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'Look, Vanilla! It's snowing!' Ichigo exclaimed as she looked out of the window.

The whole campus was being covered by a soft blanket of soft white snow. Then her face fell as she remembered that she'd have to confess to Kashino.

'Vanilla, do I have to confess today? Why can't I confess tomorrow?' whined Ichigo.

Vanilla's eyes turned into balls of fire. 'Because you're famous for your procrastination! You'll never confess once you start delaying.'

Just then there was a loud knock on the door.

'Ichigo, can I come in?' said Kashino's muffled voice. Ichigo opened the door and Kashino walked in. 'Wwould you come for a walk with me? Jjust the two of us.' he stammered. He bit his lip in nervousness. Ichigo was overjoyed; she blushed and replied that she'd be ready in ten minutes.

Ichigo closed the door and told Vanilla. Vanilla beamed.

'My Ichigo's going on her first date! What are you going to wear?' she said.

Ichigo sweat-dropped. 'Vanilla! It's not a date! For all I know, Kashino might be obsessed with snow and he just can't find anybody willing to take a walk with him! And why are you acting so mumsy all of a sudden?' Vanilla scowled at this comment.

'I may look younger than you but I'm actually at least five hundred years older than you!' she retorted. Ichigo's best clothes were in the wash so she just decided to wear any pair of jeans and her favourite strawberry coloured shirt. However, Vanilla had other ideas. She summoned up an enormous pink ball gown with frills and bows. Ichigo absolutely refused to wear it. In the end they compromised with a pair of smart looking jeans and a pretty blouse. Vanilla used her magic once again to do Ichigo's make up and as a result, she looked incredible. Ichigo took a deep breath and stepped out into the hallway where Kashino was waiting.

Kashino stared at Ichigo in awe. Kashino had always thought Ichigo was pretty (even when she was stuffing herself with cake) but today she was beautiful. 'It's going to be even harder to confess to her now that she looks so good!' he thought to himself. Kashino blushed furiously and gruffly told her that she looked nice. Then the two of them set out to tour the snow covered campus of Saint Marie's.

Ichigo loved the snow. It was so beautiful and fluffy. She squealed and plunged into it, ruining her beautiful new clothes. For once, Kashino didn't scold her. Instead, he plunged into the snow with her. The two of them had a whole morning of fun, almost forgetting that they would have to confess to each other. As noon began to approach, Kashino grabbed Ichigo's hands.

'I have something to tell you.' he said gently.

'I have something to tell you too.' replied Ichigo, blushing.

'At the same time then? suggested Kashino.

Ichigo nodded in agreement. She was too nervous to say anything. On the count of three both Ichigo and Kashino opened their mouths and said 'I like you'. Their eyes widened in surprise and then they both started blushing. They stared in shock at each other for a while then somehow they found themselves leaning forward towards each other.

Later that day

'Ichigo, so how was your date? asked Vanilla.

'Wonderful, he likes me too.' replied the blushing brunette.

'Anything else you have to tell me?' said Vanilla with a smirk on her face.

Ichigo shook her head vigorously. Vanilla's smirk deepened. She flew to Ichigo's ear and whispered 'By the way, your lip-gloss is smudged.' before flying away as quickly as she could.

Excerpt from Kashino's diary (It's kind of a poem)

Since I was young, I have always being looking for happiness

Happiness my parents took away from me

I found happiness in chocolate,

Happiness at Saint Maries

And happiness in teasing Hanabusa

But none of that can compare with the happiness I get from just being with Ichigo

I never expected to find happiness in a girl who constantly stuffs herself with cake

The End