Week Four

Thursday 9th March 2006

Draco and Hermione walked into the private Healer's office and went straight to the receptionist.

'We have an appointment with Healer Jenkins.' Hermione said. 'We rescheduled from Monday to today.'

'Oh yes.' The red haired receptionist said. 'Go straight through to his office, he is waiting for you Mr and Mrs Malfoy.'

Draco and Hermione walked down the corridor to Healer Jenkins office. They originally were supposed to see the Healer on Monday however Hermione had rescheduled due to a family drama with her parents. Draco was not to happy with this and they had a blazing row which ended with Hermione in tears and Draco trying to calm her down and apologising.

'Good Morning.' Healer Jenkins said as the two walked in.

'Morning.' Draco said as he shook the Healer's hand.

'How are we today Mrs Malfoy?' Jenkins asked as he motioned Hermione to the bed.

'Alright.' She replied as she laid down the bed and reached her arm around to Draco to sit beside the bed and hold her hand.

'Has she been resting Mr Malfoy?' Jenkins asked.

'All day every day since she fainted.' He replied.

'Good.' He replied as he asked Hermione to lift her top.

As Hermione did so he took hold of his wand and waved it over Hermione's stomach. A bright white light shone from Hermione's stomach and in the middle of the white light showed the figure of their six week old child.

'There is your six week old child.' Healer Jenkins said. 'Looks perfect.'

Draco smiled at Hermione who had tears in her eyes. She had been worrying since she had fainted that something wasn't right but seeing her child made those worries go away.

'Are you sure?' Hermione asked.

'Baby is growing perfectly.' Jenkins replied. 'Moving around fine and the blood flow from mother to baby is just right.'

'Can you tell the gender?' Draco asked.

'Not yet.' Jenkins said smiling. 'We can in another six week.' He said.

'I thought it was 20 weeks.' Hermione asked.

'That's in the muggle world Ms Malfoy.' He said. 'Next time I see you, we can find out the gender that is if you wish to know.'

'We already know.' Draco said. 'We just need it confirming. Every Malfoy is a boy.'

'Well we shall have to wait and see.' Healer Jenkins said.

After the appointment was finished, Draco and Hermione made their way back to the Manor. Draco rushed off to work while Hermione climbed back into bed and fell back to sleep.

Draco came home from work in the early afternoon to find Hermione still asleep. He undressed and climbed into bed with his wife and wrapped his arms around her placing one of his hands on her stomach.

'Draco.' She mumbled as she opened her eyes.

'Who else?' He said as he kissed her. 'You alright?'

'I'm good.' She said as she snuggled up to him. 'I love you.'

'I love you too.' He said as he kissed her head and drifted off to sleep.

Authors Notes:

Sorry for the delay, here's a chapter for you. Sorry it's short :)xx