instant!'

'Mmm, still sleepy, go away.' mumbled Ichigo. Then something seemed to register in her brain. She sat up and stared at the blond boy who was glaring at her. 'Eh? Kkashino? Wwho let you in?' The brunette stuttered. 'This is not the time for questions! We've got a field trip today, Ichigo! You missed the bus! Rumi couldn't figure out how to wake you so she called me. We'll ask my family driver to drives us. Now, I'll be back soon so get change you idiot! If you aren't changed by the time I get back you're going wrapped in the duvet!' with that, Kashino charged out of the room. Ichigo stared at the slammed door for a few seconds then flew into a frenzy trying to ready herself.

When Kashino came back, she was wearing mismatching socks and a t-shirt over her jacket. Kashino stared in amazement then grabbed her wrist and together they flew down the stairs of Saint Marie's Academy. Ichigo being Ichigo, managed to land face down. Kashino quickly rushed to her side. 'Ichigo, you idiot!' he muttered angrily. Although his words were harsh, his face betrayed his concern. Ichigo looked up groggily and blushed at how close he was. 'I'm fine! I fall down the stairs everyday!' she said. Kashino stared at her again. ' Every….day….. ' he repeated. He stared at her some more while Ichigo blushed in embarrassment.

Just then, Kashino's car arrived. It was a shiny black limousine. 'Where to, master Kashino?' enquired the driver. Kashino looked frustrated and now it was Ichigo's turn to stare in amazement. 'Wow, Kashino, you are so rich.' She said in a hushed voice. Kashino glared at her and looked rest of the ride was spent with Kashino awkwardly staring at his shoes and Ichigo exploring the limousine like a five year old.