Author's Note: That's what happens when you mix Cloud van Dyk and lots and lots of coffee *grins* You get a very weird story. Haruka + lesbian couple foster parents = chaos and fun! A little warning ahead: the first paragraph will show Harukas life before she came to her last loving family. It contains a little beating scene. You were warned.

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka or Michiru, BUT I own Harukas foster family. If you want to use them, ask please (Haruka: yeah right, as if anyone would use them, as weird as they are…Cloud: Shut up, you moron! They are very nice, very gay people. *threatens Haruka with a 100t hammer*)

Dedication: I dedicate this story to Prince Mike :-)

Family At Last

"Haruka!" The blonde, sixteen year old teenager winced at the voice of her foster father Hoshi before she stood up from the small bed she had been sitting on and walked downstairs, into the living room. Where he waited. "Get your butt over here!" Hoshi now yelled, and Haruka hurried up to obey him. "Yes, father…?" she asked as soon as she had reached the living room, where Hoshi sat on his couch, wearing nothing but  grayish underwear. "The youth welfare office just called." The man grinned at Haruka. "I told them that I can't take care of you any more. You'll be send back to the orphanage today." "Thank God." Haruka thought to herself while she forced herself to keep a calm exterior. "You're happy about that, aren't you, brat?" Hoshi suddenly snarled while he stood up. Haruka didn't dare to reply, not knowing what the right answer would be. "Answer me, dammit!" Hoshi shouted before he lashed out and slapped his foster child's face. Haruka bit back the tears that threatened to well up and finally spoke: "Yes, I am happy to get away from you." Hoshi snarled at her. "I knew it. You unthankful brat! Get outta my eyes, now!" Haruka hurried to obey him and ran back up into her room. She quickly started to pack the few things she had, and then sat down on her bed, waiting for the driver of the orphanage picking her up.

Two weeks later, female senator Rena Kazuki sighed while she looked over the pictures she had received recently. "I think that we should try it." She finally said, shoving one picture to her assistant. "It can't be bad. Let's try that one." The man looked down on the photograph, smiling. "Haruka Tenoh. Yeah, she sounds good…and it will help your publicity." Rena nodded, smiling. "You're right on that, my friend. Let's call the chosen couple and inform them about her luck."

"Haruka!" the blonde, by now seventeen year old teenager looked up from her book when she heard the voice of her custodian, a young, friendly woman named Yushigi. "Yes?" Haruka now asked, marking the page she had been reading with a strap of paper before closing the book. "We have a new foster family for you." Yushigi informed her now. "Really?" Haruka asked, brightening up. Before she remembered the last family she had been sent to – Hoshi and his never present wife – and her eyes darkened. "And you are sure that they won't beat me again like Hoshi did?" she asked, showing the long scar on her forearm for emphasis. "No, they surely won't. They are very…special." Yushigi calmed her down. "Your new foster mother, Kaori Strife, will come and pick you up in one hour." "Strife?" Haruka repeated. "That doesn't sound very Japanese." "Married to an American." Yushigi explained, grinning. Haruka smiled and nodded. "Okay. I'll be ready." "Good." Yushigi replied, smiling, before she left the room.

One hour later, Haruka stood outside the orphanage, waiting for Kaori to come and pick her up. Finally, after another ten minutes of waiting, a black City Rover pulled up in the driveway and came to a stop. The door opened, and a young woman with reddish hair and beautiful green eyes stepped out of the car. Haruka slowly walked over to her, wondering if this was Kaori. "Mrs. Strife?" the blonde spoke, eyeing her hopefully new foster mother curiously. Kaori spun around and stared at Haruka, startled. "Haruka?" she finally said. "Yes." Haruka replied, extending one hand to her new foster mom. The young woman shook it, smiling. "Nice to meet you, Haruka. And please, don't call me Mrs. Strife, that makes me feel old. Call me Kaori." Haruka was surprised; it was the first time that a new foster mothered offered her this after two minutes of knowing her. "I'm sorry that my husband couldn't come with me." Kaori now apologized while she and Haruka walked over to the black Rover. "It's okay. I guess I'll meet him tonight." Haruka replied. Kaori smiled and nodded. "Yes, you will. Now, let's have lunch somewhere and drive home, shall we?" Haruka nodded, glad that Kaori thought about having lunch, and climbed into the car.

After a great lunch at a Japanese restaurant, Kaori drove Haruka home and showed her the house where she would live from now on. Haruka stood in the room that would be hers now, gaping, much to Kaoris amusement. "A TV!" Haruka called out. "And a hi-fi system! And a computer!" Kaori smiled. "The computer had an internal modem, which means that you can surf the internet whenever you want to." "Really?" Haruka asked. Kaori nodded, grinning at the blondes happiness. "Now, I'll leave you alone so you can put your clothes into the cupboard. My husband should be home any minute, I'll get you when it's time for you to meet." "Okay." Haruka replied, hoping and praying that Kaoris husband wouldn't turn out to be some sick pervert who thought that sleeping with seventeen year olds was fun.

Kaori stood in the kitchen, preparing dinner, when all of a sudden two strong arms encircled her from behind and a well-known voice whispered into her ear: "Good evening, love." Kaori smiled and turned around to look at her husbands smiling face. "Good evening, honey. Hey, there's someone I want you to meet upstairs." Her husband nodded, beaming. "Is Haruka already here?" "Yes." Kaori replied, touched by her husbands happiness. "She's in her…" Before the redhead could finish her sentence, her husband had stormed out of the room and ran up the stairs. Kaori shook her head and smiled before she returned her attention to the cooking.

Haruka hung her best white shirt on one of the numerous hooks and closed the cupboard when somebody knocked the door. The blonde turned to look and called out: "Yes please?" The door opened, and a young woman poked her head in. Her spiky blonde hair stood straight from her head, making her look like a hedgehog, and when she took off her sunglasses, a pair of blazing blue eyes was revealed. "Hi there." The woman now grinned. Haruka, who had no clue who this person could be, shyly replied: "Hello, Mrs.…" The woman gave her an amused glare and stretched out one hand. "I'm Shane Strife, Haruka. Your new foster father."