A/N: Tony's Bucket List from this season intrigued me. So I'm adding my spin on the meanings behind them.


Disclaimer: Nothing


Master the art of Kung Fu.

Yeah, yeah. I'm a Buckeye, I can do this. Really. I signed up to take some Kung Fu classes because if I'm going to take this Bucket List seriously, I have to start somewhere. And no, I didn't just watch movies like The Matrix or Kill Bill over the weekend and think I'm a master. Maybe, the old DiNozzo would do that, not me. Who knows when this special skill would come in handy at a crime scene - Ziva has the crazy ninja moves, Gibbs has the fighting moves, McLightweight has a gun and I will have Kung Fu.


When Ziva came over for movie night, I was walking a little slower, using muscles I forgot existed. I answered the door wincing in pain, obviously trying not to let Ziva know.

"Tony, why are walking like that?"

"Like what?"

"You are dawdling."

"It's waddling. It's allowed, I'm in pain. I had my first fight tonight at Kung Fu."

"You are actually doing that – taking a class, we thought you were kidding."

"No Zee-vah, I wasn't. . . it's on my bucket list."

"What else is on there?"

"You'll just have to wait and see."


To be continued. . .