40 Weeks


Chapter One – Friday 15th February 2006

Hermione Granger – Malfoy walked out of the Malfoy Manor Floo and sighed; she was finally home after a stressful day and all she wanted was her bed and to cuddle up to her husband who she hoped was home.

Hermione walked through the Manor and up the staircase till she got to her wing which she shared with Draco. They had moved into the North Wing when they married nearly a year ago. Hermione opened their 'front door' which connected to their whole wing and walked straight through to their bedroom.

As she walked into the bedroom she noticed her blonde husband walking out of the bathroom in only a towel wrapped around his waist. She smiled as took in the sight of his toned body; Merlin she loved that body.

'Hello Love. How was your day?' He said as he walked towards her.

'Stressful.' Hermione said as she sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off her black court heels. 'I'm starting to hate my job.'

'I never thought I'd hear those words leave your mouth Mrs Malfoy.' Draco said as he got a pair of boxers out of the draw.

'It's Granger – Malfoy.' She replied as she lay down on the bed. 'I'm serious Draco. I hate it. They take me for granted and I'm doing a work load that two people should be doing.'

'Then tell them to stuff their job and come work with me.' Draco said as he pulled his boxers up over his hips and walked to the bed. 'You know Father has been trying to get you to work for us for years now.'

'Maybe I will.' She said as she turned on her side and looked at Draco as he sat down on the bed beside her.

'You know what I think Hermione.' He said as he stroked her cheek. 'You could give up work completely you know that but I know you too well and I know you won't. I just want you to be happy.'

'I think I'll talk to Kingsley first and see if anything changes and then if not I'll speak with your father.' She said as she kissed his palm.

Draco smiled and laid down beside Hermione. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her head. Hermione sighed as she relaxed against her toned husband. She never got bored of laying in her arms, she doubted she ever would.

'Have you tested?' Draco asked.

'Not yet.' She said as she looked up at him. 'It's our first month of trying Draco; most people take a year to conceive.'

'Not Malfoy's. We have super sperm.' He said smirking arrogantly.

'Hardly. Your mother told me it took three years to conceive you.' Hermione said as she looked at Draco. 'My parents took seven to get me and I was a surprise as they had given up. Just don't get your hopes Draco I have a feeling we'll be trying for a while.'

'I don't. I have a good feeling about this.' Draco said as he kissed her gently. 'Have faith Hermione.'

'I do but I just don't want to get my hopes up every month to be disappointed.' She replied as she kissed him.

'When are you going to test?' He asked as he ran his fingers through her curls.

'Tomorrow morning if my period hasn't arrived. It's due today.' She said as she purred under his hands.

'Why not test now then?' He asked as he went to stand to grab his wand.

'No!' she said as she pulled him to her. 'We might get a false positive even if I am pregnant because it's too early. The book says it's better to wait until I am at least a day late.'

'You and your books Granger.' He replied with a smile.

'It's Malfoy.' She said with a smirk.

Saturday 16th February 2006 – 5:45am

Hermione sat on the edge of their pristine white bathtub with a muggle pregnancy test in her hands. She hadn't slept well all night because she was waiting for her period to turn up but it hadn't. At 5:30am, she had finally gotten out of bed and went to test with the muggle test she had brought a few months ago when they had a scare.

The instructions said to wait two minutes until looking at the test. If two dark pink lines appeared then she was pregnant if only one then she wasn't. She finished counting two minutes and then looked down at the tests which undoubtedly had two dark pink lines showing.

'I'm pregnant.' She whispered as she dropped the test out of shock.

She quickly scrambled up the test and ran into the bedroom screaming and shouting waking Draco up thinking someone was attacking them.

'I'm pregnant.' She said as she jumped on the bed and held the muggle pregnancy test in front of Draco's face. 'Can you see it?'

'All I can see is two pink lines.' He said as he yawned.

'Exactly. Two pink lines means I'm pregnant! We did it! We actually did it!' She said as she looked at Draco.

'Of we did.' He said as he wrapped his arms around Hermione. 'I told you so.'

'I know you did.' She said as she kissed him. 'I can't believe it.'

'Are muggle tests 100%?' he asked as he looked at the test in her hands.

'I think so.' She said. 'You can't get a false positive.'

Draco nodded but grabbed his wand anyway. He pointed it at Hermione's stomachs and whispered the incantation. Hermione's stomach immediately started to glow yellow and both Draco and Hermione broke out in smiles.

'I love you.' Draco said as he chucked his wand and the pregnancy test onto the bedside table and pulled Hermione down on top of him.

'I love you too.' He said as he kissed her.

'We're having a baby!' She said with a huge smile on her face.

'Well not at this moment.' He said as he kissed her head.

'I need to book an appointment with 's, need to tell my parents, your parents, Harry, Ron and Ginny and there's so much to do!' she started.

'Hermione, calm down. First we'll book an appointment and check everything's alright and we'll tell our parents after our first scan.' He said as he kissed her. 'Don't panic.'

'I can see myself getting stressed for the first few weeks. I just want everything to be alright.' She said as she curled into Draco.

'And everything will be.' He said as he kissed her head. 'Now let's get back to sleep and the first thing will do in the morning is owl St. Mungo's and get an appointment for next week.'

'Okay.' She said as she let Draco embrace her. 'Thank you.'

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